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Diet Plan Part 2: Keto, Macros, Supplements, My Daily Diet Routine, Seven Diet Tips (Episode #13)

Welcome to the wise eats podcast for more on this episode head over to wise – eats Comm slash episode 13. That’s where you’ll find the YouTube video Transcripts pictures recipe videos and more don’t forget to Like subscribe and leave a comment or question Also, be sure to sign up for my free newsletter and instantly receive the complete list of wise eats approved foods drinks and supplements Now let’s get right into part 2 of the wise eats diet plan. It’s time to wise up I’m going to show you how to do the Olive Garden breadstick post Malone style Well, hello again wise guys and gals and welcome to episode 13 of Y Z’s Today, it’s part 2 of the Y’s eats diet plan and I’ll be talking more about exactly the types of foods you want to Eat to lose body fat build lean muscle and optimize your life. I’m gonna be talking about macros cooking supplements and then I’ll actually run through a typical diet day for me for optimized performance if You missed part one head over to wise – eats dot-com Episode 12 and check it out I Talked about though the Y Z’s diet philosophy grocery shopping and a whole bunch more so definitely go check that out so the first thing I want to talk about our Macronutrients just in case you’re new to the whole diet thing like I was back in the day. There’s three basic Macronutrients protein fat and carbohydrate. I think most of us know that Your diet should include varying amounts of each of these macros depending on your goals in general your calorie intake should be made up of about 15 to 20 percent fat 30 to 40 percent protein and 30 to 50 percent Carbohydrate why do we eat carbohydrates? We eat carbohydrates? Simply so they can be stored as glycogen For later use as glucose. Okay, so I just turned 36. I’m 6 foot tall right now. I’m about 185 pounds and I have a very active lifestyle I’m lifting weights three to five days a week and I stay very active on my off days So in order to maintain my current weight I need around Twenty nine hundred calories a day and obviously that’s a gonna fluctuate now in order to gain weight, I want to bump that up to rate about 3200 calories a day an order in order to lose body fat. I want to drop that to about 2600 calories a day So obviously your body has different requirements than mine And these numbers are just estimates But they are a good place to start And there’s a lot of different places. You can go to find out exactly what you need so just Google like calorie or Macronutrient calculator and you’ll find something you just punch in some of your info and it’ll spit out some numbers and those are just basic Guidelines for you to follow to start from there you want to kind of track your intake see how your body is responding and then change it from there and That’s in a nutshell how you can figure out Where you’re at with your macronutrient? situation This is the only way to go meeting you’re in strict training we gotta watch your diet We gotta make sure you don’t get overloaded with all those carbohydrates So in part one, I talked quite a bit about carbs and my favorite sources which are fruits vegetables jasmine rice potatoes and oats Carbohydrates are like a bad word nowadays because keto is the hotness But I believe that healthy active individuals should be eating carbs period and I love eating carbs I feel amazing when I have them they give me energy and that’s just my preference That’s not to say that there aren’t benefits to the keto diet. I’ve understand that it can help curb cravings and Actually provide some mental clarity when you’re following the diet, and it does result in some rapid weight loss initially but often that’s only temporary and there’s often a massive rebound effect that happens when you Come off the diet where your cravings intensify and your appetite skyrockets And I’m not speaking on that from personal experience the bottom line for me Is that the fitness and nutrition experts that I follow don’t recommend keto a healthy balance of all the macronutrients Coming from real food with good sleep exercise and stress management or all you need But if you’re interested in keto and you want to try it out and it’s working for you fantastic But I don’t think you should be worried about Whether you’re on keto or Atkins or paleo or carnivore? If you’re not eating at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day or going for walks solid sleep staying hydrated meditating and Eliminating processed foods and sugar tried to try that diet first then then then let’s talk about keto after that But whatever it’s a free country do whatever you want. I just think if you’re doing those fundamental things it really doesn’t matter What diet you’re following hash tag? I? Carbs Alright, so let’s get into proteins and fats Protein is extremely important if you want to lose body fat and build muscle and my my first recommendation to any person that’s in looking to improve their health or lose weight or change their body is To increase their protein intake now. I always make sure that I hit my protein intake for the day Whereas my fat and carbohydrate amounts will fluctuate a Lot of ways to get your protein my favorite sources right now are chicken eggs sardines, I Was messing with tofu for a little while just to try it out, but I read a lot of stuff about estrogen on tofu So that’s really not my gig but also Greek yogurt cottage cheese and whey protein isolate which is obviously highly processed but protein shakes are pretty tasty and Hey, it’s a shortcut but it’s a it’s a good good way to get your protein and also in the absence of real food So for dietary fat I try to keep that as low as possible because it’s really easy to overdo it And I mean it’s extremely healthy for you, but it’s also the macro that’s most easily converted in the body fat So you have to be careful with it. My favorite sources are avocado oil olive oil peanut butter feta cheese sardines walnuts and I also use flaxseed and chia seed a lot. Yeah hemp seed She is seen we love the seeds monosodium glutamate buttermilk. Wake up So balancing, these three macronutrients is critical for accomplishing your fitness goals as efficiently as possible when I originally lost 90 pounds, I focused strictly on overall Calorie intake I wasn’t really focused on macronutrients at all. Really I mean, I probably stepped up my protein and then just focused on calorie restriction and it worked lost a ton of weight but once I got sick and I was just skinny and I decided to really focus on health and longevity and building muscle then macronutrient Amounts became a lot more important and that’s when I started focusing on him if you understand your macro needs ahead of time It’s gonna give you a huge advantage going into whatever kind of diet program you’re on Personally I aim for anywhere from 40 to 60 grams of fat a day I keep my protein about one gram per pound of body weight So right around 200 grams Maybe maybe a little bit more just to make sure and then the rest of it is made up of healthy carbohydrates Lord knows the way to a girl’s heart is through carbs now. Let’s talk cooking Everything we prepare is done in the oven on the stove or in our Blendtec blender We don’t have any fancy gizmos or microwaves, and we actually we actually got rid of our microwave years ago we either heat everything up on the stove in the oven or I’m crazy. I’ll eat it cold. I eat my Every single day I have cold lunch at work because I don’t use the microwaves I just bring in my my prepared lunch and just eat it right out of the refrigerator so Hey sometimes food is better when it’s cold Don’t hate for high temperature cooking we use olive oil coconut oil and avocado oil you want to avoid refined vegetable oils as much as possible because they’re Inflammatory and they’re low in omega-3s and you’re gonna run into those a lot when you’re eating out So be careful of that these vegetable oil is that the restaurants use cause inflammation which again? Certain disease we can weed through all the trash one tactic. Then I’m a big fan of is batch cooking Obviously, we’re all super busy. So get the most out of your time in the kitchen by Multitasking I’ll get I’ll get some potatoes throw those in the oven Get some chicken breasts have those in the oven as well while those are going. I’ll steam some rice. I’ll steam some vegetables Have all that going at the same time by preparing ahead of time. Your meals are always ready to go leaving you No, excuse to eat out or buy from the catering truck or that vending machine get rid of that junk So once you have food prepared sticking to your diet goals is a breeze open up the refrigerator Take a little bit of this a little bit of that Throw it on the stove mix it all together and heat it up and you can add some avocado Oil or some fresh greens for a quick easy healthy meal at any time One hour or so a preparation can lead to several days worth of meals most of the time My lunches and dinners are just mixtures of stuff I already have prepared and ready to go a couple of recipes You might want to check out are the chicken wise rice and the chokeslam chicken salad, and I’ll be adding more as we go along Next time you’re in the kitchen make wise choice one more thing I want to cover briefly is supplements in the bottom line on supplements is that you really don’t need them? the best supplement that you can take is a diet that’s rich in Healthy Whole Foods and Earth grown nutrients, and I know that’s not the sexy answer, but it’s 100% true supplement companies are not gonna get rich selling you kale or olive oil and That’s why so many different pills and powders exist So block all that fancy marketing junk out of your mind and know that real food is the real is the supplement that actually works that said Supplements can help you achieve your goals more quickly and conveniently so I do there are some that I use and Because I’m lifting weights often. I take a whey protein isolate I also use pea protein and casein protein My favorite brands are naked and Legion athletics Legion athletics. It has an awesome vanilla Whey isolate we put it in like all of our shakes It’s so good and you don’t have to add any other sweeteners or anything’s naturally sweetened and flavoured and all that So I’m lifting weights most of the time I Take five grams of creatine a day in Cycles, you know, sometimes I’ll take it for a couple months and I’ll stop for a little while then pick it back up Any time I’m looking to try to Build some strength. That’s when I sit back on the creatine and That helps to speed muscle growth and recovery When it comes to pre workouts, my all-time favorite pre-workout is a black coffee maybe with some MCT oil most other pre-workout supplements are just overhyped overpriced junk that’s loaded with chemicals and BS so once in a while, I’ll use Legion athletics pulse and If you really dead set on taking a pre-workout, that’s the one that I recommend I try to stay away from it Most of the time because the student the stimulants in it kind of affect my sleep sometimes It tastes good gives me gives gets me psyched up before workout So every once in a while, I’ll throw it in but like I said most the time it’s just some coffee so if you are gonna go with the pre-workout beware of ingredients and definitely go with a company that you trust because you never know what they’re slipping and that stuff you only pre-workout supplement I need is A half gallon of purified water and a cup of hot coffee and that’s exactly what we’re growing up today in west days kitchen other Supplements I recommend our multivitamins fish oil and vitamin D Sometimes before bed. I’ll take a broccoli sprout tablet or some magnesium but Most of all, these nutrients can be covered through a healthy diet. I’m eating a lot of canned sardines So I’m getting I’m getting my fish oil right there open up a can of sardines boom. They’re good I’ll tell you hi. I really I’m afraid I saw you. Just whoop it down. I’m afraid I’d lose it Okay, so to give you an idea of the wise eats diet plan and practice Let me run you through a typical day for me as it relates to diet Very first thing I do when I get up is get hydrated slam a big thing of water down After I get fully hydrated, I’ll have some black coffee maybe with some MCT oil in it Then I’ll go for a fasted walk or do some foam rolling or a core workout or just some stretching In case you haven’t noticed yet. I’m a big fan of coffee So if you want head over to wise – eats calm slash coffee, and you’ll see some of my favorite blends there so my first meal of the day is usually some scrambled eggs with either vegetable potato or rice and some spices If I skip on that I’ll do a salad a smoothie or power oatmeal I know somebody just said a salad for breakfast heck. Yeah, I will have me a salad for breakfast I’ll have a salad for breakfast lunch and dinner as a matter of fact, so Get at me on that But whatever the meal is. I always plan it ahead of time especially if I know I’m gonna be on the go and that’s why food prep is so important because if you don’t give yourself healthy meals to choose from you’re gonna end up in a situation where you’re starved with nothing on hand and that’s gonna force you into poor diet choices and That’s not gonna be anybody else’s fault, but your own so take control and be accountable Stay right there so that covers breakfast and lunches and dinners are pretty interchangeable For me, it’s typically a salad made with spinach or kale mixed with a lean protein like chicken Sardines or salmon and I got a whole list of different things. I’ll throw on a salad but just for example fresh onion feta cheese tomato beans cucumber pickles olives dried cranberries hemp seed For we’ll use olive oil Liquid aminos balsamic vinegar Salsa, or even some pasta sauce and sometimes I don’t use dressing at all I’ll throw on some fresh fruit like some apples or blueberry and just the fruit alone is good enough to Sweeten the salad up a little bit so good Know what I like croutons Can I just get a laundry basket of croutons? Salads are awesome because you can rotate so many different ingredients to get a variety of flavors All while getting the benefits of a whole bunch of different nutrient profiles and all your major dietary needs in one meal Now I used to think of salad as just a pile of iceberg lettuce salad with some croutons and some shredded cheddar cheese Maybe a cucumber slice and just a pile of ranch dressing but those days are long gone salads to me or their life and their your one-way ticket to better health if you Make them a staple in your diet and get creative with the ingredients Aside from salad we’ll do some type of stir-fry or ground turkey chili and For our sides, we have baked potato quinoa or rice So if you want to get an idea of some of these meals in action head over to wise – eats, calm slash Recipes and you’ll find a complete list of recipes broken down by category Today we’re making dessert Faster biker banana bread finally, let’s talk dessert. I have a bunch of recipes over on the website like banana bread Coconut oil chocolates the muscle milkshake and many others that are made with wholesome ingredients But just remember that at the end of the day, it’s still dessert and should be enjoyed in moderation But that said I have dessert every single day. Usually it’s chocolate protein pudding Some Greek yogurt with fruit or a protein shake Sometimes it’ll be as simple as an apple with some almond butter or just some frozen fruit out of the freezer But I always switch it up depending on where my calorie count is Usually aim for something High in protein so dessert is my last meal of the day and that’s what a typical diet day looks like for me Hopefully that gives you some ideas I’m I’m by no means perfect, but I try to get better every single day And that’s the goal. I don’t care where you stand. I don’t care what you believe in All I want from you is your best. I want you to be ready before I get out of here Let’s go through some quick diet tips First one is don’t overhaul your diet add One thing in or take one thing out Get rid of pop or get rid of fast food add in some vegetables drink more water. Keep it simple at first Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to change everything all at once just start somewhere Tip number two is to stay hydrated Most overeating comes when you’re dehydrated or bored so keep drinking water and stay active go for walks in between meals and Don’t hang around the kitchen where you’re gonna be likely to snack because I know that’s what I’ll do I’ll stand in the kitchen just snack for hours So that’s when I get out of the kitchen make a wise decision Hit in the kitchen make a wise decision Tip number three is to count your calories And/or start a diet Journal and I cannot recommend this one enough because it worked wonders for me and it was a total GameChanger So if I was to train any one person today, that would be step number one is start tracking what you’re currently eating don’t change anything just start tracking it and get a current state of where you are because You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are right now so figure that out, and that’s Then we go on from there Tip number four is to avoid buying foods that you tend to overeat and I’m famous for this one like peanut butter I’ll just scoop that right out of the jar Dates, I had to quit buying dates because they’re like sort of healthy. They’re like nature’s candy they say and That’s technically a dried fruit But and I’d go through a half a bag a half of one of them Costco bags full of them suckers They are so flippin delicious so You just got to know that some things you can’t control yourself on Don’t buy them. Don’t put them in your house. Don’t put them in front of your face Because you’re setting yourself up for failure you lose Good day Sir tip number five is before you enjoy a meal try to visualize your fitness goals And is that food that you’re about to eat gonna bring you closer to your goals or take you further away from them? actually think about it and Hey, you may eat it anyway But at least you took a second to think about it and that’s that’s a step in the right direction Tip number six is to find some consistency in your diet It can’t always be a little bit of this bad food today and a little bit of that bad food tomorrow You have to schedule some set time where you’re only eating real food otherwise you’ll never fully get that junk out of your system and You’ll just never achieve any sort of consistency with your diet. The final tip is that it’s never too late to get started It took me until age 25 to finally wise up and get serious about my health My dad was stricken with diabetes and had a leg amputated before he decided to quit smoking quit drinking and start eating healthy He was 55 years old and lost 60 pounds and actually cured his diabetes So I work with another guy whose rate around retirement age who was just now starting to work out and get in shape He’s riding his bike. He’s lifting light weights and taking charge of his health So change is possible no matter what your age weight or fitness level is Sooner or later your health is gonna become your number-one priority So why not start today before it’s too late now? Listen, don’t worry about pene because I know you want penne, but it’s only gluten-free So we’ll have the rigatoni All right. So that’s gonna do it for the wise eats diet plan There’s so much more to discuss here and it could go on forever But those are some of the main points I wanted to hit on my challenge to you is to take it least one thing from this episode and improve your habits going forward and Actually, let me know what that one thing is in the comments Let me know what you’re gonna change going forward to improve your life. I would love to hear about it. So the bottom line with the diet plan Is that the more ways you can get Whole Foods in their most natural States and from good? Sources the better you’re going to feel and the healthier you’re gonna be so with that please don’t forget to comment like subscribe to this channel and Please show your support by leaving a five star rating on iTunes If you’re watching on YouTube click that thumbs up button Which shows your dig in the show and check out wise – eats calm or you’ll find the YouTube video transcript pictures recipes and more finally, don’t forget to sign up for my free newsletter at wise choice nation.com and instantly receive that approved foods and Grocery list so go do that right now and change your life I’ll see you over there until next time be good to yourself be good to others and make wise choices Welcome to the wise each podcast for more Here we go So if you Once you want if you banana bread coconut up Coppens Let me run you through a typical day for me as it results as God For any you ladies out there listening Holla not at me though. I’m married. I Will stand in the kitchen and sit there and eat until I get my ass out of the kitchen. Oh Man’s the worst podcast You

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