December 5, 2019
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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making Christmas bark now I love Christmas but the one thing I don’t love
about it is all of the sugar all of the extra fat and all of the things that
make us gain weight over the holidays so I’m going to show you how to make an
absolutely delicious high-protein sugar-free Christmas bark that you are
going to love and you’re not going to believe how easy it is so stick around all right for this super easy recipe all
you’re going to need are two scoops of chocolate Nutralean you’re going to need
half a cup of melted coconut oil you’re going to need two tablespoons of cocoa
powder make sure it’s an unsweetened cocoa powder and you’re going to need
some sugar free peppermint that you chopped up ahead of time so I’ve taken
some sugar free mints here and I put them in a little ziplock bag and I took
a hammer and I just chopped them up so that as you can see here they’re just
fine little chunks and I’ve got a little bit of peppermint extract I’m just going
to put a couple drops in and of course some liquid stevia that i’m going to put
in this is such an easy recipe you’re not going to believe how much fun this
is to put together so i’m going to start with my dry ingredients and i’m going to
go ahead and add my two scoops of chocolate Nutralean and then i’m going
to go ahead and I’m going to add in my extra cocoa to make it extra chocolatey
so now that I’ve got that in I’m going to make sure I mix it really good so
it’s mixed perfectly all the way through and then I’m going to make this a little
bit easier on myself so I’m going to take my liquid stevia and I’m just going to
put a few drops to taste right into my coconut oil and then I’m going to add my
couple of drops of peppermint extract so I’m just going to go ahead and pour a
little bit in there like that now really important when you’re making this at
home you can do a peppermint one like I’m doing here for you guys but you can
also use nuts you can use almonds and walnuts and cashews anything that you
want you can use seeds if you’re a nut free home like ours is so you can use
chopped up pumpkin seeds you can put in unsweetened dried coconut in there and
all of that will make amazing bark recipes just do exactly this same recipe
but of course leave out the mint extract and you’re good to go so now that I’ve
got everything mixed in here into my coconut oil it’s going to give it a
little swish here and then I’m going to go ahead and pour this right into my dry
ingredients so here we go make sure I get all of it out and what’s so great
about using your coconut oil is that once you put this in the freezer for a
few minutes it’s really gonna harden and thats how you get your bark and their our
mixture is ready to go now what I’m going to do is just on a cookie sheet
I’ve got some parchment paper here I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to pour
this on to my parchment paper or mixture just go right ahead dump it right into
the middle and then you’re just going to spread it out a little bit with your
spatula you want to spread it out so it’s fairly
thin but you don’t have to be perfect it just has to be fairly even all the way
around because it is a bark you’re going to break it up afterwards now that we
have it already on our pan now I’m going to take all of my sugar free mints that
I’ve chopped up and I’m just going to go ahead and I’m going to pour it sprinkle
it all over the top of my chocolate mixture just like this and the great
thing about Christmas bark is because you’re going to go ahead and cut it into
little break it off into little chunks and little pieces you don’t have to
worry about sprinkling it perfectly even and as it hardens in your freezer you’re
going to have perfect Christmas bark so I’m going to show you how great this
looks so yummy and now I’m going to go and put this in the freezer for 10 to 30
minutes and it’ll be ready to go all right guys look at this right out of the
freezer our Christmas bark looks amazing and you guys are going to love this I’m
going to show you how easy it is all you do is break it into little pieces you
don’t need it to be the same some pieces can be really big some pieces can be
really small they make for perfect gifts now one thing you want to keep in mind
is you do want to keep it in the freezer because it’s made out of coconut oil
even though it will stay set at room temperature it will become really really
soft so it will last for about three to four weeks in your freezer as long as
you have it sealed really great in either a Tupperware container or in a in
a freezer ziploc bag so these are great for giving as gifts for people when they
come over and for serving your holiday guests look at this no one in their
right minds would believe that this is healthy for you and I think
before we end the show today I should take a little taste test and make sure
that it tastes as delicious as it looks This is so good you guys you are going
to love it make sure you subscribe so you get them every week in your inbox
make sure you liked this episode if you liked it and of course comment below I
love to hear your feedback what worked for you what your recipes turned out
like and always send me a message or comment and I hope you guys have a great day and happy holidays thanks guys

Randall Smitham