March 28, 2020
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Hey, everybody out
there coasting along with the Over 40 Protocol. And guess what I have today? The entire package. And today I want to
go over not your DNA, I want to go over your hormones. Do you need this kind of a
kit to check your hormones? No. Absolutely not, right? Do you need blood work
to check your hormones? Absolutely. How would you even know
if your growth hormone, maybe your metabolism, and also
your other amazing hormones– leptin, all these different
hormones that you have in your body– are tanking? How would you even know? I’m going to tell you today. And I’m to answer that question. And it doesn’t take a
kit which I’m– listen, I’m super excited
because– oh, by the way, you see that link around here? Don’t click it. Don’t touch it. And don’t even look at it yet. But I have a one day solution
at the end of this short video that’s going to
help you determine without an
kit that takes six to eight weeks,
without that, you’re going to be able to
tell if your hormones are being compromised. OK? And, by the way, this kit? I’m super excited
because I’ve been told I was Italian and Polish. But this kit’s going to tell me. And I can’t wait because
who knows what you really are until you do
one of these, right? Just like who knows if
your hormones are all operating at optimal level
unless you absolutely do couple different things? One, you’re going to go
get a blood work done. Yeah. I know. It takes time. You got to get pricked. You’ve got to give blood. You got to do all these things. But guess what? You don’t really have
to do that to determine if your hormones are
being compromised. I’m going to tell
you how you can determine that in one second. Now, like I said,
don’t click the link. I’ve got something
for you at the end of this that’s a one
day solution that helps reset your hormones, OK? Now, listen, I have
been trained and I’ve been nutritionally helping moms,
dads, professional athletes, military, Olympians, for
over 20-plus years, OK? Number one thing that
has been determined by all of these people
that I have been in contact and I’ve been so blessed to help
is that the nutrition is not all the same for everyone. Now you hear about the Keto, the
Paleo, the vegan diets, right? Nutrition System. You’ve got all these different
Turbo shakes, Weight Watchers. What works? Is it just a fad? Or is there something that
you can stick without having to get your DNA checked? Or checking your hormones
by going to the doctor and having blood work done? Which we all know cost
hundreds of dollars. Key components here. OK? Number one biggest way to
know if your hormones are all working on all cylinders is
your midsection right here. If this is holding on, if you’re
over the age of 40– like me, I’m 46 years old– and this is holding on, and it
will not release and burn off, chances are your hormones
are on the decline. OK? That is a known fact. And I can tell you for
over 20-plus years, anytime someone comes to
me over the age of 35, but when they’re over 40, I can
always pinpoint almost every single time that it’s either
the hormones or the thyroid up here– that little
butterfly gland– is being affected by the
hormones, and been tanking, and realizing that
this will not release. OK? That’s the number one
factor right there to know, if your hormones are
on all cylinders, OK? So, again, I got a
one day solution. So stick with me, OK? This thing has taken over
20-plus years, matter of fact. See this? Carbohydrates. If you’re on a ketogenic
diet, you cannot have this. No. It’s zero or little carbs. Zero– did you hear
me?– or little carbs. Unfortunately,
the ketogenic diet will not allow you to do that. Will it allow you to do this? Yes. Tons of this. You can have tons of lard. Tons of this. As a matter of fact, the
entire diet every day is made up of 80% lard. I know. It’s ridiculous. Less than 20% protein,
which then how do you even maintain
lean muscle mass, especially being
over the age of 40? I can’t even imagine
being 50, 60, 70 years old and not having enough protein
to keep the lean muscle mass on my body. That’s what keeps us strong,
keeps us from falling over, right? It keeps us being able
to lift up the grandkids. It keeps us being able
to take in the groceries. So important. So this you can have
a ton of, you know? As far as carbohydrates
go, guess what? This right here? You can have some–
this is bacon, right? I have some bacon. You can have some
of that, right? But you’re not
getting any of this. We love pasta in this household. If you want this
back in your diet, I have a way to
strategically put that back in your diet starting right now. You want an instant impact,
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videos just like this. Now let’s get excited because
I’m ready to put carbohydrates back in your diet. I’m ready to help you not
only boost metabolism, boost hormones, and fight
the aging process, I’m ready to put high carb
cheat meals like this, fruits– this is God given gifts
from trees out there in the world that are
specifically supposed to be in your diet, OK? Everyone knows pH
level in your body is key to warding off
those horrible diseases. OK? You can’t do that unless you’re
putting those into your body. Grains, all those great things
that you know that you need, OK? But, hey, we all love donuts. We all love bread. We love pasta. There’s all these
different– cookies. Oh, my gosh. Don’t have cookies in my
house because I’ll tell you right now, I’ll eat them all. If you’re looking for that
to go back in your diet– high carb cheat meals– you have to do three things. First, strategic meal
timing is key– key– to success when it comes to
staying on a long-term dietary program that’s a lifestyle, OK? Number two, strategic
meal combos. So certain meals that
are put together that release this and burn it off. Number three is implementing
back in your diet high carb cheat meals, OK? Cookies, whatever it may be. You can have what
you want, but you have to strategically put that
back into your diet the way that we show you
in the protocol. It’s all called the Over
40 Hormone Reset Solution. Yes. It’s a solution. And it starts on day one. So if you have one day
to give me to start, and you do this
every single day, every single day you’re
going to be resetting your hormones this way. You’re going to be boosting
metabolism this way. You’re also going to fight
the aging process this way. Which is absolutely amazing. Goal. Exactly. That’s what we want. I’m excited for you. It’s taken over 20-plus years. And it’s brand spanking new. Again, the Over 40 Hormone
Reset Diet will help you. It’s a solution. I don’t even like to call it a
diet because it’s a solution. And it takes one day to start. And it works every single day
that you use it from that point forward to boost hormones, boost
metabolism, and fight the aging process. If you’re interested– thanks
so much for stopping on this feed– click the link now.

Randall Smitham