April 5, 2020
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welcome to Protein Treats today we are
continuing our summer drink series and we are making mud slides now I love mud
slides but I don’t love all the sugar so we’re doing it so it’s high in protein
and it’s low in sugar and super delicious so stick with me we’re going
to have a little fun now you’re going to need one cup of ice just go ahead and
dump that in your blender and one cup of your unsweetened milk of choice i am
using right now a coconut milk it is unsweetened but you can use unsweetened soy milk or even almond milk and next we are going to add in two scoops of
chocolate Nutralean there we go and we have a special treat now if you check
the description below you’ll see the recipe for this we are adding in one
ounce of our own Irish cream and this Irish cream is sugar-free so if you want
to know how to make that instead of using the sugar stuff from the store
then just click on the description below so I’m going to pour in 1 ounce of that
so yummy I feel like I should put 2 ounces in and then we also made our own
homemade kahlua that sugar free so that’s also in the description below and
I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to add an ounce of Kahlua and just pour
that right in there and already we’re saving almost 30 grams of sugar just
from using our own substitute from the Irish cream and the Kahlua and then
we’re going to add just to make it really nice and creamy another ounce of
real full-fat cream so we’re going to go ahead and put that right in there and
then of course this is a mudslide so we need to have a little vodka so here we
go we’re adding in our vodka and we’ve got that all in there ready to
go I’m going to put my lid on and we’re going to make some magic all right I’m
so excited about this oh I can smell how good it is already look at this summer
doesn’t get any better than this Wow now I gotta say I know we’ve got alcohol in
here you can totally make it without but if this is a really great treat oh you
guys are going to love this I’m a chocoholic I love chocolate this is
absolutely amazing I hope you love it as much as I do make sure you watch the
whole playlist as we bring you some grown-up alcoholic protein treats in the
meantime we’ll see you guys back next week for another episode have a great
day guys bye

Randall Smitham