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Cornbread (Oksusu-ppang: 옥수수빵)

(bright music)
– Hi, everybody!
Do you like corn?
Yes, you do, then let’s high five.
I love corn.
I love just corn by itself.
I love the flavor and texture.
And any dishes made with corn,
that’s always my favorite.
Today, I’m going to make
Korean old-fashioned cornbread.
Cornbread is called oksusu-ppang.
Oksusu is corn.
Ppang is bread.
When I was at elementary school
my school used to give us snack everyday
for each student.
We used to have a piece of this cornbread,
like a size just like this.
And then the oval shape.
And over top, like a little mountain.
And this kind of bread
was very special for me.
And delicious.
This cornbread is made from cornmeal.
You know, I really miss
miss that bread taste.
All the time I always looking forward to
the time that the snack is provided.
The cornbread I remember
is not very sweet.
Old-fashioned stone
ground yellow cornmeal.
I’m not working for this brand name,
but any type of yellow corn I’m using.
If you find the stone
ground yellow cornmeal,
and then buy this.
So I’m going to measure two cups.
You guys remember this,
my tablespoon, teaspoons.
So I just got this new one
because years and years I’ve been using.
It’s kinda little worn out.
Sometimes like a really wobbly.
And then I got this same,
exactly same amount.
I just scoop the water.
This one, so American standard,
like a tablespoon, teaspoons I’m using.
Two tablespoons sugar.
Salt, half a teaspoon.
One egg.
One tablespoon vegetable oil.
Any cooking oil you can use.
Corn oil, vegetable oil.
You could use any type of milk,
whole milk, fast reduced
milk, any type of milk.
I will use one and half cup.
Let’s just mix this.
Beautiful color, yellow color.
Already smells really corn smell.
Consistency is like this.
I need to let it sit just for 20 minutes.
I’m soaking my cornmeal,
kinda make it softer.
I got this idea from making rice cake.
You know, so whenever I make rice cake
I need to soak rice in cold water.
And then later when it’s cooked,
it’s more fluffy and softer.
Especially we don’t use
wheat flour here, anything.
Just only cornmeal I’m using
because I love intense kind of flavor.
And this baking powder,
I’m going to add this
just before baking to make it fluffy.
Now I’m preheating my oven 400 Fahrenheit.
And then let’s just use butter.
We need just a little bit butter flavor,
and it really makes it better.
So I’m going to use one tablespoon.
OK so, I put this at room temperature
so it is easily, very soft.
Using your brush.
All over on the bottom.
Just a little bit side also.
OK, 20 minutes passed and then see,
so look a little separated, right?
And then liquid on top.
You just mix this.
And then we are going
to add baking powder.
Two teaspoon.
And mix.
When you mix this with baking powder,
this baking powder is helping
like creates little airy bubbles.
So it makes this dough really fluffy.
So right after mix this, we need to bake.
Consistency’s a little
thicker than before.
Don’t you think so?
Like this, you see there
are already little bubbles.
It takes 30 to 40 minutes,
depending on your size of baking pan.
Meanwhile, I’m going to
prepare my breakfast.
Today’s a Saturday, so Saturday brunch.
I will just make and then I’m going to eat
with my freshly baked cornbread.
It will be so delicious.
This is Greek yogurt.
And tomato.
I will eat all this tomato.
These days strawberries are
available all around the year.
I’ll add here.
Let’s add some kiwi too.
Golden kiwi.
Golden color.
And blueberry.
There you go.
My yogurt is done.
So I’ll just keep in the refrigerator.
OK, 30 minutes passed.
And, let’s check out.
And I’m making coffee too.
It’s the middle I like to take this.
It’s come clean.
But I like to make it a little brown.
I’m going to bake just a few minutes more.
This is too big and too big and thick.
And then I just poke this
huge hole I made with this.
So at home you can use your toothpick.
Very good.
Beautiful, isn’t it?
Look at that!
Great, oh my.
Smells so good.
Look at this. (laughs)
Isn’t it pretty?
Just let it cool down just a few minutes.
And then I’m going to cut
it and eat my breakfast.
This one I made it last night.
This is like a heart shape.
So you can make it any shape,
right, if you have a baking pan.
Isn’t it cool?
See, sponge-like.
Join me for breakfast.
And my coffee.
So this is breakfast.
Let’s taste.
That’s it.
This is the cornbread that I remember.
When I was in elementary school
I tasted this kind of bread!
Soft, fluffy, corny. (laughs)
A little sweet, not too sweet.
Lots of lots of corn.
No flour here.
My left hand, my cornbread.
Right hand, my yogurt.
Busy, busy.
This one, last night I made this.
You can make any shape.
A heart, heart, my heart.
So, this going to be a good present
for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?
Today we made Korean
old-fashion oksusu-ppang,
cornbread, Korean style.
In America, cornbread is very popular.
So this is my style.
Korean, kind of old-fashioned style.
And how about you style?
Just let me know.
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time!
(bright music)

Randall Smitham



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  93. dreyhawk Posted on August 4, 2019 at 10:30 am

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