April 3, 2020
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Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Can a ketogenic diet reverse diabetes in thin people?

– What does the research
tell us about ketogenic diets
for thin people with type II diabetes?
Specifically would a ketogenic
diet be a good option for
diabetes reversal for people
of southeast Asian descent?
– So the answer to that is yes.
And so patients of southeast
Asian descent do tend to
develop diabetes at a much
lower weight than in many
other parts of the world,
and so they may not have
100 pounds to lose, but it
doesn’t mean that changing
the content of the diet won’t
lead to successful diabetes
reversal just as it would with
any other patient population.
So I would really encourage
people of south Asian descent
to consider this as a
treatment for type II diabetes,
really important.

Randall Smitham



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