April 4, 2020
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Smoothie

yo what’s up everybody
boy burger meeting Vietnam with six coming back at you check it out
today we’re gonna make a quick super quick and easy breakfast smoothie I’m
gonna show you what’s in this thing alright let’s just get into it alright
so what I’m using is a little bit of ground flax a little bit of Moringa some
of these baby bananas that have gotten super sweet
hence the black skin on the outside a little bit of speckling some pitted
dates some peanut butter a little bit of hemp seeds and some oats alright oh and
almost forgot you’re ripping chocolate milk this time so we’re gonna make a
chocolate peanut butter smoothie alright let’s get into it so first we’re gonna
go in with about a cup of the chocolate ripple lamb a little bit more than a cup
just get our baby bananas in there also just to let y’all know 8 fluid ounces
which is believe a cup you know you talked about 8 grams of protein in the
ripple milk I’m not sure how much the bananas give you peanut butter here I
got about 4 tablespoons which is going to give me 14 grams right and then I got
my off 2 tablespoons of the hemp seeds 1 tbsp of the Moringa half a tablespoon of
the flax and about almost a cup of oats and in the hemp seeds alone in those 2
tablespoons of hemp seeds is 10 grams of protein so if you’re doing the math
you’ve got 10 you’ve got 14 that’s 24 and then you’ve got 8 in
the milk that’s 32 alone from that in the 1 tablespoon of Moringa you got
another 3 so that’s 35 grams of protein just on that the flaxseed is not gonna
be that much but anyways just letting you know and this one drink alone you’re
talking about 35 grams of protein and yeah actually I’m going to be just a
little bit more chocolatey so I’m gonna go in with a little bit more so this is
probably being about 2 cups so we’ll add another 8 to that 35 make it 43 grams of
protein let’s put the top on or done how about I forgot my dates so I put
five pieces of dates in there which is one gram of protein takes it up to what
forty-three I think what forty-four anyways my goodness just delicious gotta try it
listen quick breakfast smoothie 43 or 44 grams of protein probably little bit
more man go try it tell me how you like it it’s delicious to me I think it’s
absolutely outstanding I’m go ahead and finish this off y’all
anyways until the next time be to love you on the seat always remember if you
ain’t vegan you ain’t eatin peach sauce but Burke oh
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button down there I would appreciate it it would mean the
world to me all right love y’all thank y’all be the love we wanna see if you
ain’t beatin you ain’t eating this shit boy burn in the mouth

Randall Smitham