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Chocolate Cheesecake Keto Brownies | Low Carb Brownies Recipes

today I’m going to show you how to make
these chocolate cheesecake brownies this
recipe was an old favourite of mine from
a Nigella Lawson cookbook. I
cooked these for years when I was first
married and lately I’ve been thinking about
them and thinking I wonder if I can make
them Keto, so I looked at the recipe, I
played around with the volumes and was making
sure that they are low carb keto friendly and I
got it, so I’m going to share that recipe with
you today and check out down below for
the link for the recipe that you can
print out yourself and I’ll also leave the
link to the Nigella recipe book that this
comes from because it is one of my
all-time favorites, so let’s get straight
into the recipe first we’re going to
melt together 100 grams of dark
chocolate and 100 grams of butter that’s
three and a half ounces of each and you
can use the darkest chocolate that you
can find depending also on your dietary
requirements but if your low-carb, wanting to
make sure this is low-carb keto go for
the highest percentage of chocolate that
you can and we’re just going to melt
these together the chocolate is melted
look at that pool of chocolate and butter
yum yum, now you’re going to move this
aside to cool down and we’ll get on and
mix all the rest of our ingredients
together okay and we’ve got our mixing
bowl I’ve popped two eggs in there we just
going to give it a little whisk and now
just sweetness I’m using stevia you can
use whatever sweetness you like that
agrees with you if sugar agrees with you
then pop sugar in I don’t use sugar I
use, where’s my stevia, over there,
there organic stevia that’s what I use
and I find for myself two tablespoons of
sweetness is more than enough, it’s sweet
enough with this chocolate, I’m happy, if you
want to add more or you could add a
quarter of a cup, as much or as
little as you like and it’s your recipe
so your sweetness as sweet as you like,
so we added the sugar we’ll give that a
little whisk in and we’re going to now
add in a pinch of salt just
remember the recipe willl be down
below so you can print it out and with
all the adaptations and make it your
own brownies and we can also add in a
teaspoon of vanilla and give it a good
whisk yeah what we’re going to do is
pour our chocolate in I’m going to work
quite quickly so you don’t scramble eggs
and make sure that it’s cool,
chocolate going int, oh yeah and give it a
good whisk through, smells so good,
these are proper dense brownies, I’m moving my mat
all over the place, okay and now for
flour I am using coconut flour oh yeah
that’s beautiful and thick we do not
over beat I am using coconut flour and
you’re going to add a quarter of a cup
one tablespoon at a time okay I’ve
measured out my coconut flour I’ve got a
quarter of a cup but I find it’s best to
kind of add a little bit at a time about
a tablespoon or so at a time and whisk
it in because you find coconut flour is
super super absorbent and it kind of I
feel needs time to kind of blend
together with the other ingredients I
can see it as a smooth, add another
tablespoon and just keep doing that
until all of your coconut flour is used
up and if you’ve added all your coconut
flour, coconut flour
it’s a tricky ingredient it really is
you add all your coconut flour and you
look and it still looks really super
super dense and wet add another
tablespoon, add another tablespoon
or so at a time until it is it looks
like a nice brownie batter and on the
other side if you finish mixing
everything then you find it it’s too dry
add an egg, one or the other it’s
it’s too dry or too wet that is what you
do add a bit more flour or a bit more
egg and then you’ve got look at this
perfect brownie mixture ah smells so
good okay now we’re just going to pop it
into our greased oven dish, all of a
sudden got crazy sunny in my kitchen so
there are some fun shadows happening,
anyway I’ve got my baking dish, I’ve popped
heaps of butter in it and now we can
just begin to take half of the brownie
mixeture, of course if you just want to make
plain brownies, sticks this in the pan, but I’m
going to pop half the mixture into my
pan into my dish move that aside,
we’re just going to, doesn’t really look
like much but it is a bottom layer of
brownie here so we just fill the bottom here
with our brownie mixture and then we are
going to fill it with cream cheese make
a whole cream cheese layer this is so
fun to make and to enjoy okay so we’re
going to pop that aside and now we’re
going to add cream cheese it’s up to you
how much you want to add you can add
from 125 grams to 250 grams so from half
a stick to a whole stick of cream cheese
my hands this really is sunny isn’t it
and I’m going to get the cream cheese
and I’ll show you what I mean so my
cream cheese came in this really
interesting shape and it’s up to you how
you want to cut the shape of your cream
cheese to go in let me show you, so take
cream cheese like that little side over
there and just cut it into little pieces
and then it’s up to you if you want to
have this whole layer full of cream
cheese, well how I like to do it and you
take imagine with 16 brownies or so and
you give each little piece a big chunk
of cream cheese like that
there’s wait till the end you’ll see
what I’m getting at so we just
distribute little interesting pieces of
cheese all around I’m just doing quite
the right way but we’ll just cut the
cheese here there anyhow and we’ll just
fill up the dish with the cream cheese
it’s really looking like a mess but I
know what I’m doing okay so we just fill
up that side, you see what I’m doing some
pieces get a bit more you could fill the
entire layer with cream cheese that’s
what I mean that you could use 125 grams
or you could use the whole 250 grams the
whole package and just fill it with all
the cream cheese and if you want extra
cream cheese you can just dot more
along here so that’s why it’s kind of
difficult to give an exact
measurements I think I need just a
smidge bit more this cream cheese I mean
on low-carb keto use cream cheese for
everything so I am quite happy with that
cream cheese distribution and now we’re
going to pop the second layer of
chocolate on I’ve got my brownie mixture
front and centre and now we’re going to add
the rest of the mixture on top of the
cream cheese so it’s kind of sandwich in
brownies with cream cheese in the middle
it’s just so good
remember to check down below for the
recipe how to make these and follow
along print out the recipe and go for it
okay so we’re just going to this gently
as possible, I am not the most patient
and most gentlest of bakers, I have not
much patience but there we go look at…
get all the chocolate off…yum… and so now what
you’re going to find is every single
bite will have a bite of cream cheese in
the middle and so they’re like cheese
brownies that’s what they are to me yeah
okay so now it’s going to go into our
oven which is preheated to 180
degrees Celsius or 350
Fahrenheit and that’s going to go in for
about 20 minutes and I’ll show you when
they’re ready right it’s come out the
oven it smells amazing you can see ah so
good now and leaving it to cool will
firm it up a little bit because it’s
nice and gooey you could have this as a
warm pudding either
yum yum I’m going to let it cool down
and once it’s cooled I’ll cut it up and
show you what the inside looks like okay
so I’ve cut them into pieces we’ve got
about let’s see fifteen pieces there are
not all quite exactly the same okay
let’s pull one out and see what it looks
like inside, right I pull one out look at
that you can see the brownie inside
there the brownie the cheese the cream
cheese cheesecake sorry oh this is such
a yummy recipe I’m so glad I decided to
adapt it and I might even do that with
some of my other favorites but I am a
massive Nigella Lawson fan I have all of
her cookbooks and there’s so many
recipes of those I’ve cooked for years
and years and years over and over and
over again
and I’m going to attempt to make some of
them Keto and if you got any requests let
me know in the comments and I will have
an experiment and see so remember to
check down below for the full recipe
printable recipe and link to the
Nigella book that it comes from and
loads more information so thanks so much
for watching this video make sure that
you leave a like and subscribe for more
inspiration and we will see you again
soon bye

Randall Smitham



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