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DIY Almond Joy (KETO + VEGAN) | Thrive Market

This is crazy stuff, watching chocolate
melt. Wild here on Prep School! Hey I’m Megan and I’m here in the Thrive
Market Test Kitchen, and today I’m gonna show you how to make an Almond Joy candy bar, but it’s keto and it’s vegan. This is a great alternative if you want to know what’s going in your candy bar; if you’re on a special diet – I got you, this one’s
for you! But before I get started be sure to like, comment, subscribe; and if you’re
wondering what Thrive Market is, it’s an online market that sells organic and
non-gmo products straight to your door. Let’s go! Alright in a food processor I’m
gonna add coconut flakes or coconut chips, unsweetened; coconut butter that
I’ve melted. I really like coconut butter I actually made it once where I browned
it so I cooked it I cooked it down low and slow and it turned this dark nutty
color and I kinda reminded me of peanut butter. I’ve had a very nice nutty flavor
so if you’re bored one day you want to mess around with coconut butter, give it a try!
I’m also using coconut oil; this is a coconut dish! I’m also using swerve
powdered sugar, and I’m using their powdered sugar instead of their
granulated because it just helps this stick together better and you can add a
couple tablespoons and then taste it if you wanted a little sweeter you can add
more if you’re cool with it. Then just leave it and a pinch of salt growing up
this was my mom’s favorite candy bar almond joys and mounts she loved these
and I don’t know I like them to blend it up. This looks great! So I have a small
portion scoop, but I need about two of these – so about two teaspoons maybe two tablespoons and I’m gonna put them next to each other because they’re friends.
They want to hang out. Okay like that. I’m just gonna show you one quickly, and I’m
just gonna sort of form it into a log. The more you touch it, the more it’s
gonna go *ploop* I’m gonna pop this in the fridge to firm up just kind of form it
into a bar, and then take an almond. I mean if you want to leave it like this
this is just a mounds bar, which is still delicious. But I’m gonna add an almond in
the middle mm-hmm. I’m gonna pop these in the fridge to firm up; I’ll check on them
about 10 minutes after they’ve chilled 10-15 minutes and reshape them if they
spread out a smidge bit .Reshape them into a bar, and then I’ll dip them in
chocolate. So while these chill I’m gonna show you how to make the chocolate. Alright! Small sauce pot; I’m gonna melt my
chocolate. Often when I melt chocolate I want a double boiler, but I’m gonna be
adding coconut oil to this so it’ll act like a buffer and just do it low and
slow. I’m using Lily’s dark chocolate and a couple tablespoons of coconut oil and
then just keep an eye on this low and slow until it’s melted. This looks
beautiful it’s melted smells insane. I want to put my entire face in here.l Alright. let’s dip these almond joys, I poured my warm chocolate into a bowl and this is
how I like to dunk my almond joys – my keto almond joys firmed, firmed up. Dunk
them in make sure they’re fully covered with chocolate, and then pick it up and
then tap tap tap tap try and get off as much excess as possible, and then we’re
sliding it right back on the tray. That’s all it is guys, homemade candy bars! Hey you might be
wondering, why make a candy bar at home? if you’re Keto and if you’re
vegan, I don’t know maybe there’s not a lot of candy bars out
for you and you know exactly what’s going in this. Alright after this, I’m
gonna pop in the fridge just to firm up one more time and then they’re ready to
go. They’re ready to be enjoyed. Let’s go. These are firmed up, and they look beautiful. They’re keto. They’re vegan. They’re
homemade. They’re cute; I hope you give them a try and if you do please let me
know like, comment, subscribe and you can find all the ingredients I used today at
thrivemarke.com/prepschool. happy cooking! So when you’re on a special diet…*sniffs* Smells like gas in here. Don’t worry Angela’s just trying to burn Thrive Market to the ground. Place your orders now guys!

Randall Smitham



  1. MCStraka Posted on October 16, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    I don’t like using sugar replacements. If I left out the Swerve, would these things fall apart?