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Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom | Will I Get Fired on the First Day of Homeschool Group?

– Morning guys.
This is a scary, wild woman hair
beginning to a vlog, huh?
What’s happening is
we have homeschool group today.
And somehow, we always
have homeschool group
the third Thursday of every month,
we’ve gone for the last 10 years,
and I didn’t get it on my calendar.
So we knew as of yesterday we
have homeschool group today
which still should be enough notice
but here we are,
we’ve got about
10 minutes until it’s time to leave.
I am the last one here
jumping around getting ready
because I’m really off my
get up before the kids and
get ready game right now
as you can tell in all my recent vlogs.
So, anyway,
just trying to find my clothes,
go to try to do something with this hair,
get out the door,
today is the first day
that I am working the registration table,
so I get to greet all the new families,
get everybody their name
tags, get ’em signed up.
We have to be there about 30
minutes earlier than usual
and usually, of course,
we’re the late family, I just go with it.
This is also something new we’re doing
in our homeschool group this year
is everyone is supposed
to bring their lunches
instead of doing a big potluck,
which I personally,
I’m a buffet mom, I like the potluck, so,
after I get families registered
and after I get my kids
settled in their classes,
then baby Daniel and I
are gonna
run down the road, there’s
a Walmart not too far away
and I’m going to
pick us all something for
lunch because tomorrow
we’re doing a big grocery shopping trip.
Okay, here so,
we are pulling it together.
The kids are all in the van and I,
I still haven’t had my one cup of coffee
this morning, ladies.
So I am going to
quickly make my coffee so I
can drink it on the way and
we’re gonna do this
homeschool group thing.
So we’re finally getting in the van and
I’ve used the NutriBullet
and whipped myself up
some Bulletproof Coffee,
almost Bulletproof Coffee.
It’s basically just coffee
with coconut oil in it
and to make it a true Bulletproof Coffee,
it would also need to hae
some grass fed butter,
which of course, I’m out of right now but
I figured
coconut oil in my coffee will
help me get a little farther.
So we’re just now pulling
into homeschool group
and I am pretty sure
that I’m gonna already be
fired from my official job
because the parking lot is full,
I’m the registration lady,
and here we are pulling in.
So, don’t ever ask me…
To have any responsibility
in anything in life
because quite honestly,
getting my family where we need to be
is about as good as I can do.
Quick update with where things are now,
praise the Lord I did not get
fired from homeschool group.
I actually ended up
getting there just on time
to help get kids
signed up for clubs.
And now,
all of my kids are
settled in their classes
and I am running out to
there’s actually a Walmart
about 15, 20 minutes away
from this location.
If I just don’t stop moving,
I can get into Walmart,
grab the kids some Lunchables and
I don’t know, grab us something,
and get back here just in
time for lunch to start.
There’s also a kid in our
homeschool group who fell
and has some gravel in her hand,
so I was gonna quickly try to get a few
first-aid supplies
because our first-aid kit
and our group is out
to take care of that
and try to get back…
Don’t know why I’m
taking my sunglasses off.
Try to get back in time
for lunch.
Are you down in there, Daniel?
You are.
You’re stuck in the cart.
You’re stuck down in the cart.
Daniel and I quickly
ran into this Walmart.
I think we got in and out in 15 minutes.
He’s smiling at me.
I got
some of their,
I don’t know, honey barbecue, whatever
little chicken bites, I
got some strawberries,
I got a pack of grapes,
I got Capri Suns.
You can tell my blood
sugar’s low and I’m off
my Trim Healthy Momma ’cause somehow,
two boxes of donuts, ugh,
two boxes of donuts found their way.
But the good thing is when you get treats
with a large family,
it goes really, really quick.
So everyone might end up with one donut
after they eat their lunch.
Also got a thing of bananas.
So we’ll have one donut each.
Chicken, strawberries, grapes,
and a donut.
And I got some Capri Suns.
And a boot, and a radiator,
that’s what it feels like.
Daniel, look at you!
Are you trying to get
to all those big kids?
Yes, all those big kids.
We are at playtime at homeschool group
and Dan the Man here
is hanging out with Mommy.
Finally got out of that seat.
Thought he might wanna move around some.
We’re a noisy bunch, aren’t we?
We are back home, aren’t we, Amelia?
From homeschool group.
We made it, we did it.
It was a great day.
And in the afternoon,
Gabriel and Liam were in the Lego club
and I helped a little bit with that.
Pretty much, I just sat
around and talked with friends
and nurse my baby and there was probably,
I don’t know, maybe 15
little boys and a few
little girls in there
doing Legos.
Amelia went to
they call the pre-school club this year
the Little Artists club.
She went to that, Naomi
went to Science club.
And I hadn’t heard the full details,
but I think they learned
about how apple cider worked.
And Jaden and Zion went to
Indoor Outdoor Game clubs.
The way– I may have
mentioned it in another vlog,
but if you’re new here,
the way our homeschool group works,
homeschool groups, first off can meet
in a variety of ways.
There are groups that meet every week.
There are groups that meet bi-weekly.
Our group meets once every three weeks.
And it’s a big, long day,
it ends up being
pretty much we are gone
from about nine to three.
Please don’t do that, ma’am.
Please don’t do that, ma’am.
We’re gone from about nine to three
and whenever we get there,
everyone gets their nametags and we have
pretty much divided up by grades.
Of course, the parents get to,
you know, put their kids in whatever class
they feel’s appropriate.
So we have classes,
and we have an overall theme for the year.
And after classtime, we have lunchtime,
and then after lunchtime, we have playtime
that all the kids, like today,
it was glorious day to get outside,
and then after playtime,
we have club time.
So whew, it is a day.
And some homeschool groups meet like this
once a week, it’s a big full day.
For me, meeting once every three weeks
is a perfect…
Because right about the time I feel like,
“Oh, I wish we had a homeschool group.”
Hey, we have a homeschool group.
And we have been homeschooling for so long
that we have so many wonderful,
longtime friends that
our kids have been growing up with
and moms that I’m really
knit together with
so we have several families.
I mean, if I have one
or two families over…
A few weeks ago, I had two families over
and we ended up having like, 21 kids here
between the three families and three moms.
So yeah, that was a big, fun day
and that was just three families.
So now that we are home and settled,
what I wanna push myself in doing…
I’ve had on my daily to-do list
for about the last three days
that I need to work on
getting the attic picked up
and I need to work on,
we have, I wouldn’t
really call it a basement,
it’s more like a cellar under our house.
We do not use it, it just
has a sump pump down there…
Now, hold on.
But anyway, I wanna go through there
kinda with my momma eye and just
spray some Lysol, wipe some things down.
If we’re gonna have people
come and look at our house,
you know, our attic and our basement
needs to be presentable.
That’s what I’m gonna work on.
And let me think,
I think Travis is still working on,
he’s stopping at Home Depot
on his way home from class.
He’s still working on
putting up the last gutter,
him and Jaden together,
working on putting up the last gutter for
an old porch that we took down,
now it’s just like a nice deck area.
And I think Zion has
a little bit, maybe an hour’s more of work
on the low
pump house roof you may
have seen in another vlog
that he was replacing.
I’m gonna work on the attic
and the basement a little bit.
Younger kids are gonna play,
and I don’t have to make dinner tonight,
we did tacos last night
so it’s just be a big
taco and burrito leftover night.
And that is gonna be
the rest of our Thursday today.
Today at homeschool group,
Naomi and her Science club
learned about making apple cider.
Naomi has come home so inspired
to make apple cider.
She’s doing it her own way,
she’s written down her directions,
but we don’t have everything we need
to make homemade apple
cider in the way that
Mama would make it,
but Naomi’s way’s still
gonna be wonderful.
So whenever we go shopping
tomorrow, we’ll pick up,
I think we need some allspice,
I need to get a metal siv,
and we’ll probably make
some homemade apple cider
this weekend.
So if you guys have made
homemade apple cider,
please give me your tips
in the comments below
’cause we’ve never actually made it,
but we’re just gonna
Google our way through it,
right, Naomi?
– Mmhmm.
– And Naomi’s certainly giving
it a good try back here.
And I
have made myself some more hot tea.
And instead of tackling
the basement and the attic,
I can just push that
off my list again ’cause
you know that I’ve dealt
with that migraine earlier
this week, we’ve been fighting off colds,
and I just feel like
I better use some wisdom and go
lay my body down a little bit.
And what I’m actually gonna do
is go outside here and chat
with Travis a little bit.
And I might just go lay down.
And the kids can help
their daddy heat up dinner
and have dinner themselves ’cause
I gotta get feeling better.
You know how that goes.
If Mama goes down,
everything goes down so,
I’m gonna take care of myself
but I would love to hear
your homemade apple cider
tips in the comments below.
And of course, anything you
ladies wanna chat about.
I’ll talk to you later.
We’ll have another brand new video up
on Monday.

Randall Smitham



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