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Don’t Trust Jillian Michaels’ Keto Diet Info | Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to mind-blowing
health and wellness with Violet I’m back
making a follow-up to my response video
about the Jillian Michaels keto bashing
video the reason I’m doing this is
because when I was reading through my
comments people had questions and I
thought it would be best for me to just
jump on and answer the questions in a
video rather than trying to individually
answer all of those questions I’m a
psychologist and the reason I make these
videos is to help people to understand
that your mental health and your
physical health come together to help to
create your to overall well-being so
because really important for us to
understand our health and to be able to
make good choices first of all I want to
explain to people that is important for
you to get your health information from
a reliable source one of the scary
things about the Jillian Michaels video
was that she’s a celebrity and because
you see as a celebrity many people will
take her information as having more
validity than it clearly had because we
have a tendency to believe that when a
celebrity tells us something especially
if they’re telling us something that
seems to be for our benefit we have a
tendency to believe that a celebrity
will be providing well researched
information that’s based on some kind of
fact so we believe that they’re going to
be having our best interests at heart we
believe that they’re going to be sharing
information that falls in lines with our
society’s values basically we believe
they’re gonna have high standards but in
reality if celebrity is just a person
like you or myself and that means that
they’re gonna be able to be persuaded by
money by their own interests and their
history now Jillian Michaels clearly is
being persuaded by her history when you
look at the things that she ends up
saying in the video she is put in a
position where she’s talking about the
ketogenic lifestyle and she acknowledges
that the ketogenic lifestyle has helped
multiple people with PCOS diabetes and
other metabolic issues however she turns
around and she says
all of that information in a very
sarcastic manner a very condescending
manner and then we add to that that she
turns around and then she says that it’s
dangerous clearly her education as a
fitness trainer is interfering with her
ability to look at the evidence and
judge the ketogenic lifestyle based on
its merits we also have her personal
eating history which sounds like she’s
not doing any kind of low-carb at all
again putting her in a position where
her own history is counter to what the
ketogenic lifestyle would be suggesting
is the best thing to do which again will
affect her opinion of that lifestyle the
fact that she’s not able to step back
from that situation recognize the
benefit that the ketogenic lifestyle has
towards metabolic syndromes and
acknowledge that in certain situations
this might be the direction that you
want to go helps us to understand that
her biases are showing themselves in
what she’s saying when it comes to
health even though results are important
how we get to those results are
sometimes equally as important
unfortunately in my line of work I’ve
worked with some clients who went to
extraordinary lengths to lose weight so
I’ve had clients who did everything from
not eating at all to binge eating and
purging and one of the things that we
recognize is that both of those
situations are very harmful to the body
so how we get to that good weight is
just as important as getting to that
good weight because it’s not about the
weight it’s about our health when we
don’t eat enough what happens is that
our bodies recognize that weight the
amount of calories that we were taking
in to live and function normally we’re
no longer getting there’s a deficit and
our body notices that over time our body
will adjust to that level of intake of
food so one of the things that Jillian
Michaels doesn’t talk about but it’s
really important for regular everyday
people who will be trying to implement
the kind of calorie restriction that
she’s talking about to understand is
that of course if I go from
2,000 calories to 1,500 calories
initially there will not seem to be any
change because evolutionarily it would
not be smart for our bodies if we go if
one day we had 2,000 calories worth of
food and the next day we had 1500 for
our body to automatically change the
amount of energy output because we need
our energy to look for food so what
happens is that for even weeks of eating
1,500 calories our body will continue to
have the same level of output initially
but when it starts to recognize that the
food’s not coming then our body will
adjust the energy output to match the
amount of food we are not in taking for
the majority of people the average seems
to be something like six months later
our metabolic rate will have decreased
once our metabolic rate has decreased
then we will stop losing weight because
ultimately our body wants stability part
of the big problem with a calorie
deficit way of losing weight is that it
forces our body to have to adjust our
metabolic rate and therefore we stop
losing weight now if you were only
trying to lose a small amount of weight
you might have accomplished this in six
months but then there’s another issue
that comes along which is that once I
have lost the weight if I resume eating
those 2,000 calories so if I go back to
my normal quote unquote I’ll regain the
weight because my metabolic rate went
down so when I go back to eating 2,000
calories now I’m eating more than my
metabolic rate needs because my
metabolic rate might have gone down to
1450 to accommodate the 1500 that I was
eating so then I start to gain the other
thing that we need to keep in mind is
that our body will always do what’s safe
Julia Michaels doesn’t talk about this
at all the fact that when we eat what we
eat matters more so than whether you
know just whether or not we’re eating
carbs so basically what that means is
if I ingest alcohol any kind of drug
carbohydrates proteins and fats my body
is going to make sure to clean up the
alcohol and drugs before it touches any
of the food that I actually ingest and
then when it’s time to manage the food
my body’s gonna go for the carbohydrates
first because the carbohydrates are the
thing that can’t be out of control in
the system right you can’t have too many
carbs in your system or it’ll be harmful
to you so when my body is finished doing
that then it focuses on fats and
proteins now of course if my body’s in
the state of storage well it’s gonna
store the fats as well because that’s
what happens but ultimately too much
carbohydrate in the system leads to
higher levels of insulin all of that
information is not explained by Julian
the ketogenic lifestyle helps you to
manage the amount of carbs you have in
the system so that your body isn’t
overloaded and it can therefore not only
focus on digesting and processing food
and putting everything where it needs to
be it can also focus on taking fats back
out of storage and into the system using
it as fuel which if I go back to what we
were talking about earlier about calorie
restriction is part of the reason that
on a ketogenic diet many doctors will
say that you are not actually
restricting calories because what you’re
doing is by ingesting fewer carbs your
insulin levels are lower when our
insulin levels are lower the hormones
that allow us to pull fats out of
storage to use them for fuel are
actually still functioning because when
insulin is high those hormones are are
quieted they’re shut down so they’re
still functioning and that allows us to
burn basically to use our fat for energy
so in essence even though I’m eating
fewer carbohydrates and I’m eating fewer
fats and I’m keeping my protein stable
my body is using the same amount of
energy because the deficit it’s taking
from storage so if I was at a 2,000
calorie diet and I go down to a 1,500
calorie ketogenic lifestyle
then my body will take 500 calories from
my fat storage to make up the difference
so in actuality I’m never in that
position on my body having to slow down
my basal metabolic rate so I’m able to
continue to be in a fat-burning
situation for longer what my body does
with food is ultimately gonna determine
my level of health when you’re eating a
high carbohydrate diet your body is put
in the situation where the five grams of
carbs that it tries to keep in its
system is being pushed higher and so
what your body then does is goes into a
mode where it needs to get rid of that
extra carbohydrate from the system so
it’s going to put some of it into
storage as fat it’s gonna put some of it
into stores as glycogen and it’s gonna
put some of it into use so you’re gonna
burn it as energy versus if I’m doing a
ketogenic lifestyle or a low-carb
lifestyle then the amount of
carbohydrate coming into the system is
less so my insulin levels do not rise to
the level where fat storage is turned on
which means that I use some of those
carbohydrates right away for energy and
some of them will obviously be replacing
the glycogen storage that I have that’s
been depleted over the course of my day
and then the rest of the energy that I
didn’t eat in sugar I will be pulling
from my storage so I’m pulling from my
fat storage in this system so when I’m
doing a ketogenic lifestyle because I’m
not constantly storing my body is
actually able to use some of the onboard
energy and it’s also important to
recognize that when I’m eating extra
carbs and they’re floating around in my
system for a while while my body’s
trying to get rid of them because in
some instances we’re eating like seven
to eight times the amount of
carbohydrates that our body can manage
in one day when we do that sometimes
there there are periods of time where
carbohydrates are free-floating in our
system carbohydrates are known to cause
inflammation so we are constantly
putting ourselves in a situation
where our body is inflamed
we have aches and pains and bodily
reactions to the extra carbohydrates in
our system when we are talking about
overall health
right when you listen to what the
doctors are telling us overall health
then we need to focus on keeping our
carbohydrates at a level that our body
can manage them efficiently so that we
don’t have excess which leads to all of
these other problems when miss Michaels
was talking about how dangerous keto was
she was not going into any level of
detail about what problems are being
caused it’s really important for you to
keep that in mind she’s not able to
label and list some things for you
whereas when we think about
carbohydrates diabetes pc-like there’s
so many things that we are living that
we don’t need to be living arthritis I
know myself that aches and pains that I
had four years of my life when I decided
to and even this post journey started
with me having a hip issue all of that
resolved within two months of taking
carbohydrates out of my life again we
have to be conscious of the fact that
it’s information that we’re looking for
right now every person who’s making a
decision about whether or not they’re
going to do a ketogenic lifestyle or not
needs to first educate themselves on
what exactly it is and what you would
have to do to accomplish it and make a
decision for yourself am I able am I
willing to do that I think it’s
important to recognize that when doctors
talked about the ketogenic lifestyle
when doctors talked about the paleo
lifestyle when doctors talked about the
vegan lifestyle they talk about health
doctors will use language that allow us
to understand what they’re saying to us
the kind of foods they want us to eat
the kind of exercise they want us to do
how the food is reacting in your body
and how that reaction will affect what
happens to you going forward doctors
will explain in plain and and common
language so that we can walk out of the
office or we can click off of the video
this is what’s gonna happen if I keep
eating this way this is what’s gonna
happen if I don’t engage exercise it’s
important to note that in Miss Michaels
video she focused on throwing in big
words out there without explaining what
they mean and how they were related to
what she was saying
now I remember the one specific word
she’s which was telomeres which I know
what it means but does it matter that I
know what it means
I’m already invested in the ketogenic
lifestyle what’s important is that she
explained it to the people who don’t
know what it means right but I feel like
that was part of the strategy say a
bunch of important impressive terms talk
about things in a way that’s confusing
because what happens when you confuse
people what happens when you use big
language and make people feel like maybe
I’m not smart enough well if you’re
smarter than me and you’re telling me
this is bad I’m going to be scared of it
and I’m gonna run away and I’m not good
right and I feel like there was a
strategy there of confuse and make
people feel afraid because we know when
people are afraid they won’t engage is
that better for my health though right
if I happen to be one of those people
that needs this lifestyle to be better
is it important for you to scare me away
from something that might make me
healthier or should I be getting
information from you if there’s
something that Jillian Michaels knows
about calorie restriction and doing a
typical diet with calorie restriction
but that’s well-balanced that will equal
not only me losing the weight that I
need to lose being healthy along my path
to do that and maintaining my losses
well into the future I am all up for her
sharing that information with every
single person that she can share that
information rather than attack other
diets that people are having success
with the reality is if you’re eating a
vegan diet and you’re doing well that’s
great if you’re doing a paleo diet and
you’re doing well that’s great if you’re
doing the standard mirror
can diet and you’re doing well if you’re
still insulin sensitive and still able
to manage everything you need to manage
and you’re not having any metabolic
issues there’s no reason for you to
change what you’re doing I’m not going
to say that every single person on the
planet needs to do the ketogenic diet
because that’s like saying every single
person on the planet needs to take an
iron pill if you’re still insulin
sensitive if you’re still able to
process the standard American diet food
but doing it in a well-balanced way and
so you’re able to eat more carbs than me
and right if you’re able to do it and
you are healthy there’s no reason for
you to change your diet the same way
that if you are not anemic there’s no
reason for you to take an iron pill
however even if you’re not anemic you
still need to eat iron rich foods and
even if you’re not insulin resistant
it’s still important for you to know
what carbohydrates does to a human body
because if you know that then you’re
much more likely to make good choices
that keeps you insulin sensitive so when
we’re talking about a ketogenic
lifestyle when we’re talking about a
paleo lifestyle
we’re talking about a vegan lifestyle
it’s not about talking about them to
bash them it’s talking about what the
positives are and what the negatives are
and helping people to make good
decisions helping people to understand
why they would make one choice over
another what’s your current situation
that’s what’s going to tell you how you
should be eating all the doctors that
talk about the different diets and ways
of eating that there are out there use
simple language because that’s their
goal they’re trying to help people to
make a decision about what they’re going
to be eating and they can’t do that if
they’re confused and don’t understand
what they’re being asked to do we are
all different
so I’m gonna base my diet on what feels
good for me and you’re gonna base your
diet on what feels good for you and even
within the ketogenic lifestyle the fact
that I’ve decided to stay twenty grams
of carbs or less and there are other
people that are doing 45
other people that are doing 10 and there
are other people that are doing low-carb
and they’re still in ketosis and there
are other people right like and there
are people that are able to be insulin
sensitive doing the standard American
diet everybody’s different what’s
important for us to understand is that
at any particular point in time the
average person’s body is somewhere
around 5 grams of carbs and where our
system works really hard to keep it
there if I know that piece of
information I can make good decisions
and if I decide to go above if I decide
to go to 70 or 80 grams of carbs that’s
my choice if I decide to go 300 that’s
my choice but I’m only making a choice
if I know the information and I
understand how the carbohydrates
actually affect me we have to be
wellness warriors we need to make sure
that we take care of our health and
wellness and that means getting out
there finding information and doing the
things are gonna help you to feel better
I made this video today because I wanted
to answer the questions that you had and
I wanted to make sure that I was clear
about what I was trying to show you in
terms of how you can better manage your
health and how you can understand the
people that you’re watching on the
internet when you go to your doctor you
can ask the right questions because
that’s your health we’re talking about
if you want to do better for you that’s
up to you to do better for you so let’s
get out there let’s be warriors in our
wellness and try to make sure that we do
what is necessary to feel good so that
we can have mental health and physical
health because it’s what we need both of
them together to do well in life to be
happy and honestly if you’ve made it
this far in the video please share the
video subscribe the more people that we
can help with this information the
better I want to thank you for watching
mind blowing health and wellness with
Violet and I can’t wait to talk to you
again next time

Randall Smitham



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    Which anyone with half a brain could figure out. Who realistically could spend 6 hours a day exercising? So the contestants' weight loss was based on activities that are not sustainable.

    Keto works…period! I've spoken with folks here on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit who swear by this diet, I mean, lifestyle.
    I swear by it…I wish I'd known about this 40+ years ago; would if have saved me decades of yo-yo dieting and self-hatred since the weight inevitably came back!

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