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DO NOT GHOST HUNT AT 3AM! (Voices Caught on Camera!)

This will be an awesome video guys!!

What’s up YouTube so i’m Currently here at Yosemite National Park as you can See it’s extremely beautiful Look at that view
wow you See all the Mountains you See
Everything it’s very very Beautiful here but I heard that this Area is extremely Scary at night
We’re Gonna wait until 3:00 a.m. To ghost hunt and See what this place is all About it’s Currently 8 O’clock and
Yeah I’ll See you Guys at 3:00 a.m., oh?
Good Morning Everybody it’s Currently
3 14 in The Morning and Like what I promised Earlier, We Would go and see what is up with this Place
so I
Guess We can?
Head Outside Real Quick so we Gotta Be a little Quiet, Cuz Everyone’s Asleep, so we Gotta be Really Quiet?
Here’s the Flashlight
See, hon he Had One Serious Let’s go Outside for this
okay, so
Yeah so this is Yosemite They?
Say A Lot of People die Here from like Rock Climbing they Just Fall Down Or people like Take Pictures of
Waterfalls and Then They end up like
Accidentally Slipping and Then Going off the Waterfall but People Get Attacked by bears A lot of People, die here so that’s why
They Say This Place is Haunted and Scary at night so
We go, let’s see if We Could find Anything?
This is the Cabin right
This is the Cabin. I don’t want to met I don’t want to like go in There and like
Miserable There Cuz, Everyone’s, Asleep right Now so. I don’t want to wake Everyone so
Let’s Just go Walk yeah I guess, we Can Walk Here?
So yeah so they’re a bunch of Stairs A?
Bunch of Random Stuff so I don’t know if we’re Gonna find or capture Anything at all but
We’re Just Gonna Try and see what happens Today
Go Y’all alright This Is Kind of Creepy I’ve Never Done like A ghost Hunting like out of the Nature’s
It’s kind of Creepy what Is that like the Water Tank
Is that Probably an Animal Going Down
There for What Scorpion, oh yeah They’re lost
Rattlesnakes Here and Scorpions so We got to really be Careful Especially if You like end up Walking on the Wood and Stuff
In the Street Kill
Weapon I’m Talking about the street what about the Seat There’s rattlesnakes Chill, on the Street all they, do
Well you Can only Hear Rattlesnakes at state it’s a rattle so?
It’s okay, We have the iPhone lights that’s all we need?
It’s your problem I should have Brought all
What Is that Over There you See it it’s not a House
Wait Is that a House?
See it
Just like a bridge it’s A
Biggie don’t Give Me
It said you won in This House
You See it I don’t do Anything in the Window
Wait don’t go away
You See a House seven five one One
All right
Alright Guys so We Found This I think it’s Abandoned but There’s like, no one Here
do you See any More
You See him I know
Really it’s locked let’s go
We’ve Literally heard Like A Creaking Coming from Inside that Houses Obviously There’s, no one There what Is that?
We see anything
If you I guess this, is like a House that’s not built yet Which Is kind of Creepy
I’m getting weird vibes weird chills right now
At A sewer hole yeah
Like A sewer Tunnel doing the only Thing weird that has happened. Was that Weird Noise and That Abandoned House but One Thing
Okay that mind There’s no see Where hole oh I thought There was There’s Nothing no there’s Nothing
Let’s Just go back in The Cabin Maybe
We Can find Something in The Cavern being out here Just Makes me Nervous? Cuz it’S 3:00 a.m. You Never Know
What’s that There’s no Attacked by a bear
Zhenia Marley Wait
Did you See that light
Wait who’s Up i Platform so Sleep – oh?
I’m scared like a little Scared
You Just go Outside of this Creepy yeah Maybe and it’s 3:00 a.m. I’m not used to being in the Mountains out in 3m
All right Let’s go all the way Up to the top maybe you Can find something
I’m getting Tired because like it’s all Incline you Gotta Walk Uphill it Makes you so tired
Who’s that
the Flood I
Let the Air van Gogh’s in well Enough
OKc Probably Just, oh
Okay this is the Main Cabin This is where Everyone Sleeps at first over There
do you See Anything Keep an Eye out Where I saw someone’s Walked Behind that Tree right There
Yo yo
Here’s The Way There’s something Outside, no, don’t Freak out but We heard Something Outside?
Let’s See, I know this Jojo Jump
Just want to Take A seat you See Anything
We saw something inside I swear I saw?
Huh you Guys Go back to sleep, sorry, sorry for Waking you up nothing’s Happening that’s right
Goes good Asleep I was like
No like the door Just in Case
sorry, Gonna Flush Maybe but I feel so Bad, okay so Obviously There’s something Happening
We don’t even Know it’s gone I don’t even Know to do
Mmm do We have A knife boom all right, okay all right, okay?
I don’t know do you check your
Violin that is so is there nice There
I think, we need like a gun
There’s Nothing
There’s Literally Nothing Yeah Beavis Where’s the Flashlight yes I don’t have a flashlight
Guys yes Jealous Laughs light
It Definitely Came from here Right Bank right Here
Hey, We got messing with Stuff?
No I heard something Right There legit I heard something like Actually like I heard like Moving
Huh what okay, we’re Going Inside, we’re Going Inside, we’re going Inside, we’re going Inside what is it?
Okay, so the mic Fell hard I’m sorry. I don’t know why the Mic Fell like that, okay so?
We got to do something About this I?
Don’t want you Guys to be in danger
Sorry for Filming This Video I really Wanted to see what happens
If We might Goes Hunting at the end so I’m so sorry you know?
Go back to sleep I’m so, sorry
go Ahead
Who’s Knocking on the door

Randall Smitham



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