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Constipation Medicine – What to EAT to get rid of constipation long-term (no medication)

– Hey beautiful Gut Feelers,
today we’re gonna talk about constipation, constipation
medicine, a diet that helps you to get rid of constipation
long-term without using more medications or any
kinds of special supplements. I’m making this video for you guys because constipation is a subject that comes up again and again in my clients’ practice, but also here on YouTube and
the Gut Feeler community, so I really wanna help
you to get out of this. This is a really big
subject, very complex, not complicated, just complex. One of the main factors
that cause constipation is dehydration, then we have
a high toxidity in the body, often combination with inflamation
and swelling in the gut. Then, we have an overburdened liver, which is sealing with the toxins, but also with all kinds of
medication residues, and on top, we have something called
neurological fatigue. For example, if you have a lot of toxic heavy metals in your
body, they can actually interfere with the neurotransmitter, and so often a neurological
signal that is given from your brain to your
stomach, your intestines, which has to do also
with your peristaltic, with the motility of your gut. Now, as this is a big, big subject, I wanna do a separate video on this. What we’re gonna do in this video is, I’m gonna give you a
three-step diet change plan. It addresses all of these issues
that I talked about before. Good news is, it’s super simple, it doesn’t contain any medication, it doesn’t contain more supplements. It’s simple, but it’s not
easy, and why it’s not easy is because it addresses your diet habits. Changing diet habits is never
easy, we are addicted to food, it’s stimulating us, it’s nourishing us, it’s normal, we all want it. However, if you wanna address
constipation long-term, you really wanna get rid
of all those medications and stop taking all of those
enzymes and more supplements, be dependent on that, then
you’re gonna address your diet. It’s also gonna have a positive impact on other symptoms in your body. You have more energy, clearer skin, that’s just to name a few. To make these three steps
simple and easy for you, I recommend you, whenever
you listen to this, don’t freak out, do them for one week. Commit for them for seven days. This is usually something our head can do, and after those seven days, reassess, how did your constipation develop, do you even still have constipation, or is it gone completely? Now, let’s dive into
this, I’m super excited, I wanna help you out here. The three steps, three diet changes to get rid of your constipation long-term. Step number one, what you
do in the morning matters. It matters a lot, so
for the next seven days, if you commit to do that,
watch the video ’til the end and then you can make your decision. For the first one hour, two
would be better, one is minimum, you’re gonna focus on hydrating your gut, hydrating and not eating. There are two options which you can do, and you can do them both or either/or. First, you drink warm lemon water. Yeah, this is just one
lemon squeezed into water and you drink that, or
you do cucumber juice. You add two cucumbers
juiced, and also drank. Both of these address
hydration in your gut, and you also give your liver,
you give your intestines time to really complete the digestive process and bring out everything that
is stored upfront at night that hasn’t moved yet in your colon, move out and have your
first bowel movement. Even if in the first days it doesn’t work and you don’t have your bowel
movement in the morning, it’s still gonna build up,
it’s called compound effect. So, step number one,
repeating, super simple. The first hour when you wake
up, two hours would be better, you drink either lemon
water or cucumber juice. What is not allowed, sorry guys, is coffee or black tea or anything like that. Herbal teas are good as well, but at least one lemon water or one cucumber juice. Both lemons and cucumbers,
they are super hydrating for your gut, they contain a
perfect balance of minerals, which also help your
peristaltic in your gut. You can drink, then,
additional water and tea, whatever you want, not
black tea, not green tea, herbal tea, if you need more hydration. Step number two, for
helping your constipation, we’re gonna focus for the next
seven days on eating foods that are high in nutrients
and low in calories. There are two foods groups
which are falling into that. This is fruits and vegetables. These foods naturally
contain a high water content if you eat them raw, which I recommend, are high in fiber, they
are high in vitamins, and high in minerals and
nutrients, fruit are nutrients, which will help your
gut to restore itself, help your liver to rebuild,
the bile production will go up, and the most important thing,
guys, this is really key, so really key here in step
number two is that these foods, vegetables and fruits, in general, are low in fat and low in protein. I know if you’re in the paleo movement, if you’re on the keto
diet, I understand that you heard a lot about I need my protein, I need more fats, healthy
fats, but for that week, I want you to try it out because it works. Allow your digestive system this break, going low in protein, low in fat, your liver has time to restore itself, restore the bile production,
you’ll also have, you’ll also have a better
chance to digest your foods completely because likely
you have low stomach acid. All of these, I’m addressing
in a separate video because it’s just gonna get too long. Step number two, eat a lot of foods that are high in nutrients,
these are vegetables and fruits. Best would be raw if you can, and minimize your fat intake
and your protein intake. And last but not least,
step number three, guys, and this one is the challenging one. (laughing) If they weren’t
challenging already for you, this one, I know it’s gonna hurt. Maybe there is a lot
of, no I can’t do this, coming up in your head, but
if you’re serious about this, doing that for one week,
you’re gonna see a change, you’re gonna see improvements. What is it, third step, is gonna be leaving out four trigger foods. These four are eggs, any
eggs, organic or not organic, if you watch the hen lay
the egg, it doesn’t matter, eggs need to go, dairy
products need to go, all kinds of dairy products, even yogurt and stuff like that,
ghee, butter, everything. Then, we have gluten, any
grains that contain gluten, and the fourth one is processed foods. Processed foods, often
they are full of additives, they contain aroma, they basically mess up your whole internal chemistry. They also often fried
foods, yeah this is also a processed food, by the
way, and the link here video where I explain a little bit more about why these food groups
are actually not helpful for improving anything in your body, but for now, I want you to go
out there and try that out. So, let me summarize. The best constipation
medicine, if you wanna improve your digestion and your
constipation long-term without medication and
without more supplements is this, a diet change. Number one, the first one or
two hours after waking up, you’re gonna focus on
cleansing your digestion and hydrating it with lemon
water, warm lemon water, or cucumber juice, and
then additional herbal teas or high quality water is allowed, too. Number two, gonna eat
nutrient-dense foods, which are raw would be the
best, and they are low in fat and low in protein to give
your digestion a break as well and your liver as well, and number three, avoiding the most common
four trigger foods, dairy, eggs, gluten, and processed foods. Guys, I know this is a lot,
I told you it’s simple, but it’s not easy, think
about this, make a decision, if you’re really into this
and you wanna give this a try and heal your digestion
long-term, then commit to it, and if you made that step,
I’d love to have a comment from you down below with
a yes and a start date. When you commit to start this week, let us know in the comments
below, yes plus start date. If you’re completely
overwhelmed and think like, oh my god, what should I
eat, what am I doing then? I got you covered there. I made a beautiful, delicious
recipe guide for one week. It’s called the Gut Healing Challenge. It complies to all the
things that we discussed in this video, and you
don’t have to think about what to eat, when to eat,
gives you all the information. So, if you’re interested in
that, check that out below. Thank you so much for watching,
I wish you a beautiful week, and I know you can do this, don’t give up, let’s get to work, bye-bye.

Randall Smitham



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  94. Star HR Posted on September 9, 2019 at 12:16 am

    If I am intermittent fasting, would I still have the full lemon? Or would partial lemon be ok. It wouldn't break the fast but still be healing

  95. jevon walcott Posted on September 9, 2019 at 12:46 am

    Great info, thank you.

  96. coza10 Posted on September 9, 2019 at 11:59 am

    Over consumption of caffeine gave me terrible terrible constipation and health issues. Coffee sucks! Especially if you have it with dairy / sugar.

  97. Jibarmin Sanyorita Posted on September 9, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    I buy your book but i think it’s not effective in case of candida or sibo? Is it ok to initiate with 1week plan and then turn to candida diet 😣??

  98. Chaos Maker 21 Posted on September 11, 2019 at 4:24 am

    I can't hear it. Could you write it down for me?