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Dieta Cetogénica ¿Cómo se hace? (¡GUÍA FÁCIL 2020!)

Imagine that your body is a car and as such,
to run it needs fuel. In this case, the preferred fuel of
our body and the one that usually uses It is glucose or sugar.
To get this fuel, we have to eat foods that contain carbohydrates
carbon, since these are the ones that contain glucose and so the body can use it
later as energy. But what happens if we do not give the body that
fuel, that is, do we eat carbohydrates? This is what we’re going to see now and it’s exactly
what the ketogenic diet is about. So do not move because in this video
I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this diet.
The ketogenic diet is a sufficient diet low in carbohydrates that makes our
body use fat as a source of energy. When this happens, it is said that we are in
ketosis. Hence the name of the diet. Being in ketosis means that our body
produces ketones or ketone bodies from of fats, so that these are used
as energy. Ketones are compounds that are formed in
the liver by the breakdown of fats and that they serve as an energy source.
These ketone bodies are forced to be formed because we are not introducing
carbohydrates in the diet and there is no glucose, so the body is forced to change
the energy source. Therefore, the ketogenic diet is not only
a diet low in carbohydrates, but that must be low enough to
that our body instead of using glucose as a source of energy, because it does not have,
use fats. If ketone bodies were not produced, simply
it would be a diet low in carbohydrates or as they say in English “low carb”
Next, I’ll tell you exactly what amount of each macronutrient you should take
a day for you to go into ketosis. –
HOW TO ENTER THE CATHOSIS As you just saw to get into ketosis
we need our body to produce ketones and use them as an energy source.
But how do we get to that point? What we must do?
To achieve this we need to make a diet very low in hydrates. For one person
normal, about 20-35 gr per day of carbohydrate net, (If you are a woman pulling more towards the
low range and if you are male towards the rank high) even in some people depending
your metabolism, daily activity or muscle mass up to 50 gr daily or even something else, but
they are exceptions –
The distribution of macros of this diet is usually be as follows, with slight variations
depending on the person. (Variations will depend according to the person following the principle of individualization)
5% HC 65-75% FATS
20 – 30% PROTEINS The proteins will vary, depending on whether
you seek to maintain or create muscle mass, in In that case, you should stay in the range
high and if on the contrary it is not your case, It is not necessary that you consume so much.
Even so, do not exceed in consuming protein because there is a metabolic process called
gluconeogenesis capable of transforming amino acids present in the protein in
glucose, so if you exceed the protein recommendations (the protein
is broken down into amino acids by our organism), you may leave your state
of ketosis. –
A more intuitive way that you know how to eat without having to be counting calories
or macros; is dividing your plate into 4 parts. 1/4 should be of healthy fats (which
then we will see what they are), ¼ of proteins and 2/4 of vegetables or salad (which are mostly
the carbohydrates that we can consume) Fats have 9 Kcals for every gram,
more than double the other macronutrients, that’s why with occupying ¼ of your plate,
It’s enough. Later I will give you a list of various foods
that you can eat on this diet. –
ADAPTATION PHASE Going into ketosis will depend on the person,
but we could say that it can last between 3 to 7 days on average, following the guidelines
that I just gave you That is, you must be on the diet
so that from these days you start to notice its benefits.
Keep in mind that you have been using carbohydrates all your life as a primary source of energy
and your body needs to adapt to the new situation, this will not happen overnight
in the morning –
In this phase it is common to pass what is known as “ketogenic flu” or “keto flu”
in English, which are warning symptoms that gives you the body when you are entering
ketosis and that tend to occur more acute the first time you follow this diet.
Some symptoms are: • headache
• fatigue • nausea
• lethargy • Drowsiness
• Stomach ache Despite these symptoms, you must continue with
the diet, after a week at the most, they usually happen and you’ll find much better
Many of these symptoms come from the Dehydration that our body suffers
empty the glycogen deposits. (The glycogen is the way glucose is stored in
our body) Each gram of glycogen retains about 3 grams of water, so,
if we do not rehydrate properly and replace the electrolytes that we are losing, the
effects will appear. Mostly they are sodium potassium and magnesium.
Simply adding an extra salt to your meals and drinking enough water in the
first days, you can already minimize the symptoms much.
If you can use pink salt from the himalayas better because it has more minerals than common salt.
Once these days of adaptation have passed, You will get part of the benefits of this
diet, we’ll see them below, but until about 4 weeks following this
protocol, you will not get all of its benefits and then yes, you could say that your body
It has become a burning machine grease.
HOW TO KNOW IF YOU ARE IN KETOSIS Before moving on to see the benefits that you
will provide this diet, let’s check if you have entered into ketosis, because if not
you are, you will not get any benefit. Even if you’ve been a few days “following
a ketogenic diet “you may not have entered into ketosis, or because you have not been
for long enough following the diet as I told you before or because simply
you have not followed the macronutrient recommendations what I gave you
– To know if you are in ketosis, you can do it
in different ways. IF you have not been long, I recommend a urine test.
With this test, you will know if your body is expelling ketones and therefore it is an indicative
that your body is producing them and you are going into ketosis
And if you already have several weeks with the diet ketogenic, that is, that you are adapted,
your body, instead of expelling the bodies ketones, will use them as an energy source,
so this test will not be valid. In this case, what is best for you is a device
Ketone blood meter, with their respective ketogenic strips.
This method is the most accurate to know if you are in ketosis or not.
– I’ll leave you a link of both products in the
description for you to choose the one that most suits you agree BENEFITS
How could it be otherwise, the diet ketogenic has numerous benefits,
that is so popular. 1. Low weight, is why the vast majority
of people follow this diet. Especially, the first days due to depletion
of glycogen can lose several kilos, Not fat! Eye! But it is already an incentive
to stay motivated with diet 2. It is anti-inflammatory, due to lack
of insulin in our body that is dependent almost exclusively from carbohydrates.
3. Increased sensitivity to insulin, since that we are not getting almost hydrates in the
diet and that makes our body use them much better when we give them to you. Thus
It is interesting for people with resistance insulin or type 2 diabetics, which does not
They are insulin dependent. 4. Sugar levels stabilize,
what is going to make us have better control of glucose and control the appetite better.
Bone greater feeling of fullness 5. More energetic and willing to face
the day, because it increases the adrenaline. 6. Improvements in triglycerides and cholesterol.
Now let’s see what foods you can eat, I’m going to divide them by macronutrients. First
we will talk about fats, proteins and hydrates of carbon and then on alcohol and fiber.
These lists that I will give you below They are expandable and serve only as an idea.
Then I will also tell you what foods you should forget or at least stay away
of your plate if your goal is to stay in ketosis and make it sustainable
– Regarding fats that represent the greatest
part of caloric intake of the diet, some High foods in this nutrient are:
Fat:  Olive oil
 Coconut oil  Fish, especially blue fish that
It is more fatty and source of omega 3.  Avocado
 Nuts: Like nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds … etc …
 Fatty grass meats (if it is not organic, the fat will be of poor quality, because it will
toxins from which animals feed)  Olives or olives
 Chia seeds, poppy seeds, flax seeds  Egg yolks
 Butter, not margarine or substitutes.  Cheeses, especially cured ones
They are high in fat.  Dark chocolate (the more cocoa is better) Proteins:
 Fish  Whole eggs. They are also a source
of healthy fats  Meat. (As I said earlier if they are
of pasta much better)  Seafood
 Cheeses Carbohydrates:
Regarding carbohydrates Diet is quite restrictive compared to a
normal diet, where 50-60% of the kcal they come from the hc.
It is this diet, having a minimum of carbohydrates, you must prioritize very low carbohydrate foods
as:  Broccoli
 Zucchini  Asparagus
 Spinach  Cauliflower
 Eggplant  Cucumber
 Lettuce  In the case of fruits, some options
low in carbohydrates would be: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries ALCOHOL
It seems that they affect the level of ketones in blood and also many alcoholic beverages
Carbohydrates, so it does not matter consume them
When alcohol is present in the blood our body uses it as the first source
of energy so we’re no longer burning fat that is the purpose of the ketogenic diet
– In the event that we want to drink alcohol we should
opt for options that do not have hydrates like whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum … or in your
defect the least possible hydrates like the wine, champagne, champagne
Beer has too many, so it’s not It is a smart option. Each bottle
of beer has about 12gr of hydrates carbon. FIBER
How fiber is present in hydrates of carbon, and the ketogenic diet is very
low on them, we should know the following. If there are intestinal transit problems that
are usually caused by lack of fiber (if you are not drinking enough water your transit
can also be affected) you can add flax or chia seeds that all the hydrate
Carbon is practically fiber. The ratio Carbohydrates: fiber is somewhat superior in
flax seeds, but both are excellent option to use in the ketogenic diet. FOR WHOM THIS DIET IS RECOMMENDED
The ketogenic diet is recommended for people who want to get the benefits
what I said before, how can they be:  Weight loss
 Fat loss  Improve insulin sensitivity
 Greater satiety  Improved lipid profile Or it is also recommended for people with
pathologies such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes,
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). In all these cases, benefits have been reported
of the disease by following a ketogenic diet. Anyway, before starting this diet
consult your doctor and even more if you have some pathology Now, if you have type 1 diabetes, it’s
say, insulin dependent, do not you think Follow this diet, because you have great risk
of suffering ketoacidosis … and it’s not safe to you. HOW LONG DO YOU FOLLOW THIS DIET
Personally I am not in favor of following this diet as a way of life, but of
alternate according to stages. There are people who make it for life and
they feel great with this diet and without However, others that are not comfortable due to
that they have little adherence, that is, that they are not practical in their day to day.
At least it would be about 2 weeks following this protocol to obtain certain benefits
and every 8 weeks at the most I would go back to introduce carbohydrates in the diet during
a time. But I repeat what I would do.
Another thing is that you have pathologies like the ones we discussed before and in that case
the doctor should tell you how long keep following the ketogenic diet.
As recommendations I would say that, if ever you have made a similar diet, do not start
suddenly to remove hydrates. Stay a couple of weeks following a diet
low in hydrates or gradually removing them of your diet and if you feel well
and you have medical permission, start with the diet ketogenic
Another recommendation is that you do not expect results miraculous about this diet, online
they try to sell it as a diet practically lifesavers, and although it is true that for certain
people can have many benefits, not It is miraculous.
Finally, if you try to lose weight, it will be just as effective a high diet as low
in hydrates, as long as you consume the same calories So make the most comfortable
you find it to follow. –
Any other question you have, I invite you to leave it in the comments and if I can help you
I will do it. –
If you want me to help you in your training and nutrition to achieve your goals,
you can write me at [email protected] and there I will give you all the information for
that you can join my team –
I hope you liked the video, just I ask you to leave me your like if this has been the case
and as always. A for all!

Randall Smitham



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