March 29, 2020
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Hello This is Cindy Welcome back to my channel Today I take inbody measure. and will introduce diet meal I have some progress on the measure Also this Lululemon Top was unwearable before, It’s a bit tight, but finally I am wearing it! Just a preview Sorry with no make up. I briefly introduced about my meal when I started my diet vlow I am introducing today my daily meal a-z for two months So you can see my body change and get some info on diet meal Basically its four time meal every four hours Brown Rice 100gram/ Chicken Breast 100g / and plenty of Vegetables plus some salt And the last meal will be protein shake plus some almonds with salads. Some of you following my instagram might have seen I drink some wine and sometimes eat other stuff But I basically try get back right away and continued with diet meal The important thing is never give up! First thing I will introduce is nutritional supplements I have one cup of Syntha6, everybody knows Iguess, Favorite chocolate shake flavor, the only sweets I eat Cant live without it 😛 Also I was recommended to take Omega3, Magnesium and Calcium I am taking this Krill Oil containing pleynty of Omega3 than anything Magnesium and Calcium are especially important because they are working on your muscles Contraction and Stretching I try to supply calcium and magnesium through foods Magnesium for example you can get from green leaf vegetables and Calcium, you know, milk,fish with bones, cheese… Today, I had some grocery shopping and lets get started with the meal prep I buy refrigerated chicken breast because I don’t like frozen ones Because when they are delivered they may be unfrozen, I hate that repeating that process can be unhealthy But frozen one costs less, a dollar(?) per 100g. But I found this value pack refrigerated chicken breast 600 g about 8 dollars The price is just in between I usually buy chicken breasts for a week or 10 days at once They are individually packed 100g each so you don’t need to measure all the time I usually slice 1-2 day chicken breasts So you can easy prep for breakfast and lunch box For salads, I try to include more colors when buying vegetables Some greens, paprika, and today I bought silantro, too I wash and dry then store in a container for 2-3 day consumed veggies. Then I bought some almonds and bananas I hate roasted almonds, so I buy raw almonds, but whichever you like Supply of natural fat is very important on your diet Also for hair and skin Especially my trainer restrict fats, but I eat twice more almonds then he recommended Tomatos and Bananas are the only fruit(Are they?????) I am allowed to eat I eat bananas for snack or replacing rice when I am not too hungry So completed meal prep for the next week This way, you can save time every day preparing lunch boxes Cause I need to bring three meals – lunch, dinner, dinner 2 Total 200g chicken breast, 200g rice, a lot of salads, protein shake, AND Sriracha Sauce!!! Because other salad dressings containing other ingredients, I usually eat salads with little bit of Ketchup or Sriracha Sauce It sounds wired, but Koreans like spicy foods, and Sriracha sauce is 0 calorie!! But they contains salt, so I also eat it as salt supply And my lunch box is ready! And I made this Ecobag ! Visit my instagram @thecindyworld I think from this part, it can be a tip for Koreans only, but watch for fun! Eating salads everyday is so boring especially you don’t have options in dressings But you never get tired of is spicy food and Korean BBQ! So I eat Chicken Breast wrap with Romain plus raw garlic and red chilly paste Just like when you eat Korean BBQ. Sometimes Silantro with Srirach Sauce like Thai Food That made my diet a lot easier I can eat that way at work, so I like eating my meal at home!!!! Important tip here is, eat your first meal as soon as you get up when you feel hungry Also, be consistent with time between the meals Its already 8pm and having my dinner now I never knew chicken breast so tasty and paprika so sweet!!!! I think I feel pretty easy on this diet Because, 4 hours term, I don’t have time to feel hunger oftern Also, total amount I am eating havn’t been cut too much just cutting on carbs a little and eat more protein and lot of veggies helps! So I can see my body change very slow But it seems like no YOYO with this meal Tip I eat brown rice instead of white rice and chew longer than usual Also, sometimes I eat Korean side dishes with my rice for minimum supply of sodium Usually tofu, anchovies, eggs I eat beef for Sunday dinner (not cheating) then I eat some plum pickle for better digestion By the way I shouldn’t say this but, you know I ate some bread and cheese stuff last week For all day, I have stuffed feeling on my stomach and my mouth not clean Forgot what I was going to say So I will not cheat again! Also, even two glasses of wine give me a bad hangover,,, sorry,,,, lying, half bottle? It is like 10 bunches??? So don’t drink alcohol. It is high carb also dehydrate your body and lose muscle. Finish one meal while recording this video! Here goes two month diet results! I can see a lot or improvements on abs and arms And I have lowest body fat level in recent 5 years Internal fat level 1!!!!!!! See you on next Diet VLog! One more month!!!!

Randall Smitham