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Hi Bestie viewer! Let’s talk cancer. It truly is the “C” word, and sometimes
being diagnosed with cancer is unavoidable. Today we’re gonna look at some things you
can avoid to decrease your risk of cancer and also some common diet mistakes. Take a bite out of Bestie, subscribe and click
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Besite. Avoiding these foods can’t guarantee you
won’t get cancer, but keeping these foods off your plate definitely won’t increase
If you’re a regular here at Bestie than this one should be old news by now. Eating foods that are highly processed means
you probably don’t know all the ingredients that went into them. Unfortunately not all manufactures have your
best interests in mind when making these types of foods. Scientists have found a link between those
who enjoy processed foods daily, and a high risk of developing cancer. Ok, so avoid processed foods…got it. What foods are processed foods? Well you should try to avoid things like:
Chips, Soda, those easy to make, easy to eat frozen dinners and anything like pre-packed
ramen, too. Just to be extra safe. RED MEAT
You’ve probably heard us talk about red meat on this channel before, in fact make
sure you check out our video called “6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Eating
Meat” If you want to learn more. Basically the problem with eating red meat
is that it’s kind of hard on your body. There’s something called Haem or the haem
protein in red meat which is what gives it its red colour. Unfortunately this same protein can hurt the
lining in your intestines. Unfortunately red meat ups your risk of colorectal
cancer. Studies show that red meat is also high in
saturated fat, which can increase the risk of cancer in the small intestine. Maybe try opting for lean meats like chicken
or fish instead. PROCESSED MEATS
What happens when you put processed foods and meat together? You get processed meats! Eating this stuff occasionally isn’t going
to harm you, so if you enjoy a hotdog at the local baseball game once in a while, this
really isn’t aimed at you. You know about these, and honestly they’re
some of the most delicious things on this list. Do you ever notice that the things that taste
the best are often the worst for you? Yeah…us too. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Processed meats are your beloved hot dogs,
lunch meats or deli meats, bacon, basically any meant that has been altered in some sort
of way. Consuming these on a regular basis can increase
the risk of colon cancer. This is mostly because of the level of carcinogens
that can be present when this type of food is cooked at a high temperature. There’s also the fact that some of this
food is treated with nitrates which not colour helps the meat keep it’s pink colour, but
also makes it taste salty and delicious. Someone pass the lettuce please… SUGAR
This is another topic we talk about a lot here at Bestie. Sugar is everywhere and really hard to cut
out of your diet. Not only is a sugary diet linked to weight
gain and diabetes but also the dreaded C word…yup, Cancer. Again, moderate amounts and actually give
you a boost of energy and our body does need SOME sugar. However that doesn’t always mean you need
that extra scoop of ice cream. Having a steady diet of sugary foods can lead
to cancer of the stomach, specifically your intestine. Too much sugar, all the time can trigger the
body to release a protein that can trigger the first step to cells becoming cancerous. Another study has suggested that sugar is
fuel for tumours that already exist. Although more research is being done. Basically a sweet treat every now and again
(like say, having birthday cake on your birthday) isn’t too bad for you. But you might want to rethink those breakfast
doughnuts you have at the office every morning. Natural sugars that exist in things like fruits
are always a better option. GRILLING FOOD
We weren’t ready for this one either…but there is some evidence that suggests that
blackening or grilling your food, especially things like chicken, fish, pork or beef, at
super high temperatures can release compounds that have been linked to cancer. These compounds have the ability to actually
change our DNA which then increase the risk of cancer. But there is a silver lining! We believe scientists love grilling just as
much as we do, because they’ve discovered that using herbs like rosemary, sage thyme
and oregano can help reduce those potential cancer causing compounds we talked about earlier! BOOZE
Whenever we talk about cancer, alcohol usually comes up at some point. Remember, like most things on this list if
you’re a very casual drinker than you probably have nothing to worry about. However there’s a good motto to live by
when it comes to drinking. The more you drink the more you put yourself
at risk for things like cancer. Studies show that one if four alcohol related
deaths around the world are caused by some form of cancer. That’s a pretty high statistic. Alcohol is linked to many types of cancer
including cancer of the mouth and throat, liver and breast and colon cancer. We know we know, red wine is the exception,
right? Not really…there’s no actual evidence
that says red wine will help reduce cancer. You know, lemonade sounds more and more appealing
these days, doesn’t it? PLASTIC CONTAINERS
Who eats plastic containers?? We don’t mean a steady diet of tupperware,
we’re talking about when you store your food in plastic containers. There’s something in plastic called phthalates
which is the stuff that makes plastic flexible and bendy. Unfortunately our body doesn’t like these
things and they can mess with our system and eventually up the risk of cancer. You don’t have to be worried about being
around them or touching them, it’s more just when you store your food in these types
of containers, and then eat that food. There seems to be more of a risk when you
microwave or wash these types of containers in the dishwasher. There’s also the possibility of phthalates
being present in chewy baby toys, so new parents that’s something you probably want to keep
an eye on. Instead of using plastic containers you can
store your food in glass mason jars and avoid things like plastic utensils. Not only will you be helping your body and
reducing your risk of cancer, but you’ll be helping the planet, too! By reducing your carbon footprint and reducing
your plastic use. COMMON DIET MISTAKES
Diet can be a dirty word. Every day there’s a new fad or trend out
there that has all sorts of different health claims. Sure, this new diet might help you to lose
weight, but does it up your risk of cancer? If it’s one that asks you to avoid whole
grains like brown rice, oatmeal or excluding other things like whole wheat bread, then
yeah, it could be increasing your risk of cancer. Diets like the Keto Diet. Ever heard of it? Well the Keto diet asks you to avoid grains,
starches, beans and legumes. Studies suggest that avoiding whole grains
and lowering your intake of dairy (ahem, hello paleo diet fans) are the habits linked to
some of the most preventable types of cancers. Some even suggest that these types of diets
are fairly risky and can be just as bad as someone who drinks heavily. We all know someone who is a bit of a couch
potato, and diets like this have been said to be even worse at upping the risk of cancer,
than of someone who hangs out on the couch all day! The good news is that, in general, Amercians
are making healthier choices. (We like to think we helped with that). However lots of people still are not meeting
their daily necessary intake of proper vitamins and nutrients. A good rule of thumb is to try and focus on
non processed whole foods. Things that don’t come in packages like
fruits and veggies, or local meat from a butcher shop. Cutting back on things like soda means that
you’ll significantly decrease the amount of sugar you consume in a day and trying to
cut back on red meat and avoiding processed meats altogether is a great place to start. Are you a healthy eater? Let us know in the comments section below
what food you love to eat that’s bad for you.

Randall Smitham