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Dr. Group’s Water Fast | Day 15 – Fasting and Nutrition

Morning everybody!
Today is day 15 of my water fast journey. Had a great night’s sleep last night.
Woke up very refreshed this morning. Today I will be leaving my lake house
retreat and heading back into the city so I’ll be updating you guys there and
all-in-all I did not wake up hungry this morning. I do have lots of energy. Meditation was good this morning. Feel
good. It’s like the longer that you go, your body gets used to it the best way I
can explain it is like a butterfly, you know, basically like the transformation…
you go into a cocoon and then you start transforming and different things start
happening with your body and you know the first week or so you’re
thinking about well can I just get through it and then the second week it’s
more like you know you’re there and whenever you do have cravings or hunger
pains you know they’re gonna go away if you just drink some water and then it
starts going into – after day 14 well really about 13, 14 – more of uh it’s almost
like your body is regenerating and now your mind is starting to – the body
was focusing on the body and now it’s focusing on the mind. So you know you
start becoming a little bit more emotional in a good way and more light,
airy, buoyant, spiritual, loving, you just like care about everybody and you just
want to hug everybody. So that’s my morning update for today. I’m really
looking forward to today because I get to go back and see my family. My chest
congestion, actually this morning, was the first morning where I didn’t actually
cough up stuff so and my sinus congestion has completely gone to. So, but
I do have a little bit of a cough I don’t know if that’s just the air
quality where I live or if that’s associated with fasting but anyway… a
couple questions that I wanted to get answered. Had a question “Will fasting
help addictions?” So I went back to my research pulled up some well pulled up
one quote and it says “various fasting experts of the 1900s discuss the role of
water fasting in reducing and eliminating addictions in his book
vitality fasting and nutrition Carrington said that a fast is one of
the easiest methods for the cure of alcoholism. The same applies to other
addictions such as drugs and coffee.” So if you can find that book “Vitality
Fasting and Nutrition” by Carrington, that’d be a good book for you to read.
Another question and I, you know, there’ll be much more documented cases on
addictions and stuff like that, that I’ll be publishing later on. “Will fasting help
arthritis?” So many people suffer from arthritis these days especially when you
start getting a little bit older. So a man had suffered from severe arthritis
that had troubled him for almost 30 years. Since the man worked as a
bacteriologist, he had a great contact network and could connect with
physicians on a daily basis and received the best possible advice and care.
However doctors told him that arthritis could not be cured only alleviated. The man wasn’t able to turn his head from side to side and he was in
constant pain. His joints were supposed to be immovable for the rest of his life.
He went on a 36 day water fast. I’m on day 15 I mean think about that
that like me going starting over right now and going another 15 days right now
I feel like I could do it actually at the end of the program he was no longer
in pain the swelling of some of his joints practically disappeared joints
that had been completely stiff immovable regained movement 36 days folks water
fast now I would not recommend anybody just jump into a 36 day water fast I
recommend that you prepare if you’re going to be doing a long-term water fast
or if you’re gonna be doing a long-term and when I say long-term usually over 12
to 18 days I mean I think it’s pretty much safe for anybody to do a 12 day
water fast it’s not gonna, it’s not gonna you know hurt you unless you’re pregnant
or you know on a bunch of prescription medications or things like that and I’ll
be getting more into those details later on as well. Another case, Mrs. G was 42
years old. She had been diagnosed with arthritis only a few months before but
it was very painful and affected her movements. Since her doctors could only
promise relief in the form of pharmaceutical drugs. She decided to
travel from Canada to the US and undergo a supervised water fast. It took
only a three week water fast to free her of all pain and inflammation. The normal
movement of her joints was restored. That’s my morning update. Feeling good
today. Heading back to the city. Wanted to give you an update – I’ve got a spa day
today with my wife, so I’ll still be able to relax but feeling pretty good.
I mean able to drive, able to walk around. I would say on average probably from
when I’m normal and healthy and you know doing my daily routine,
I’d say my energy levels now on day 15 of a water fast compared to just all the
time, are probably 60%. So I’m probably at 60% of my normal energy levels. Just made
it back to Houston. Feeling pretty good. Energy is still good. One thing I forgot
to mention is my mouth is really, really dry maybe I’m just a little dehydrated
haven’t been drinking enough water but it’s actually been that way every single
day for the last, probably like 10 days or so, and it almost feels like my tongue
is a little bit swollen, you know, sometimes it’s hard for me to talk. I
feel like I’m slurring my words sometimes, but back in action and I’ll
give you guys a report later. Okay my ketones for today day 15: 6.6 and glucose 63. I had a couple questions, one was “Can
animals fast?” Animals today are just as sick as humans are. It’s very sad. You
know, animals are suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid
conditions. That’s why it’s really good to have iodine for your pets as well.
Absolutely they can fast. Animals benefit extremely good by fasting. You know, plus
changing their diet, I mean you can’t feed animals a bunch of GMO foods and
and all of the standard pet products out there because that’s what’s making them
sick. All that garbage. So animals in nature
usually only eat once every few days so you can fast animals, you know, fast them
for a day a couple days and then refeed or you know feed them one day fasting a
day you know feed them for a couple of days fast them for a day and that would
be the best solution. Alright, walking into the spa. Getting ready to have a
nice, relaxing day. That was very relaxing. It’s such a beautiful day. It is, kind of,
my afternoon update. Everything’s going great. No complaints. Energy level is high.
I’ve got an organic facial. You can see…. do I look any younger? It’s probably about my only my third facial i’ve ever had in my entire life. but then I got a massage too. I tell you, it’s really weird when you’re fasting
because and I’ve said this before how much your life revolves around food, you
know, when you’re fasting there’s just not much to do. I mean, and your next meal
is water. Like every five minutes but you know that’s the way it goes I mean if
you take that you know if that’s what you want to do and that’s your main goal
was to regenerate your body you know hey I have not done 18 day fasting, I’ve only
done the longest I’ve done is like six days and if you want to and I’m almost
fifty now I’ll do a fast every single year probably around nine days, maybe
eighteen, eighteen days six days who knows but I’ll definitely do maybe a
couple fasts every single year. Another question I had was about sex. People are
asking, you know, do you have sex or can you have sex when you’re fasting? I’m
gonna tell you that most likely you’re not going to be thinking about sex when
you’re fasting. You’re gonna be thinking about food. You’re not gonna be craving
sex. You’re gonna be craving food whenever you crave it. I would say that
if you do have the desire to have sex when you’re fasting, during the first
three days maybe, if you’re doing a three day fast, maybe a six day fast, that would
I would say go for it. But you got to remember I mean you’re,
whenever you’re fasting you need to be focused on your body. You need to be
focusing on yourself and not pleasure. And you know, that’s going to take a lot
of energy out of your system, especially during a long-term fast. Number one
you’re not going to feel like it and number two all its gonna do is drain
your energy levels down. So everybody’s also been asking how long
am I going too fast… Today is day 15, I will be revealing that
information later on tonight and let everybody know. I am back in Houston. Back
in the city and have to say I can definitely notice a little bit of an
energy drain. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been moving around a lot
today, you know, walking around a lot. But about an hour ago I went through a pretty
big dip in my energy. I’ve been saying that I’ve been having a lot of
energy but in reality it’s not a 100% energy is probably more like 50 or 60% energy. I mean, I call that a lot of energy whenever I’m water
fasting but yeah it was uh it was kind of a strange period. I just had to sit
down for a little while and just rest. But I did actually notice that that
happened and you know I’ve been away from food the last few days and I can
honestly say watching my family eat these big bowls of vegan chili, that was
that was pretty rough. Smelling it. But anyway, you just have to
you know, you have to get through it it’s hour by hour, day by day, week by week, and so that’s that’s what it’s all about. You know you just think about, you just have
to keep thinking about all the positive effects. I mean I just keep picturing
what’s going on in my body right now. I mean just like millions of cells just
chewing up all of the dead, damaged tissue in there and regenerating I mean it’s exciting when you think about that. You just have to
keep a positive mind. You just have to think about all the positive things that
are happening instead of dwelling on oh I’m hungry you know I feel like eating
or stuff like that you just have to switch your mind, you know, your mind will
take you in different directions all the time. I mean the mind – is just – has a mind
of its own really and but it really helps to just focus on the positive
aspects and focus on everything that’s happening inside your body and listening
to your body and just taking a rest when you need to. You know taking the rest
when you need to. I’ve had some emotional swings you know, I mean I’ve gone
through anger, I’ve gone through, again I wouldn’t say anger I would more say
aggravation you know, aggravation sometimes. You do
kind of feel disconnected. I mean I honestly have to say you do kind of feel
disconnected from the world. You know you you know your kids ask you to play with
them or something and you know if you get up and you start playing that you’re
gonna you know lose a lot of energy or you try to get up and play and then all
of a sudden you know you have to ask them to stop I mean that’s pretty you
know that’s pretty – it takes a toll on you. You know I mean that’s why it’s so
important again to have a good family that supports you when you’re doing this.
So many people say well I wanna do it but my husband or my, you know, my kids
they don’t support me they think I’m gonna die I mean and that’s the same way
with degenerative disease and cancer and all that stuff I mean it’s so important
to have that support mechanism around you at all times because when you’re
going through water fasting or you going through any type of treatment so
is your family. I mean your family’s going through it with you. I mean my wife
has to you know – I used to take the kids to practice I used to do others and now
she’s got double the amount of work that she’s got to do because I’m fasting. I
mean so that’s supporting, you know that’s, you know, life is all about
supporting each other family’s, about supporting each other marriage, is about
supporting each other. So I wanted to answer one question that I had and it
was “Do I know how much food the body actually needs?” That’s a great question
because it’s talked about a lot and all the research that I was going over and
usually, I don’t know if there’s a if there’s a perfect answer for that but a
lot of the old doctors said that one meal a day was sufficient. Actually one
meal every couple of days would be sufficient of raw nuts, seeds, fruit, and
vegetables. I’m not talking about meat. There was a research study that
I read on a guy that limited himself to a half a pound of food a day. So we need
very little food. You know, we do not need to be eating massive amounts. Think about
I saw it, I saw, it must have been a three-year-old kid at an amusement park
one time that had a big ol you know must have been a 32, 42 ounce
cola, a bag of cheetos, I mean think about how many pounds. Just think about
that that’s probably like five pounds in sugar. Think about how many pounds the standard American diet is. Take a fast-food restaurant and weigh all that
food: the hamburger, the fries, the cola, the you know ice cream, after all of that
stuff. Is that a half a pound and then and then you know times at times three
four five times a meal you know that’s a lot of food. That’s why, that’s why our
body never has the time and the energy to heal itself. So that’s my evening
update on day 15. See you tomorrow! Oh by the way, I decided that I
originally I wanted to do an 18 day fast. So I thought that was you know anything
over 21 days really is where you really start having to be supervised. So I
wanted, I do everything in three, six, and nine. So I wanted to go ahead and do
an 18 day fast and see if that was gonna be okay for somebody to do. Now you know, I recommend you can start off with a three day fast or start off clean
cleansing your body first before you even go into water only fasting. You
don’t need to go straight into an 18 day water fast, you know, take it slow. Take
some time off. Do a three-day, take some time off, maybe do a six-day. It depends
on what you’re trying to heal. If you want regeneration of your body or if you
have some sort of chronic degenerative condition that you want your body to
heal over a period of time. So, so I am on day 15 right now and that means I have
three days left and then I will be breaking my fast. So, sayonara, good night,
buenas noches.

Randall Smitham



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