April 4, 2020
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Hello this is chef John from foodwishes.com
with an unbelievably incredibly great onion ring recipe these are the most incredible onion
rings ever you know I’m normally pretty modest and humble that’s one of the things that makes me so awesome but I have to say these are incredible
best in the world alright we’re going to start with some
regular flour and cornstarch so it’s kinda similar to a tempura batter
basically but there’s my secret ingredient instant mashed potatoes believe it alright a little cayenne so I’m going to whisk up the dry ingredients and then i’m gonna add club soda you have to
get the exact amounts on food wishes we’re going to stir that in which is just going
to take a minute by the way don’t worry about developing
gluten or the batter is going to be tough, it’s not this is unbelievable now looks pretty thin there but as it
sits the instant mashed potato even though it’s just a little bit is going to swell
up and absorb some of that liquid it’s going to be perfect alright we’re going to put panko breadcrumbs the other
secret in a shallow pan you get those in any store stop emailing me you can’t find
panko you can big supermarkets have them i like to use not super big but kinda
medium yellow onions do not cut them any thicker than a quarter inch otherwise
they won’t cook separate them into rings I didn’t need to tell
you that right alright so there we go this is only like
ten minutes later our batter has thickend slightly and it’s perfect we’re going to dump in a few rings at a time make sure they get coated with the batter
which is pretty much going to drip off but enoughs going to stick on there to
latch onto these panko breadcrumbs these sharp incredibly crispy bread crumbs by the way do as i say not as you just
saw me do use a separate fork for the crumbs and a separate fork to pull them out
of the batter much easier alright we are going to fry these and I’m not doing a
deep fry demo just standard three fifty i’m using olive oil but any standard
vegetable oil frying oil is going to work its going to go maybe three two-and-a-half
three minutes and when it comes out that magic formula that I’ve come up with with the
potato and the panko produces the most crispiest onion ring I’ve ever had ever
anywhere alright now if you can hear this that is not fake sounds that is the actual
crunchiness and now you just have to listen to this come on unbelievable alright that was really bland cause there was
no salt make sure you salt generously before
serving with some very fine sea salt so it sticks on there let me finish this
I know this is so rude but come on admit it you want to hear it and that’s it super crispy amazing onion rings and
here is really the ultimate test lots of different recipes are crunchy right when
they come out of the oil ok the real test does it stay crunchy? and you’re going to see
and hear now is literally to the second fifteen minutes later these sat on this
rack for fifteen minutes and this is what they sound like your honor I rest my case anyway i hope you give it a try go to
the site all of the ingredients are there and as always Enjoy!

Randall Smitham