April 10, 2020
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today today what I’m doing is I am
cooking a early afternoon lunch we’re having ribs today it looks like it is
things to be a very rainy stormy day today so play words stay inside and we
gonna cook so everybody likes having to do some ribs
this is something I love to eat all right – two packs of short ribs what I
like to do first is I like do this my only headboard and this my
house like feet like that is boiling right I like to
have onions and green peppers my eyes and I believe Brian very soon
– onions bother you guys don’t let me know I don’t know what so we like I do like to cook dinner my
favorite thing though I feel my eyes are watering
something I have to stop and then go back through the last little slice I cut
and then I have to wash my idol the agency races alright guys I am sorry about that in
place of my onions are onions really get into my eyes when eyes are very
something so I don’t know why like I could even listen someone cooked in
their house early in the day they had onions I could walk in that house and
just start crying if that’s all since move my eyes are two onions but I love
you guys nice to show you don’t put it all in this one trying to take off the middle and you
see the meat is so oily music on when I cook a favorite meal to
make it if you tell me what it is look it up and see if I can make it potato these are just little baby potatoes certain way but I’d like to fry these I
fry them in butter one time one time I give them in foil and they were good but
they’re not advocates eye cream and butter and they are amazing these are all washed before hand you see Oh that is awesome it’s a rice this is a rice Center
yes I know how to make rice without a rice maker but this is just so much
easier because I don’t have to waste a certain pan or a burner I can focus it
on other things I like to use this my race so what it does it just makes the rice
it just dies the right so you can see it and it just looks nice edit it power and
because it was white rice I get white rice and then it cooked it like that I
do nothing maker ice outside of this burn I don’t have so many bears so
alright I like to use a butter right smell we are indeed we just have to wait
and so the verbs are ready to be taken out people are in this and then I’m
going to be cooking my fried my potatoes and then also might add in the peppers
so I’ll see you guys in a few minutes but in YouTube tight basically so I’ll
see you back ok guys welcome back so you can see in here it is no more bread it’s
starting to become brownish so the bees is ready for me I like I said I like
like made me to be so far to the toilet just if you smell it I’ve seen going on there one preheat the oven I just work inside no I just places you see they’re looking good big pieces it’s small onion powder black pepper please put my problem so what I like to do I know that season
at 162 buy even a bargain just put it in so it can slowly put together and you
see how the butter has already melted you see if I knew it so now I’ll get the
bags and the rice is still going the eggs are so fine in there well this is second do that all the
sudden they’re painted whether they’re over I’m going to put these dishes away
when this posture also got the fastest paint should be done so I will see you
guys and a few minutes somebody well days already one of the most
healthiest things for you and you didn’t mix up and you can I even
plank or you can have them like it mixes anything so this is a very easily dinner to make
there’s a lot of prep time more than you do the multiple mengele time goes a lot honey teriyaki all right mix it up so then spread it out evenly here is cool specially on Chris just like I get my rice a little bit
more of the flavor how’s that look doesn’t this look amazing and then I
like to again which just gives it a little bit of flavor so let this cool
down let Michael down let this cook for about five more minutes and then we were
a new ready to enjoy a delicious but it’s not like amazing turn this off oh
it’s amazing so kind of mixed together now close and
go in and enjoy that’s
looks good and it smells good that looks amazing all right okay Tommy not tell me that does not
look delicious and here’s the eggs alright so here is a
light this thinks this is delicious Lucy what I have a big thumbs up if you
want to see more cooking videos please let me know I love laughs and cook and
you’re something you want me to try to cook I would want to happy to try let me
know and by community why did it what is called mine to try to look it up the
recipe and I always trying to push something for you so if you guys I said
you guys like it please give it a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel if
you’re new and it’s about a notification and we’ll see you guys tomorrow for a
workout video probably be wearing my new quitting key outfits because they are so
amazing just can’t get out of them I got a video about that few few days ago
maybe a week ago go check that video out if you haven’t already thanks again I am
starving I’m starving I’m gonna feel my belly up
now alright thanks this is my child yes you can eat now
right sit down

Randall Smitham