October 22, 2019
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Day 4 – Modified Fast-Mimicking Diet (Ketogenic)

Morning guys, it’s day four 6am. I am 88 hours
into this. I’ve had 1200 calories in that
time. My hunger rating right now is a 9 out
of 10. There are very few occasions in my
life when i’ve been this hungry and it’s really
annoying me.
A bonus is I have C8 MCT Oil, which is similar
to what i’ve had in the Keto OS sachets. That’s
going in my morning coffee and that will take
me up to 135 calories, and then i’m thinking
of having an egg. 7 grams of protein, 8 grams
of fat, it fits in with my macros and i’d
really like some actual food rather than just
drinking everything, so i’m going to fit an
egg in today. You won’t believe how excited
I am to eat an egg, it’s a bit sad. So there’s
26 hours to go, i’ll be in touch later in
the day.
Morning guys, it is 10am on day four, i’ve
been 92 hours without a proper meal. I have
had small things in between. I’ve pushed my
lunch forwards because otherwise I don’t think
i’m going to make it to 2pm. So early lunch
at 10am is going to be a single egg, chopped
up with 5 grams of butter mixed into it. This
will hopefully quell my hunger levels to some
extent otherwise it’s going to be a really
long day.
So if you don’t hear from me for a few hours
that’s a good thing, hopefully my next update
is early evening, so i’ll get back to you
then. I’m SO hungry.
Hey guys it’s 3pm. Since I last spoke to you
I had an egg, it was incredible and reduced
my hunger by quite a lot. This morning I woke
up at 5am and that’s been a theme that i’ve
not been getting sufficient sleep. I just
wake up feeling really alert but then through
the day I need naps. I was able to take a
nap today for 2 hours and then i’ve just been
chilling watching Netflix. So 3 o’clock is
my second egg and this is my final bit of
food for the day. It’s been fun, there’s been
some bad days like today, whereas Monday and
Tuesday were perfectly fine so..yeh, it’s
been a learning curve.
So i’m going to get on with my egg, i’ll put
up a video straight after this showing my
body on 10pm Sunday and compared to 10pm this
evening, and that will be the day four video
at an end. Day 5 is going to be me eating
a lot of food but carefully. So cool, thank
you for watching, cheers guys!
Hey guys so comparison, Day 0 to Day 4. I
lost 3.7kg, i think you can see quite obviously
from the side that i’m leaner, my chest looks
a lot leaner. From the back you can see there’s
more of a taper, so i’ve got a thinner waist
I lost 2 inches on my waist. From the side
you can also see my abs a lot clearer. I’ve
had to pause it here because I rotated too
quickly on day 0. Then I pull a bicep pose
in a second, here I think there’s very little
difference in this pose so i’m glad I did
do the 360.
Thanks for watching guys, please check out
day 5 which is going to be my re-feed and
then i’m just going to go over my results
and how I would do it if i were to do it again,

Randall Smitham



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