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Crispy Pulled Pork Meatballs recipe

♫ Gonna smoke me a fatted brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatted brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on ♫ I’ve got my natural case ♫ I’ve got the hogs on the run ♫ (jazz with sax solo) – [Voiceover] Welcome to, today we’re cooking up
some pulled pork meatballs at the pit, and they’re real easy to do. All right, first thing we
wanna do is make a roux. And you’re gonna use about 2
1/2 sticks of butter, right? A little bit over a half a pound and you wanna melt ’em down. Now, here we’ve got some
garlic, about six cloves of minced garlic, right? Gotta have the garlic in the
pulled pork balls, right? Now, to make a roux of
course you need flour. And here we’ve got about
one moonshine jar of flour or about a cup and a half
of flour, it’ll depend all right, how much flour you add to this. But the idea is you just
keep stirring that flour into that hot butter, ho, ho, ho, ho. You probably know how to do this, right? We don’t have to show
you how to make a roux, but for you newbies,
we’ll just keep doing it. Now, to that we’re adding about one quart of beef stock, all right? Oh man, this is gonna be good. Yeah, just keep working it
in there, keep stirring. Mm, man, now if you’ve
never had pulled pork balls before, you definitely
gotta check this out, whoa. You can see it’s coming together, and you wanna get it to a consistency just like that, nice and thick. All right now, we’ve got about four pounds of pulled pork, pork shoulder, right? And, what we’re gonna do is incorporate the roux into it. I think you know where we’re
going with this, right? Or if you’ve never seen this before, you definitely gotta check it out. This recipe is from Boss
and Sis out of Holland, the Stenwick Chapter of the
Barbecue Pit Boys, whoa. Now here, we just blend it right in, oh man, oh, ho, ho. Time to go get that peanut
butter out of your cupboard because this is gonna be good. Now, we’ve got it nice and
mixed, and here we’re gonna put it in some pans, because
what we’re gonna do is chill these overnight,
chill ’em real good. You need it to set up,
all right? Oh, yeah. (rock instrumental music) This is a two day process, no problem. This is good. Again, in the fridge it
goes, overnight is best. And, through the miracle
of time, we made it another night and this is ready. And take a look at this, nice and chilled, it’ll be easy to work with. And we’re doing this, because
we’re gonna be frying these. We’re gonna be making these
meatballs and fry ’em up. So the best way is to chill
this, get it nice and cold so we can work with it. And you just take your old hickory. And we’re gonna make
some consistent meatballs out of this and you’ll see how we do this. These look good enough to
eat already. (chuckling) And I’m sure you could. All right, one loaf pan cut up. You can’t make enough of these, man, that’s why we’re making two. Again, slice it up evenly, it’s simple enough. All right, let’s make these meatballs. Now, they’re really well
chilled like I said, so you just roll ’em up
into small meatballs. (instrumental rock music) Yeah. Oh, yeah. Now, we could fast forward
this video of course, but hell, I kind of like doing this. And we’re making so many, you
gotta get everybody involved. Yeah, that beer is gonna be good with these, you watch. Okay, the pulled pork
balls have been prepped. Now we’re gonna make a
batter, because like I said we’re gonna be deep-frying these. And it’ll be a typical
batter, you got your egg wash, you got your flour, you got
your coarse breadcrumbs, you could use a panko if you want. And you just gotta get
everybody together to help out. Easy enough, just like I said. All right, the pulled pork
balls have been rolled in the batter. And now again, back to the refridge, you gotta get ’em nice and
cold before we fry ’em, yeah. All right, Joe from the Vegas
Pit Boys Chapter is here. Mm, it’s all good. Now, here we’ve got some veggie oil, to make the vegematics happy. We’ve heated it up to maybe
360 degrees Fahrenheit, a good frying temperature,
use the temperature you like working with. And we’re gonna put
these pulled pork balls right in there. It doesn’t take long to do, you just wanna get ’em nice and crispy, ’cause remember, the pulled pork has already been cooked. And this is the way you
wanna get ’em to look like, nice and crispy, (chuckling) perfect for a cold beer. Yeah, we’re eating good tonight, Martha. (loud instrumental rock music) Let’s show you again how we do it. Drop it in that hot oil. It only takes a few minutes
to get ’em nice and crispy, just like that. (chuckling) ♫ Wrap me up that hog ♫ – [Voiceover] (whistling) Lord have mercy. Crunchy, full of pulled pork, and this is what you end up with. You got something, a pulled pork party is gonna be going on here. Of course, Boss says it’s time to eat, no problem, this is good
for the kids of all ages. Like I said, you definitely gotta check this recipe out, family and friends, whoever stops by your
pit is gonna love ’em. Like I said, make a bunch of ’em. ♫ I’ve got my barbecue shoes on ♫ Gonna pull some legs and
get some barbecue action ♫ – All right.
– [Black Hat Man] Yeah! – [Voiceover] Now, be sure
and start your own Chapter, and go onto our website, or
just sign up as a Pit Master, we’d love to have you. We’ve got over 10,000
Chapters in 100 countries and there’s plenty of room for more. (voices laugh and murmur) Nice job, chef. Oh by the way, take a look
at one of these inside. Can you smell that? It smells good. Well, the next time you’re
looking for a recipe for your pit, check out (crow caws)

Randall Smitham



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