April 4, 2020
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Choosing A Healthy Breakfast

for many of us growing up our parents
always told us that breakfast is the
most important meal of the day but more
times than not today we skip breakfast
so today’s healthy eats we’re going to
break down why breakfast is so important
I am with Sara Haas Sara why is it
important that we’re eating breakfast
well first of all it’s kind of
staggering to think but 20% of adults
are skipping breakfast these days and
when you skip breakfast you’re just not
setting yourself up for a good day we do
eat a breakfast what kind of benefits
are we going to get it gives you energy
right so if you’re a morning person who
works out then that will give you the
energy to sustain throughout your
workout even if you’re going to school
or just going to work it’ll help give
you energy so you’re going to be able to
focus a little bit better because you
have food in your system not only that
but it can also help with weight loss so
when we’re eating breakfast it needs to
be a healthy one so give us some
examples of what we should be grabbing
to eat variety because if we get variety
then we’re more interested in breakfast
focus on things like fruits that’s a
really easy breakfast food that you can
incorporate without much thought and
even vegetables some people don’t think
about it but it’s really easy to throw
some spinach in your scrambled eggs or
tossing a little pre cut veggies and
then getting a source of lean protein
whether it’s eggs or beans or even Greek
yogurt is a nice choice and then of
course whole grains but a lot of us are
in a rush we gotta get out the door well
one of my biggest tips is keep it easy
don’t make breakfast too stressful time
plan it the night before may be and then
making the time it’s really important to
sit down eat your food and be mindful
and present so wake up 5 minutes earlier
so you can eat a good breakfast so as
we’re eating that good breakfast and
we’re setting an example to our family
and friends we lead by example you know
like I said a four and a half year old
so I want her to see that I you all
these foods because that makes her
interested in eating them too so today
we’re going to whip up a healthy
breakfast so what are we making it is
spinach salsa baked eggs the recipe
starts off with a single serving ramekin
and then we’re going to add a little bit
of chopped spinach this is about a half
a cup of chopped spinach and then Jane
I’m gonna have you add this is about two
tablespoons of salsa then your egg I
crack it into bowls so you don’t get any
shell after that milk salt and pepper
and last but not least shredded cheddar
cheese such as you learned I’m a cheese
then it’s time to bake hmm we go and
then you just pop it with a little bit
of crushed tortillas fresh cilantro Sara
this looks delicious and what a great
way to start your day
so bottom line what’s the most important
thing for us to remember when eating a
healthy breakfast right I think it’s
make it simple make the time and keep it
balanced I love that thank you so much
for Sara’s recipe and more healthy
eating ideas head to our website living
healthy tv.com
let’s dig in I think we should okay all

Randall Smitham