March 28, 2020
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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making a protein caramel macchiato except ours is going to be
full of protein it’s going to be sugar free tons of prebiotic fiber and it’s
going to taste absolutely delicious so stick around let’s do some magic
together okay so I love caramel macchiatos the problem is a venti is 350
calories with a whopping 42 grams of sugar you’re paying all this money to
basically put toxins sugars and chemicals inside your body I’m going to
show you a way that you can get this at home with Nutralean and you can feel
really good and guilt-free while you enjoy it okay so what I’ve done is I’ve
taken my coffee and I filled my ice tray with just regular old coffee and froze it
so i’m gonna out one tray worth of frozen ice frozen I’m going to put one trays worth
of frozen coffee ice in here and then I have two cups of my unsweetened coconut milk now you can use soy you can use almond whatever you want to use just
make sure that you’re watching that sugar content and then to get our
caramel flavor i’m using the davinci sugar-free caramel flavoring and i’m
just going to do mine to taste you can also get the baking caramel drops which
work great so I’m just going to put a little bit in here give us that caramel
flavor and then of course we’re using our mocha coffee Nutralean so I’m going
to go ahead and I’m going to put about four generous scoop in here so two three
and one more there we go for scoops and what’s so
great about this is it uses real Columbian coffee so you’re getting an
amazing coffee flavor and you’re getting tons of prebiotic fiber and that helps
your body to stabilize your blood Sugar’s oops i’ve got this on wrong here
we go that helps your body to stabilize your blood sugars and it even helps you
to burn two hundred and twenty-eight percent more fat that prebiotic fiber is
so important for having a healthy gut flora alright let’s turn this on and look at that oh this looks so good
you guys this one of my favourite treats I even do this in the morning and
I take it to work with me and then I just drink it through the day as my
breakfast in my lunch and it’s absolutely perfect because you’re also
getting a little caffeine in because it’s real coffee look at this it’s so creamy and
rich and delicious and with that caramel flavor oh it is so good mmm oooh this
is so yummy you guys are going to love this this is also my daughter’s favorite so
we would love to hear your comments make sure you tell me how yours turns out and
maybe you have a variation that you like of your own and of course check back
next week when we have a new episode for you and make sure you subscribe so you
get them all thanks guys

Randall Smitham