January 23, 2020
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chef buck here and today we’re cooking up cauliflower cakes super tasty healthy and they’re also beautiful
I wouldn’t say they were dateable but these are some good-looking
cauliflower cakes yeah but look at this cauliflower that I got grated up and I
did this with a hand grater a little dinky do hand grater …not a fan of this
grater…if you’ve got a hand grater that’s made for human hands it’ll be a
lot easier …I actually make some last week and I used the food processor to
grate up the cauliflower but it made the cauliflower too fine… it became
over-processed like a doughy mash and so those cauliflower cakes were really
dense they were almost the density of this which is very dense…grating the cauliflower
by hand actually made for lighter fluffier more enthralling and
invigorating uplifting cauliflower cakes I was very passionate but it’s a super
simple recipe we’re just gonna throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and boom like I
said I’ve already got it sort of started in this pot so we’re going to add
two eggs we needed a wide lens for you to truly appreciate that so we’re just
gonna crack our eggs in here boom I’m gonna mix our eggs up in here get it all
smashed up and whisked around and now we’re gonna add a whole heap of
ingredients and all this stuff is finely chopped because we want it to kind of
all meld together into a fancy-pants looking dish and we want it to stick
together so you don’t want any huge big gargantuan pieces I got a couple of
different colored bell peppers here you can just use one color but use
a yellow or an orange or a red because we’ve already got green ingredients so
having those different colors will make your cakes a lot prettier I got a
little bit of heat here some freshly diced jalapeno
and then I got a couple of green onions and I’ve chopped up the bottoms here
and I’m gonna save the tops for a garnish
and I got 2 cloves of garlic but put as much garlic as you like in here or don’t
put any garlic you don’t have to I don’t own stock in garlic so I’m not trying
to push it on you as you can see it’s mostly cauliflower so cauliflower needs
help in the Flavor Department so go ahead and be heavy on the seasoning and
use whatever kind you like I got some black pepper I got some Italian
seasoning here a little garlic powder some ginger powder and I got a little
bit of chili powder here and this is turmeric use whatever kind of seasoning
you like but I do recommend that you use turmeric because it adds a really nice
color so now we’ll get this all nice and mixed up and those eggs are really gonna
help these cakes stick together but for insurance we’re gonna add a little
freshly grated cheese and I just got a little Colby jack cheese here and a
little bit of Monterey Jack and I’m probably gonna put in
between a quarter cup and a half a cup whatever you like but just a little
bit of cheese is gonna add some creaminess and it’s gonna help us
solidify our cakes together a little better and look see how that turmeric
adds such a nice color now I got a little baking sheet here and I got
some parchment paper and you want to use parchment paper… don’t want your
cauliflower to stick to the pan this is like a racquetball size but it doesn’t
stick together very well I mean this is a very crumbly ball so it’s kind of a
slight pain in the butt make a patty out of this so we’ll just take the ball
we’ll kind of smash it on one side and boom kind of almost make a dome and then
we’ll smash it out and then we’ll form it into a circle with our hands
just like this here… like Michelangelo who was a guy I went to art school with
this is how he would have done it and it doesn’t look like it would stick
together but once it bakes it’ll form a nice patty and it will be nice and
solidified I went to school with another sculptor
his name was Rodin and later on he got in a huge tiff with
Godzilla… oh …so I got my cauliflower ball … flat on one side ..boom..
dome-o-cauliflower …de-dome it …push it down into a paddy circle it
circle the wagons boom boom…pattie…pattie! just go around and clean up your patties
you know take the loose pieces and push them into your patties you know so that
you’re not wasting any of your cauliflower and these things are really
just shoved together on a wing and a prayer look how pretty those are… all
ready to go …I got all the loosey-goosey pieces kind of shoved into the patties
and if I tried to pick these up…I couldn’t do it… they’d crumble apart
just like all the dreams I had when I was younger… we’ll just slide them in the
oven and let them bake away so there
we have it man look how perfect they got a nice little bit of
color on the botto…I can go ahead and plate them up and we can eat them
while they’re hot just serving these cakes on a little bit of green salad
makes a nice filling meal and it’s super easy and if you’re not doing a lot of
other things for your meal just a little bit of salad greens and this dressing
right here adds a nice flavor now this is just a quick sauce
I’m throwing together boom mayonnaise mayonnaise my favorite food group that’s
right it’s a food group in the south that’s actually quite a little bit of
mayonnaise but it’s never enough so we’ll do that much more then I got a
little bit of lemon here so I’m going to go ahead and peel off some of my lemon
peel here mince it up nice and fun a little lemon zest to throw in there go
ahead and throw a whole heap of lemon juice…crush those guts like all the
people that said they didn’t believe in you… if you didn’t have any fresh lemon
you can take pickle juice or jalapeno juice or any kind of
pickling solution and you can just add a little bit of that
if you want we’re gonna go ahead and throw a little bit of minced jalapeno in
here… go ahead and get it mixed up …then go ahead and put your finger in there then put your finger in your
mouth and if your face does this then you’re alright and if it doesn’t do that
then you probably need more mayonnaise boom so we put a little bit of sauce on
there and I like to put a little bit of smoked paprika because it adds
a nice bit of color and we’ve got our green onion tops that you can
sprinkle on top that’s an awful lot of green but we can
fix that with some little sliced cherry tomatoes …if you wanted
to you could get some sliced red pepper and crisscross the top … look how
fantastic that looks now if you
need to make an impressive meal for your vegetarian hippie date this might be the
way to go and I really like it with this sauce but you don’t have to put a sauce
on here if you don’t like mmm that’s a really great flavor…we put so many
awesome ingredients in there give this recipe a try
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Randall Smitham