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Diet Vlog/低糖質一品料理5種/食べて痩せる/ゆる糖質制限ダイエット

I gonna show you low-carb dishes which I often cook.
I have a tendency to gain weight, so I’m watching my carbs. I make low-carb and easy-to-make single dish when eating alone. But it’s hard to think about the menu because I can only think of carbohydrates … pasta, ramen, fried rice and bread… But I just got a good idea.
If I want to eat noodles, replace them with sugar-free noodles.
If I want to eat bread, make bran bread… Others can be replaced with tofu or cauliflower rice
After that I don’t have trouble deciding what to make. Even the replaced menu can also be surprisingly delicious. By the way, I’m making a mushroom pilaf this day.
This is Cauliflower rice. Fry frozen cauliflower rice and defrost
It’s okay to use a microwave, but the water will come out and it won’t taste good … Fry the frozen seafood mix with garlic and olive oil
Next adding mushrooms Add butter and cauliflower rice Season with consommé and salt pepper Done
Topped Japanese parsley It’s a “pilaf”, it’s actually stir-fried vegetables because it is cauliflower rice.
It is pilaf taste with a delightful smell. The next day, It’s a simple ramen using 0 sugar noodles.
The vegetable being washed is Shungiku. Making soup in a pan after stir-fried minced pork Seasoned chicken stock powder with salt and pepper Frozen 0 sugar noodles
When they are frozen, it becomes firm and delicious. defrost in microwave Finally put Shungiku, add soup to noodles. Done The soup is delicious with a texture similar to Hong Kong noodles Okonomiyaki today I love okonomiyaki and found a healthy recipe made with tofu
After making it, it is delicious and I make it many times The cabbage is cut using a slicer
A nice point is that I don’t need to use a knife and a cutting board. It’s pork belly.
Sometimes using seafood. Put the meat I just stir-fried and put the dough on it.
I don’t like meat to be crunchy so I sandwich it. Tofu okonomiyaki is soft and difficult to turn over
So I gonna use a plate. worked well Topped with sauce, mayonnaise, aonori and bonito By the way, I don’t really care about the sugar included the sauce … Looks and tastes just like okonomiyaki
I would also recommend to people with gluten allergy making a chicken salad this day.
Just open a hole in an egg and the shell will come off easily. I use it every time I make boiled eggs. Chicken thigh meat
Season with sake, soy sauce and lemon juice and let it rest a little in the refrigerator I think it’s better to let it for about 30 minutes.
About 10 minutes because there is no time. Easy to peel cherry tomatoes and avocado add lemon juice in an avocado to prevent discoloration Cut to an easy-to-eat size
Also check whether cooked through or not well done delicious
There is also meat, so it’s very filling. By the way, no dressing
If there is seasoned meat, I can eat the vegetables as they are. On this day, stir-fried meat and vegetables using Shirataki noodles. gonna use veggies that are in the fridge
I try to put Chinese chive as much as possible Shirataki noodles have a strong smell of konjac
So I add strong fragrant Chinese chive and garlic, will not be bothered the smell. The food company of noodles made on another day and this noodles are different.
The ramen noodles are Kibun, this one is Akutsu Konjac. Kibun noodles have no konjac feeling because okara powder is used,
Akutsu Konnyaku is almost Shirataki. (TT) And the price is about 30 yen higher in Kibun …
So I sometimes buy the Shirataki noodles. Add the drained Shirataki noodles Seasoned only with soy sauce and sake Simmer a little and let the noodles soak in the flavor. well cooked and then done Sprinkle with Japanese spicy condiment. Tasty
This goes great with sake.

Randall Smitham



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