March 29, 2020
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– Food is medicine, and
medicine in the food. Let’s do it. (mellow music) Hi, I’m Rachelle Robinett, a
holistic health practitioner and the founder of Supernatural, a plant-based wellness
company in New York. And I’m here with– – Lou Sagar, and I’m the CEO
of The Alchemist’s Kitchen based here in New York, where we celebrate the power of plants. – We are going to talk about CBD, and we’re going to make a CBD lemonade. Lou was one of the first
people that I knew, or absolutely the first
person that I knew in New York who was talking about CBD,
and not only talking about it, but working with it and
formulating these amazing products so, so, so early on. – When we first started,
people would come in and say, “Is it legal? “Am I gonna get high?” CBD is state-changing,
but it’s not intoxicating. It will not impair you. When it wears off, you’re
not going to have a feeling similar to using marijuana. So this is a great,
great opportunity for us to get people into a
plant-based lifestyle. There’s many motivations
people have right now. Stress, everyday stress. Anxiety, and perhaps most
importantly, the fact that CBD can be so helpful for inflammation, whether that’s women health
issues, such as menstrual pain, hormonal issues, or whether it’s bloating, or whether it’s just topical, arthritic and muscular joint issues. – On the dosage point, just quickly, the general recommendation
is to find your own dosage, and find it by starting low
and working your way up. So you want to reach the point where you feel the desired effects. If it’s the right plant
for you, you’ll get there. If you don’t get the benefit, then it may not be the
right plant for you. But start low and work your way up. And I think because there’s
not a whole lot of research right now at the dosages
that we’re working with, there’s a world of anecdotal evidence, which means your individual
experience is just as valuable as the stories that you get from the friends or the marketing. So really tune in, listen, feel,
and be honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t. Today we’re going to make a CBD lemonade. This is a celery-juice-based lemonade, so you are getting just
layers and layers of goodness, and we’re using an oil-based
CBD, so it’ll be important to include a blender in this recipe so that you can sort of emulsify and really distribute the CBD
evenly through the lemonade. (clapping)
Let’s make it. – Awesome. – [Rachelle] All right, so let’s make this celery-juice lemonade with CBD. One half bunch celery, diced, two cups of water, the juice of two lemons, the juice of one lime, and blend very well. After blending the celery
juice and lemon/lime, you’ll want to strain it. This is to remove the
fiber from the celery and make sure you have
a really light lemonade. After straining, return
the celery-juice lemonade to the blender. Add about one tablespoon of raw honey, CBD, and you can use water-soluble
CBD or an oil-based CBD. Either is great. And blend again. This is important for emulsifying the CBD and the honey in the lemonade. Otherwise, they just don’t mix in well. Serve over ice. And garnish with a good,
healthy sprig of rosemary. And enjoy. Let’s try it out. I made some– – Wow. – Celery-juice lemon limeade with the CBD. Should be a really good way
to day drink in the summertime if you don’t want to drink drink. That was the idea.
– Here’s to the new moon. – (laughing) Cheers.
(glasses clinking) – Cheers. – Mmm. – Ooh, you really taste that celery. – (laughing) Yeah, you do. – It’s yummy. This is an interesting thing,
’cause CBD in a liquid, especially if you use water-solubles,
saturates very nicely, and, really, you use CBD in beverage for, really, just a little stress relax. – For more episodes of Plant-Based, subscribe to Well +
Good’s YouTube channel.

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