January 17, 2020
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  • 4:53 pm Cast Iron Chili Recipe With Beans (A Simple Deer Chili Recipe For 2020)

Often times you go to the market and you pick
up herbs and they are in a plastic bag and that’s fine to get them home, but they are
not going to stay fresh as long with this trick. When you get home, you are going to
take your herbs and give them a good rinse off in the sink and you are going to shake
off the extra moisture and you are going to pat them dry on a paper towel. You are going
to take the rest of your herbs and you are going to get rid of all the wasted stem. Just
give it a good twist and you are going to tuck it in a nice glass of water. You can
use glass, plastic or whatever. Fill it about half-way with water and you are going to tuck
the stem ends of your herbs into and keep it fresh. Isn’t that beautiful. You can use
this as a centerpiece even when you are entertaining or on the counter just to enjoy the fragrance.
Otherwise to make them last longer, put them back in your refrigerator, keep them with
lots of air around them and they will last up to at least a week.

Randall Smitham