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Hi Welcome to KidSenz. Today I want to tell
you about – Cricket. As some of us know, cricket is the most popular team sport in India, It
is played with a bat and ball, between two teams made up of 11 players. It is a very
high scoring game! Let’s quickly review some of the basics: this
is a cricket field – where the game is played. It is usually circular with a rectangular
22-yard long strip called a “pitch” at its centre. The end of the pitch is demarcated
with 3 sticks called wickets. So, how is the game played?
Each team takes a turn to bat, with the goal to make as many runs as possible, while the
other team “fields” to prevent the batting team from making those runs! The game is moderated
by an umpire just like any other game we know and each team has a captain.
Now that we know that cricket constitutes of a bat and ball, a batting and fielding
team, we also need to know about Overs and how all the important runs are scored. An
over is a set of six balls bowled from one end of a cricket pitch by a bowler.
The batter bats the ball away and runs between the wickets to score runs for his team. In
addition, the batter can hit the ball out of the boundary for 4 or even 6 runs! After
the bowler bowls six balls, the umpire calls ‘over’; The fielding team rearranges itself,
and a new bowler bowls from the opposite end of the pitch to the second batsmen.
So Who is an umpire? An official who supervises the play and enforces the rules of the game
is an umpire. There are 3 types of Cricket tournaments: Test Cricket that takes up to
5 days to finish, has 90 overs and 2 turns per team. Wow – 5 days is super long for a
game! This is the oldest form of the game and was
very popular at one time. These days people like games of shorter duration.
The other 2 types of cricket tournaments are One Day Internationals (ODIs) and 20/20. These
are much shorter in duration. ODI’s as the name suggests finish in one day and has 50
overs per team. 20/20 games are even shorter. Introduced in
2003, it has only 20 overs per team instead of the 50 overs in a ODI. It also comes with
some new rules. For example, in case of rain or other interruptions, the game can be reduced
to just 9 overs per team! It has several leagues that have teams made up of players from across
the globe. This fast paced game is played in under 3 hours and has become very popular
since it was introduced. On April 3rd, 2013 The Indian Premier League
also known as IPL commenced its 6th season. IPL is a professional league for Twenty20
cricket championship in India. There were nine teams competing in the tournamet and
consisted of players from around the cricketing world.
The finals were played between The Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings on Sunday,
May 26th, in Kolkata! The Mumbai Indians won their first Pepsi Indian Premier League title
beating the Chennai Super Kings. They won by whopping 23 runs! The entire team along
with their veteran team-mate Sachin Tendulkar celebrated the Winners Trophy!
Do you play cricket or would like to?

Randall Smitham