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WHAT’S UP MAH GUAVA JUICERS?! Today I am going to show you how to make GIANT. EDIBLE. ORBEEZ! If you don’t know what orbeez is you probably were born right now, or you’re probably really old? So when we explain to you, what an orbeez is. It’s basically called a water bead, that’s the original name for it originated by Zack Henderson in 2012 he created these little beads of water or just little beads if you soak them in water They will expand exponentially so I have here some beads or orbeez and some waters put it in here Now we just wait a whole day for it to expand. So I guess just keep rolling the camera for a whole day. See you guys tomorrow. (WAIT DID YOU FILM THIS A DAY BEHIND? OR ARE YOU JOKING?) -Epic Jeopardy Music- (Let’s play a game, hit the like button and subscribe button during this time~) I’m just kidding. I already pre-made some Orbeez so BAM! this is what it looks like when it’s fully expanded its fully uh I guess… it feels like little balls. It relieves you you know you hold it in your hand And you feel relieved the more you squish it. Here, you can even hear it see look. (You’re hearing it, not looking at it, ROI.) They’re really nice. They’re also really bouncy or you know what orbeez are guys so today I’m going to show you how to make edible orbeez these orbeez you cannot eat, so don’t even try. NOPE DO NOT TRY TO EAT THAT. Switch over to the DIY farm ;^) WHOOFH! Here’s where we’re going to need to make these giant edible orbeez We need some gelatin some salt some corn syrup some food coloring some water some mayonnaise some fish oil some whipped cream Some baking soda some crushed hot cheetos some eggs some marshmallows some milk some milk some eggs Make sure you wish to be eggs well, and then put it into this thing right here So make sure it makes all these mixtures together add the blue food coloring a little bit of whipped cream Lots of Gelatin some corn syrups some eggs and make sure you mix it really well That’s the key mix it extremely well and then just put it into the Spherical ice glass container make sure use the strainer to get all the foam out to make it all smooth and all Beautiful all right once you have done all those tutorials on that process step by step completely one by one they should all look like this in the end or at least after a whole day Look at that though what you want to do now is carefully Take it out of these spherical Containers like these are ice molds so you gotta be careful because they’re not ice you know what Ice you just go like PAH! And it’s a spear :ooo But then with these since this was a little bit more fragile you gotta go like pow and then hopefully it’ll be dinner, okay? Let’s do it here you go. lift this up over here. Oh yeah. Yeah, that looks great. Take away this carefully All right, this one is in first bonding well alright move on to this one Okay, this one looks good, too. This one looks good, too here we go. Do this one. O-KAY, they all look good except for this one this one’s a little bit squishy. I’m still gonna try to get it out anyway, so There we go. We kind of happen to have half of and orbee for this one. Look at that put that right here There you go yeah, but there you go to have a little orbee right here check that out Oh this one’s a little bit more squishy. Yeah, be careful. I don’t hurt this one. Oh Wow Perfectly circled Wow, look at that look at all these orbeez except this one this one Did it make it all the way this one got cut in half but it looks pretty cool alright Y’all so let me just clean up just a little bit and uh let me show you something with what it’s called cinematics (A cat was here) TOO MANY CINEMATICS ROI OH MY GOSH All right, so these giant Edible orbeez turned out extremely Well, it’s like super clear It looks really really pretty look at that. This is like straight-up perfection wow all right Well, it’s just a quick comparison to what the giant orbeez look like versus the normal orbee So I’m gonna dump a whole bunch here. Yeah. See that whoa what happened to this orbee? What does that look like it kind of looks like a raindrop? Wow? I don’t even know what to do with it I don’t even want to heat it because it looks, so pretty it looks, so pretty Comment down below which color out these orbeez is your favorite is it the orange Is that the green is it the blue is it the red I hate to tell you this but we’re going to have to go one by one and see and test the durability of these orbeez okay, so we’re going to start with the Orange is it going to be bouncy or is it going to smash it crumple here we go So let’s test it with the regular orbeez first we going to drop it from this height All right next up. We have the giant Edible material. Oh Wow, and it is still snow kept the shape in its for now. Now I’m going to throw it upwards normal orbee Giant Edible Orbeez Wow, that is super kidding me now what? I’m very surprised. How terrible it is all right. I’m just going to throw it really hard into the wall Let’s see if it keeps his shape here. We go so right there right here guys ready three two one Wow It just to shave and left a mark in the wall. I’m going to go outside. Let’s go outside my throw it off Right here. We go. I met the roof. I’m going to do a drop guys here. We go three two one dropping ASMR MUCH? Wow, just wow Durability of this thing is just so amazing even when it fell from like five stories like it still maintained as shape It’s balanced its form you can kind of see there’s like not really a crack or a scratch all right cool Let’s check out the other orbee all right the next test. We are going to do is the toughness test How well do these orbeez do when they have been impacted by another object so in this case? We’re going to start off with a spoon so let’s start with the regular orbees. I have a pile of them here Let’s see how tough they are here. We go three two one They are not tough at all you can see here They have died that’s not good all right well in that case we can work with the red orbee. Let’s see how tough this red orbee Is here. We go three two one No whoa This thing contacted like a trampoline and repelled to be spoon back to the air. Thank you for your service, Mr.. Spoon I have a better thing for you All right, so let’s see how well it does with a sledgehammer? So here we go? Hold your horses three two what? Wow It’s still alive What no way? The only thing I could see is the little bruise from the side, but as far as toughness mummy Gonna be Keto Good really good. All right. Let’s move on to the mix all right the next steps We are going to try is be stamina test you guys don’t know Orbeez freak out when you put them into a what is this called if you guys didn’t know Orbeez freak out when you put them into a hot pan as you can see right now. Let me demonstrate here we go Alright once you get a good amount of orbeez into the pan all you want to do is press it down and they will scream like babees Just try cutting a giant orbee with a 1000 glowing degree knife Roi… All right now let’s dump these orbees away real quick. (RIP ORBEEZ) Now let’s try it out with the giant green edible orbee. So here. We got real quick cuz we’re down oh Okay, oh, oh, okay, alright, but I did not expect it to do that at all that wow Wow, look at that. I did not expect this little I guess It’s because this thing is made out of different ingredients in the water beads or bees because or b is they repel water and when they’re reacted to something like Dryness they freak out just jello and other cool ingredients all right cool Well Stamina, test the giant edible orbee failed completely Let’s move on to the final test all right, so the final test. We have DUHHH the taste test So what does it taste like I will tell you Tastes like blueberries. Mmm!~~ (DELICIOUS IN SPANISH I DON’T WANNA PUT IT HERE CUZ IM TOO LAZY AND TIRED) Yeah, that’s that’s it. It’s kind of like a little apple looks like a little blue peach you can just bite into it But it’s pretty delicious not the best thing ever but it will do right It will do anyways. Thank you all for watching today’s Edible Giant Orbeez And I guess I’ll see you guys next time comment down below. What do you want me to edible next? Okay, bye Bye~~~ IM GONNA MISS YOU HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHE I hate auto generated captions.

Randall Smitham