January 24, 2020
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hey guys Suz here welcome to a special
dairy-free edition of our what’s for dinner on keto
easy keto meals recipes video and this is special request looking at you Aretha
and Nancy my husband actually picked cooked and filmed all these recipes if
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and let’s get into the video first up we have these awesome super easy spicy tuna
rolls and these look more complicated than they were so to start with you just
take one medium-sized cucumber and you’re gonna thinly slice it you need
six thin slices of this cucumber for this recipe ideally you don’t want to
use the cucumber slices with the seeds but this cucumber was out of control
with the seeds all in it so we did use them and it tasted and worked out just
fine but it is to your preference of course this would be easier if you use
the mandoline slicer we don’t have one yet so my husband just used a big
kitchen chef knife then a separate dish he’s adding some extra virgin olive oil
yellowfin tuna he just used this Starkist packaged one and he is using some Texas
Pete hot sauce you can use whatever kind you like he’s adding a teaspoon of that
to the tuna along with 1/8 teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon
pepper and one sixteenth of a teaspoon that’s half of 1/8 teaspoon guys of
cayenne and he is mixing that all together once you have that mixed he is
going to get an avocado and just slice that in half and he’s gonna go ahead and
take one half of the avocado the separate half we’re not using we will
store with the pit in to keep it from browning that’s just a little tip for
you guys and this one he’s just gonna cut into little slices you could dice it
or do it however you like he just left it in little slices and then he’s
putting some of the tuna mixture onto one of the cucumber slices and after he
gets all of those topped with tuna he just takes a slice of the avocado and
sticks it in and rolls it like you would a sushi roll he rolled these pretty
loosely and they still worked fine so if you roll him even tighter it would be
even better but they were just great so after you roll it up you can just use
two toothpicks to secure the ends of it together and look how cute and adorable
that looks I was really impressed that he picked this recipe and
successfully executed it they almost look like little cucumber flowers here
they go all plated up this was such a light meal SuperDuper easy crisp it’s
like a salad but the presentation is even better definitely great for a light
lunch too next up he made this awesome garlic chicken and zoodle dish this was
super super simple to start with he took just a couple tablespoons of olive
oil heated this up over medium heat and to that the recipe called for four
cloves of garlic I think he added double that amount of pre-minced garlic and he
just sauteed the garlic in the oil and then added two medium chicken breasts
chopped up he did use like precooked frozen chicken breasts you could use raw
we just used what we had on hand already and he just continued cooking this in
the medium heat now the recipe does call to add red pepper flakes he left those
out so that it would be super kid friendly but he did add some salt and
pepper to the dish now he’s taken a bag of steamed zoodles we always just pre
buy these maybe one day we’ll make our own but really it’s so easy to just buy
them already made and he’s adding that to the dish and cooking it until it’s
all heated through and mixed up and you could sprinkle this with cheese
if you want but we’re trying to keep it dairy-free so there it is all plated up
this was a hit with the kids too as they love anything with chicken in it
next up he made this awesome sheet pan steakhouse dinner and this is a great
recipe we love making steaks to start with he preheated the oven to 425 and
then he got some cremini mushrooms now I don’t like mushrooms but my husband is a
fan so he went ahead and got some of those and rinsed and chopped them then
he also used some whole green beans and he just chopped those in half and then
he is adding all of the veggies to a cookie sheet just lined with some
nonstick foil now for this recipe we did use ghee
but ghee they actually removed the milk proteins in the cooking process but
if you didn’t want to use that you could definitely use olive oil so he took a
fourth a cup of ghee mixed with some garlic cloves and just put it over the
veggies with salt and pepper popped them in the oven for 12 minutes meanwhile
these nice awesome thick cut rib eyes he started seasoning them we do season both
sides of our steaks with salt pepper onion powder garlic powder and
Worcestershire sauce Worcestershire does have carbs in them so you wanna watch
that a little also the cremini mushrooms have about half a carb per nice like
medium size mushroom so keep that in mind obviously you probably know the carb count of
green beans so once you pull this out of the oven he’s just making space
for the steaks and just kind of nestling those in there with the veggies and
putting it under the broiler we did about eight minutes on each side to
achieve a nice medium-rare steak and here it is all plated up these were
spectacular I mean every time he makes steaks they’re great but I really loved
the way the green beans tasted with the seasoning and
under the broiler as well next up and lastly this week he made these awesome
mini bacon-wrapped meat loaves these are a great
paleo whole 30 keto recipe so to start with he took a half of an onion and he
just chopped it up finely with three cloves of garlic and a tablespoon
of oregano and for some reason I guess because it looks really cool in the video he
mixed those up on the cookie sheet before adding that whole mixture to a
giant mixing bowl and to the mixing bowl and the seasoning mixture he is adding a
pound of ground beef and a pound of spicy Italian sausage the recipe calls
for a half a pound of each but I’m pretty sure he added a pound each maybe
not I’ll link the recipe down below then he got eight slices of bacon and after
he rolled the meatloaf into these balls he is just rolling that around each one
he does have the oven preheated to 400 degrees and after he gets all these
rolled up we’re just sticking them in these silicone muffin pans I like these
because they’re deep and super good for cooking things that are not muffins
or cupcakes I will link them down below then he just popped the whole thing in
the oven for 30 minutes and this is what it looked like plated up he did not cook
a side with this as he meal prepped these but you could just steam some veggies
with them these were super duper good the recipe also called for chopped up
mushrooms he left those out because I don’t like them anyway there you go guys
it’s a really really quick video this week of dairy free keto recipes if you
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for dinner on keto meals idea video thanks guys music music

Randall Smitham