April 6, 2020
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Cinnamon Pumpkin Chaffles — Another EASY way to enjoy chaffles!

hey everybody! Jodi Brown here and I
finished eating dinner at 6:00 yesterday so I am getting ready to grab a quick
brunch to break my fast before getting my boys up from their nap and then
picking my daughter up from preschool somehow these mornings seem to like a
flyby but I am gonna try a chocolate that I haven’t tried before so I’ve done
pizza and Oreo and playing chuckles um I just saw a cinnamon one that sounded
really good for like a breakfast type thing so I’m gonna give it a try I’m not
gonna make you sit through the cooking part but just wanted to show you how I’m
making it so I know you can’t see my countertop but I have my bowl with a
nice hole in it but it’s okay it still functions I know it’s beautiful right
but it still works so in here I am just gonna put for this recipe and again
they’re called like just a cinnamon chocolate and I love the cinnamon so I’m
gonna put one egg and then this one does call for almond flour so I think I’ve
got yep I keep my almond flour in and it calls for 1 tablespoon so I’m just going
to take one tablespoon like a rough measure
I don’t not worry about like leveling and I’ll have some eggs in here I’m just
adding that and then I’m gonna do 1 teaspoon of vanilla
this is just pure vanilla extract so I’m gonna do 1 teaspoon of that right in the
bowl and it calls for a teaspoon also of baking powder so I am going to take my
teaspoon and I’m gonna more teaspoon of picnic that I’m kind of
excited about this job okay so everything is in my broken ball right
now and then it calls for a shake of a cinnamon so I love cinnamon so I might
just add a little bit more of the shake but I’m just gonna take it and I’m just
gonna shake some in there I’ve been too much I don’t know we’ll find out and
then y’all because it is September it might not feel like falling yet but I
really am optimistic that it’s coming I’m gonna add just a splash of pumpkin
pie spice because I feel like cinnamon and pumpkin go well together so I’m just
gonna add a little bit more hope that it turns out right because sometimes the
best things aren’t planned right and then of course it’s a chop also what are
we missing jeez right so I was not gonna make you
sit through watching me shred my cheese it calls for a cup of cheese I honestly
did that measure I just kind of shred it son and I’m going with it and hoping for
the best and all I’m gonna do now I’m gonna take a fork since it’s got back
egg in there and I’m just gonna stir all this up and get it mixed together well
and then I’m gonna pop it in my chocolate now I get a lot of questions
about like what’s the best thing to use for making chocolate I personally have
crawled on board it’s a little mini – maker because it makes nice little like
individual size chapel you can use a waffle maker mine actually has a I don’t
think you can see it but I actually has a because it was bought this past winter
for the kids for snow and waffles but here I am using it for chocolate so I’m
just gonna dream a flirt weather with my snowflake mini – everything is
mixed up here you know I’m just gonna put it in there let it cook and what I
am thinking of doing with this is putting a little bit of a layer of cream
cheese on the top with some swerve confectioner’s or this is what I use
let’s see I have this did I get on Amazon it’s just confectioner’s
erythritol which swerve is a riff erythritol so I’m going to probably just
put like a little bit of a layer of cream cheese and then up a little bit of
this on the top and I can’t decide if I’m going to eat them separately like
open-faced or if I’ll put it together like a cinnamon pumpkin breakfast
sandwich but I’m hoping this turns out well I will keep you posted and please
comment below and let me know anything that is your favorite chocolate recipe
I’m always interested in trying more of these just because they’re so easy
they’re filling and they’re low carb so let me know what you think let me know
if you try this one and y’all I hope you have a wonderful day we’ll chat soon bye

Randall Smitham