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What’s up, everybody! My name is Amanda
and you’re watching Girl Gone Keto! Welcome to my channel. Whether you are
new or returning, I’m so glad that you’re here today. Be sure to give this video a
like and subscribe. You can click that notification bell so you can be
notified anytime I upload new content. Today’s video is going to be all about
keto cereal. Cereal does not typically equal a Keto food. However, a few
companies out there have come up with Keto-friendly cereals and I’m going to
be reviewing one such product for you today. Now, a little disclaimer: this is not
a sponsored video. I purchased this product on my own and simply reviewing
it for you today. Not sponsored. The keto cereal I’m talking about today is from
the brand Magic Spoon. It came to me in a box that looks just like this. I
mentioned it briefly in my Keto Snacks video. In case you haven’t seen it I will
be sure to put the link to that video in the description box. This video is going
to be dedicated to this cereal. I will be unboxing, looking at the packaging with
you, discussing it with you, and even doing a taste test. I did want to talk
a little bit about Magic Spoon and some of the claims that they have made. They
claim to be the high protein, keto-friendly, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, wheat-free, nothing artificial, childlike cereal for grown-ups!
That is quite the claim and we are gonna dive into what these cereals look like
in light of those claims in this video. So, I’m going to unbox the cereal and
I’ll be back to look at the boxes with you in just a second. The first cereal we are gonna look at is
their Cocoa Cereal. The box looks like this. It is 7 ounces of cereal. I’m going to look at the ingredient list with you. The ingredient first is protein blend
which is milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate, coconut oil – that’s great – it’s not a lower quality oil, tapioca flour – ok, a sweetener blend – now here’s where we get into our Keto-friendliness- it uses Allulose, Monk Fruit Extract, and Stevia Extract. You’ve got Chicory Root Fiber, Cocoa Powder, and Natural
Flavors, as well as Salt in this product. It does contain Milk and it contains
Coconut. So, if you have allergies to either of those things this would not
work for you. But otherwise, even my gluten-free friends who aren’t doing
keto, this may be a cereal worth checking out for you. The nutrition for this
cereal, let’s look at that together. The total fat is 6 grams, the carb count is
8g total with 2 grams of fiber, so you knock that back to 6 net carbs, and it’s
got 12 grams of protein. Total calorie count is a 110 and that is for a 3/4 cup serving. So, you do the math on however many servings you decide you
want to eat of this guy, but that’s what you’re looking at for a 3/4 cup serving.
The box claims that there are 7 servings in this 7-ounce box. So, I’m
going to zoom in a little bit so that you can see what the cereal looks like
and you can hear what it sounds like when it hits the bowl and then I’m gonna
actually eat it for you on camera. So, it comes in the box with a bag. All right,
let’s pour. I’m gonna add some unsweetened Almond Milk. I’m using
unflavored sometimes you can get Vanilla, things like that, this is unflavored and
unsweet. That way it won’t affect the flavor of the cereal as I’m trying these out. Bottoms up! I don’t know if you could hear that
crunch but that was amazing. The Cocoa flavor of their cereal is awesome! It has
a great crunch, nice texture, the cocoa flavor is not too strong, and it’s
generally not overly sweet. I didn’t notice any of the Erythritol kind of
aftertaste – now there’s no Erythritol in it – it’s Allulose. But it’s still a Sugar
Alcohol, so I wasn’t sure how that flavor profile would hit. You just taste a nice
lightly cocoa-flavored, very crunchy cereal. I would say it crunches on par
with like a Cocoa Puffs. It’s similar in that sort of texture but it
looks like the shape of a Cheerio. Basically, it’s round with a hole in the
middle, a little donut-shaped cereal. It was really, really good. Let’s move on to the next cereal that was in my variety pack which is the frosted cereal. This is what
that box looks like and again we’re going to look at the ingredients and the
nutrition facts. So, as far as the ingredients, you have very similar
ingredients to the Cocoa cereal. In fact, I’m gonna line these up next to each other and see what might be different. They are the exact same ingredients with the exception of, this one does not have Cocoa Powder in it. Also, when you are
looking at your carb count for these cereals, you can see it does tell you on
the top of the box – it’s 3 net carbs – and then it has a handy little breakdown on
the box here that tells you exactly how they got to the net carb count. So, for
our purposes here, it’s 8 total carbs – 2 fiber and – 3 grams of Allulose.
What that tells you is that Allulose is a Sugar Alcohol which is why it can be
deducted from your total net carbs. Here we go, you guys can see that in there. Whoa! Whoa! This one has a very sweet
smell that hits as soon as you open the package. All right, let’s pour. It looks
like that. Get my Almond Milk going. Cheers! Okay, one more for good measure. Time for
some thoughts. The Frosted flavor definitely has a very very strong smell
as soon as you open the box. Very sweet. The way it smells is almost, kind of like
a vanilla cupcake perhaps, so you expect it to be very, very sweet but the flavor is not. So I would say that it almost gives you more of that – this is a healthy cereal – sort of flavor. It’s not bad, but it definitely doesn’t quite hit the sweetness factor like you would maybe get from a Frosted
Flake. Maybe leans more towards the sign of like a Frosted Mini-Wheats, where you
get that – this is kind of healthy Bran sort of flavor – but they’ve added some
sweetness to it. That’s what this one tasted like to me. Still good. Still
definitely going to get eaten in my house, but I would say in comparison the
Cocoa flavor is my favorite so far. Moving on, we have our Fruity flavored
cereal. This one here. We’re gonna, again, look at ingredients and look at the
nutritional breakdown. The ingredients are the same. The biggest difference here
being that this contains Vegetable Juice rather than the Cocoa one which had
Cocoa Powder. So, you’re gonna get a little bit of Veggie Juices in this
ingredient list but, large and in part, the exact same ingredients. When we break
down the nutrition facts we’ve got 6 grams of fat, 8 total carbs, however
it only is net 3g, as it says in the upper corner of the box here. Protein is
12g, and again, that is for 3/4 cup or 3/4 cups worth of cereal and it has
seven servings in this box. Whoa! Check out that color! It is very pink. Whoa! Very
fruity upon opening the package. Get my Almond Milk going. Alright, here we go. Mmmm-hmm. Wow! Wow, wow! Some thoughts about the fruity cereal. Texture just as crunchy, just as good. When I opened the
bag the fruity smell was so strong and it’s so pleasing, surprisingly, to see a
pink cereal. Incredible! First of all, that was a really, really pleasant surprise
and the fruity smell took me back to my childhood. I’m talking Fruity Pebbles
smell. Fruit Loops smell. Very, very similar. And the sweetness factor? Not too
sweet. You just get a nice, light, fruity flavor. So, so far in comparison, I would
rank these cereals at Fruity, Cocoa, Frosted. We’ve got one flavor left. Let’s check that out. We have their Cinnamon flavor which
looks just like this. Again, a 7 ounce box. Let’s look at the ingredients and
the nutrition. Okay, the ingredients are the exact same as
the rest of these. The difference being the flavor used. So, we have Cinnamon
instead of Cocoa Powder or instead of Vegetable Juice used to provide the
flavor for this particular variety. Nutrition facts: 6 grams of fat, 8
grams of carbohydrate, but obviously it goes down to 3g with the subtraction
of fiber and with the sugar alcohol, and then you’ve got 12 grams of protein. Okay,
opening it up we’ve got what I would expect from Cinnamon cereal. A nice muted color. Wow! Same shape. Same similar sort of
Cheerio-esque shape. I’m gonna add some unsweetened almond milk. Hmm. So, my thoughts about the cinnamon-flavored cereal are: the smell is fantastic. I’m talking the best cinnamon
smelling, fall scent that you could think of. This smells like that. So, I expected
the flavor to be equally as strong. However, it was not. The Cinnamon flavor
was very mild, almost has a kind of a drop off effect, to where you first eat it and,
“yeah, okay. Cinnamon” but then it kind of goes away. You take another bite and,
“Oh, Cinnamon”, and then it kind of goes away. Which is nice because sometimes
Cinnamon flavored things can be far too strong. This is definitely not on the
stronger end of Cinnamon flavor and it’s not overly sweet either. So, if I were to
compare it to a non-Keto cereal, I would say, potentially we’re looking at, maybe,
Cinnamon Life cereal. Cinnamon Life is more kind of that healthy cereal flavor,
this kind of has that as well. Definitely tastes a little bit more on
the healthy side but, the smell is great, the flavor is nice. Definitely still
eatable. To summarize you’ve got 110 calories per 3/4 cup serving. You’ve got 6 grams of fat. You get 3g net carbs or 8g total carbs,
depending on what you’re counting and 12 grams of protein in every single
cereal. The ingredients differ based off of flavor. If I had to rank all these
cereals, in order, my ranking would be as follows: Fruity, Cocoa, Cinnamon and
Frosted. That’s definitely what I think, in terms of flavor, tastes the best. Now,
when it comes to pricing. I ordered this cereal directly from Magic Spoon’s
website and I received their variety box which had four flavors of cereal – seven
ounce boxes – and that retailed me with shipping for a total of 43.99$ Now, my package did take quite some time to arrive to me. I
reached out to their customer service department and they were very responsive
and they let me know they had some delays in their shipment and as a result
they refunded me my shipping and handling cost, which was $4.99. Which
brings the cereal just under $40 total for four boxes. When you break that down
you’re looking at about $10 per box of cereal. Now, as I’m sure you know, cereal
is not that price at the store. However, to have a food item that is Keto-friendly, of the cereal variety, and I do not have to be concerned about the
ingredients – I know that I can recognize the name of everything on the list – there
are no harmful dyes or colors added like there are in traditional cereals, is
worth it to me. So, I am a very satisfied Magic Spoon
customer. $10 a box, I think, is worth it. If I was going to tweak anything it
would be, next time I would pick a flavor and order a box of just that flavor
since I already know which ones are my favorite and which ones are not. Anyway,
those have been my thoughts on the Magic Spoon cereal. Again, I want to remind you
to Like and subscribe! You’re watching Girl Gone Keto! See you
in the next one. okay so she just realized I didn’t do
nutrition I was like oh I’m a healthy cereal all right really mm-hmm. Pardon me but while I get the cereal out of my teeth. I. It. I literally felt like I wasa kid again! We have to stop for a
child interruption. Can you say hi to the camera?! you best believe that if they can make
a candle that smelled like this I’d burn it all year long. That was a lot. Bye!

Randall Smitham