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Crispy Sweet Potato Fries | Air-Fried, Baked, Pan-Fried & Homemade Ketchup

hi everyone and welcome to my channel
today I’m gonna show you the difference
between air fried baked and pan-fried
sweet potato fries I’m also gonna share
with you a recipe for homemade ketchup
because honestly it is so much better
than anything you can get in the store
so first up we are gonna get the sweet
potato ready here I’m using a white
sweet potato but you can use any sweet
potato you like the most common type is
an orange sweet potato which is a bit
healthier than the white one but my
husband likes the white sweet potato is
better so that’s what I’m using here
since I’m not using an organic potato
I’m peeling it and also getting rid of
any brown spots now on to cutting the
sweet potato I have to admit that I
really don’t like cutting sweet potatoes
because they are so hard to cut when I’m
working with a large sweet potato like
this one I cut it crosswise first then I
cut each half lengthwise and then each
quarter into slices the slices should be
about quarter of an inch thick so that
you can then cut each slice into quarter
of an inch fries
when the sweet potato is cut into fries
added to a bowl filled with cold water
to help remove some of its starch
this helps the center’s get tender and
the outsides get crispy when you bake or
pan fry the fries to be perfectly honest
I find that airfreight sweet potato
fries are crispy whether you soak the
sweet potatoes or not so in reality I
don’t actually soak the sweet potatoes
because I use an air fryer try the sweet
potatoes thoroughly using a piece of
paper towel or a regular kitchen towel
this step is really important because if
there is any water left on the sweet
potatoes they will steam instead of
crisping up when you air fry them bake
them or pan fry them the last step is
tossing the sweet potatoes with some
olive oil if you’re avoiding oil you can
skip this step the fries will just have
a slightly drier texture
last but not least let’s airfryer bake
and pan fry the sweet potatoes
as you can see the visual difference
between airfreight baked and pan-fried
sweet potato fries isn’t all that big as
far as the texture goes you will have to
wait for the taste test at the end of
this video
now that we have the sweet potato fries
ready let’s make the ketchup as you
would expect or start with Tomatoes the
sweeter and darker in color the tomatoes
the better you want the ketchup to have
lots of flavor and nice deep red color
to give the tomatoes and extra depth of
flavor will roast them first so cut the
tomatoes in half and place them cut side
up on a baking sheet roast the tomatoes
at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20
minutes while the tomatoes are roasting
let’s get all the other ingredients
ready chop half of an onion and a clove
of garlic saute the aromatics in a
little bit of olive oil over medium heat
until sweet and lightly browned you
could roast the onion and garlic
together with the tomatoes but I’ll be
sauteing the tomatoes once they’re done
roasting and when you saute the tomatoes
together with the aromatics it just adds
another layer of flavor
when the tomatoes are done roasting add
them to the saucepan together with some
tomato paste apple cider vinegar maple
syrup and salt you could also add some
spices allspice is really nice for
instance and stir
transfer all the ingredients into a
blender and blend until completely
once you’re happy with the consistency
transfer the ketchup into a bowl or a
jar and that’s it crispy sweet potato
fries with homemade ketchup we’ve got
three types of sweet potato fries here
airfreight baked and pan-fried and I
have to say that the number one reason I
got an airfryer was because I could
never get baked sweet potato fries
crispy I know I sort of gave it away but
which ones are the best yes they they
are crispier for longer is why they’re
the best
whereas pan-fried an oven baked mm-hmm
they you can get them crispy no dough
but it’s really so much work to keep
them crispy like it you have to serve
you the very hot pan rather the oven
they lose that crispiness the very fast
like within how fast would you say a few
minutes minutes as they cool down they
come limp you have to keep them hot so
the airfryer is much better for that
reason it’s the least amount of
maintenance when you’re right making
this recipe whereas in the pan you have
to make sure that they don’t burn if you
keep like mixing them around and like
made you know there’s no char marks or
anything on there and it’s just a lot of
work for a very limited amount of time
you can eat them so if you can swing and
just do the air fried if you can pan fry
all right so I hope you enjoyed this
video if you did please give me a thumbs
up comment below subscribe to my channel
and I’ll see you next time

Randall Smitham



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