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Dr Greger is a phenomenal interviewee and
more often than not powerfully demolishes arguments against a plant based diet and his
work. This interview linked above is a brilliant
example of this. However recently he did interview with London
Real, which was fantastic, but that contained a section where I felt he was on the back
foot and possibly being a little disrespected. They were discussing the documentary game
changers which Dr Greger was a scientific advisor for and in particular the part where
3 college athletes tested the effect a meat based burrito and then a vegan burrito had
on the strength, longevity and number of erections over two nights. The results were nothing short of astonishing
.The first athlete had nearly a 9% increase in the strength of his erection and a 303%
increase in duration after eating the plant-based meal. The second athlete, saw a 477% increase in
the number of minutes his erection lasted after the plant based meal. The 3rd athlete had a 13% change in the hardness
and a 312% increase in the number of minutes his erection lasted. The reason these results are so important
is because erectile dysfunction is often a warning sign of heart disease. The accumulation of cholesterol-filled plaque
inside arteries can inhibit blood flow through an artery. Plaque in a coronary artery can cause a heart
attack. In the artery in the brain, it can cause dementia,
or a stroke and atherosclerosis in arteries supplying the penis can prevent the increase
in blood flow needed to start or sustain an erection. Blood vessel problems are the leading cause
of erectile dysfunction so erections “serve as a barometer for overall health,” and
erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign of trouble in the heart or elsewhere. So let’s take a listen to the interview
with Dr Greger I highly recommend listening to the interview in full, the link is in the
description below be sure to check it out. [Interviewer] Look I saw the movie it was
very beautiful the only problem I had is I felt that sometimes they were rolling out
these beautiful athletes and showing them on screen when I didn’t think they necessarily
represented the top athletes in the world. So there’s a strongman on there but he’s
not one of the worlds strongest and there were some athletes but they weren’t the
top athletes so for me I was like “ok you can find some correlation but I don’t see
the causation” that what I didn’t like. And I thought some of the science stuff was
a little gimmicky and the erection stuff I thought was gimmicky [Dr Greger] Oh my god
that was awesome that was totally my idea (Interviewer Oh come on!) [Dr Greger] Totally my idea (Interviewer)
That makes sense! [Dr Greger] Oh my god that was brilliant (Interviewer)
That makes sense! [Dr Greger] The current culture now is you
know you need meat for protein how could you possibly build muscle without it so to counter
all you need is a single example of one person anywhere building any amount of muscle and
then you can’t build muscle without meat that’s when you need to get. We‘re so far on one end (Interviewer) I
guess so?! [Dr Greger] All you have to do is wait a second
can you have any endurance can you have any strength. That’s all we need to do and I think it’s
(Interviewer) That appeals to the lowest common denominator, it is! [Dr Greger] Have you been out on the streets
these people in life (Interviewer) I live in London [Dr Greger] Look I talk to people
on flights all the time, you know I’m stuck on a 7 hour flight and I strike up a conversation
it’s like people are clueless these just real assumptions they don’t know anything
about nutrition and that’s the way the industry likes it they want people confused so they
throw up their hands and eat whatever put in front of them that’s the way the system’s
set up so. That’s all the movie had to show-you could
do it. It is possible to not drop over dead by not
eating these foods and then you do that erection study which I’ll take full credit for (Interviewer)
Oh my gosh! [Dr Greger] It’s actually being done now
in a real setting and it didn’t purport to but just to show how dramatic one meal
that’s wild come on and it shows to the arterial function, it’s not that they’re
clearing out their plaque it just shows do your arteries function better (Interviewer)
And it plays to the lowest common denominator on someone’s manhood, come on Michael you’re
better than that! [Dr Greger] What do men care about right especially
young men? When I go speak at a high school breast cancer’s
going to go over their head I’m not going to talk about a stoke dying or heart disease
that’s what grandparents die of. So I talk about athletic performance, acne,
I talk about erections that’s what young men care about. (Interviewer) Ok I get it, you got to do it
that’s fine! The blood and the plasma’s cloudy I was
just like my scientific mind was just like alright one looks cloudy one doesn’t look
cloudy. [Dr Greger] Your blood is a milkshake after
eating a cheeseburger. (Interviewer) Where’s the science though?! I’m looking at it, I’ve got these unscientific
guys that say it looks cloudy does that mean [Dr Greger] There’s actually something called
lactescence, so that cloudiness or the milkiness of your serum that’s what happens after
you eat a meal. That’s how much fat is in your blood and
the consequences of that fat are the insulin resistance and arterial crippling and all
these down turn things otherwise it’s numbers on a screen numbers on a graph right how can
we take numbers on a graph and make some kind of visual impact. (Interviewer) I get it but I would say [Dr
Greger] You can do it yourself spin down your blood after a cheeseburger and you’re like
what???!!!! (Interviewer) Ok, yeah I mean ok whatever! But also I mean there weren’t that many
top athletes in there, they’re not at the top top of the game. There were just a few select choices. [Dr Greger] Well maybe (Interviewer) The runner
that looked good God bless her. A strongman who’s not at the top of their
game. [Dr Greger] Maybe these athletes seeing this
would….(Interviewer) They took one mixed martial arts fight between a vegan and a meat
eater and he happened to lose. [Dr Greger] So maybe all we need to do is
open up their mind and have people try it and then… So why are people eating the way they are? They’re eating the way they are because
they were taught this is what you eat to be strong this is what you eat to be fast this
is what you eat for endurance. So it’s just to open their minds so they
think “wait a second you can eat this this this and still be at the top of your game
wow maybe I’ll give it a try!”

Randall Smitham