April 2, 2020
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– Guys, come on. – No. – No? – No. – Come on, it’s really not that bad. There’s an awning over there where we can shoot the whole thing —
– No. All right guys, fine, we’ll do it inside. Jesus. What’s up everyone,
it’s Chas from Thrillist and I’m in Midtown to check out a sandwich I’ve been seeing all over Instagram. We’re at Little Tong,
a noodle shop that’s famous for their Yunnan-style noodles. But, it’s their JB Melt, a beef shank and cheese
curd sandwich served on scallion pancakes that’s
been the talk of the town. I’m gonna head inside and
meet up with Chef Simone and try it out for myself. Let’s check it out. – We’re all starving in the East Village, after long day service, we’re like, “What are we gonna make?” We’re like, “Oh, scallion pancake,
we have a lot of that.” So, we put the beef shank
on the scallion pancake and then put Beecher’s cheese melt on top with some scallion cilantro. And we ate it, and we
serve it to our servers and some friends, some chef friends. And they all love it. And we’re like, yes, we’re
making it and sharing it with everybody else. It also comes with chicken broth, which we reduce a little
bit more to make it even more powerful umami chicken broth. You can drink the broth, which I do, I drink the broth. Or you can dip it. Dip it, drink the broth, have a bite. – Oh man, look at this, it is so juicy. Wow, what a mixture of
textures going on here. There’s this great crunchy,
flaky scallion pancake on the outside, the tender
melt-in-your-mouth beef shank, and then this incredibly creamy,
and also a little crunchy, cheese that’s just been
crisped up on the grill. And then you also have
the crunchy cucumbers that’s this great relief
from the fattiness of the beef and the cheese together. It’s a great balance. This is super juicy,
almost like a burrito, you wanna keep it
wrapped so it’s not going all over the place. Let’s get some cabbage on here too, and see what that’s about. I feel like that acid’s going
to be really nice in here. That cabbage really is nice in there, and it also adds a little heat, and I think that there’s
some chilis in there, and it’s just adding a whole ‘nother depth and playing it off that spicy
mayo in there as well, and just kicking it up
just a little bit more. And we don’t wanna
forget about this broth, which just smells so rich. Mm, now that’s comfort. Salty, fatty, it’s perfect
for today in this rain. It’s helping me dry off. Actually, I’m just gonna pour that broth on there almost like au jus. Why not make it juicier? Well, that definitely made
the pancake fall apart, but it is really good. Well, I’ve got just the ends
of this JB Melt here, and like a burrito, I feel like that’s where all the flavor lives, right in that foil, the last bite. But I’m not gonna make
you watch me eat that, ’cause it’s gonna be messy. But you should check out another really cool
Chinese sandwich we covered at Mr. Bing, and don’t forget to subscribe to Thrillist, and like,
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Randall Smitham