January 19, 2020
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but have the benefits in the long run is
that you get better immune system better
skin and a better aspect of life morning
guys just woke up and I am on a 12-hour
drive fast right now
copy shut up so if you’ve been following
me on Instagram or just follow me in
life or if you just know me you know
that I do the whole intermittent fasting
lifestyle that was comfy she just got a
shower and that’s why she’s super noisy
she’s like rubbing her hair against
everything anyway so speaking of water
that’s what a dry fast is it’s a
restraint from all liquids so I started
this dry fast 9:00 p.m. last night it is
actually 12:00 p.m. today I’m beyond 12
hours of dry fasting and 11 12
so I’m actually at 15 hours of being dry
fasted so we already know that fasting
in general is when you restrain from
food and efforts of trying to just
basically detox that was the main reason
that fasting in general is created one
of the interesting things is that
fasting was used way back when and it’s
only now that it’s starting to become
more mainstream you look at biblical
days fasting was almost a way of life
you know I mean you looked at primal
days fasting was inevitable we had to
fast we were hunter and gatherers and we
had to stay in a fasted state before we
could catch our prey and feast at the
end of the day so our human makeup our
human biology is made to work
efficiently when there are periods of
fasting so that’s part of the reason why
fasting has become so popular today
a lot of old age styles of diets of
eating or of fitness and wellness I
guess you could say is starting to arise
again in this new age of health diet and
lifestyle so people are starting to see
the potential benefits of fasting so
again if you guys know me I do the whole
fasting I do an average of 20 hours
fasted almost 4 or 5 days a week and my
results has been pretty great check the
link in the bottom and I’ll have a video
of my results of basically 12 months or
a whole year of intermittent fasting I
say wrong this is my results from 12
hours or beyond 12 hours which is
basically 15 hours of being in a dry
fasted State so keep in mind 9 o’clock
last night was when I started my dry
fast right and I slept late last night I
slept like around 350 around 4 o’clock
a.m. in the morning basically 4 a.m. in
the morning and around 3 a.m. I was
getting really hungry
so basically 6 hours after my last meal
and my last time drinking any form of
liquid I was hungry I got hungry and I
don’t know what started the hunger it
was probably because I had a big I had a
big meal guys I had ice cream all right
2 cups of ice cream and bananas and had
some steak and I had a big jug of iced
tea and a big jug of water and 6 hours
man I got hungry and I think it’s
because of the high consumption of sugar
that I had 6 hours prior at 9 p.m. and
the hunger basically happened when your
blood sugar is dropping you know I mean
once your blood Sugar’s dropping boom
you get hungry and we all know how that
feels like when you’re hungry
stupid hunger oh yeah went to bed 4
o’clock I woke up at 10:30 I basically
had her on 6 or 7 hours of sleep I don’t
know if being dry fasted affected my
sleep or not but I woke up feeling
alright I actually woke up from dreaming
and after you remember my dream right I
was someplace riding a bike and I was
actually trying to run away from some
crazy girl ha ha it was it was a girl
like I don’t even know I don’t know if
it’s because I’m a hole no fat journey
thing or whatever but I was running away
from a girl that kind of wanted to get
at me and I was not about her at all it
was weird it was funny but we’re dating
the life of me right woke up at 10:30 I
remembered what my I remembered my dream
started to plan out this day and I knew
was gonna record this today because I
want to give you guys a rundown on what
I experienced on just 12 hours of
fasting those to sum it all up what I
experienced was clarity all right when I
woke up I’ve had a mental clarity
usually when I wake up I want to grab my
phone and I want to go and Instagram I
want to check in notifications I want to
check emails I want to check my
subscriber count on you to who I become
basically plugged into a system today
when I woke up I was more in my body I
guess you could say I was more aware of
my body
and I don’t know if it’s just because
I’m doing a 12 hour fast and I’m aware
that I’m on a 12 hour fast but I was
more I felt more in tune with myself not
only that I also felt confident knowing
that I’m doing my body good by putting
myself in this state
I have zero hunger right I’m not hungry
yet oh I could I could fast for another
12 hours if I needed to do to be honest
like I feel fine and also keep in mind I
am dry fasted so I have not drank water
or consumed any liquid I have not
showered you know I have it I didn’t
even brush my teeth one of the one of
the modes and dry fasting is where you
don’t even brush your teeth or wash your
hands because you can absorb water
through your hands and all that kind of
stuff but I won’t get into that you have
15 hours of dry fasting my results is
dis I feel fine I feel actually a little
lighter a little clearer minded and more
Zen can I describe it as that and the
thing is and one of the most shocking
things is is that I’m not thirsty or am
i hungry right now I’m gonna do a quick
body composition so you guys can see
where I’m at
Dorota physique is like I probably
should have took a video of how I look
like bloated so you guys could kind of
get the general idea of how my body
looks like that’s compared to no PS I
only work out five days a week for 30
minutes that’s the average however go if
you guys are fitness questions let me
know I hope you guys are with that admit
Instagram and we could work something
out all right
well that is my results from Tolliver’s
of dry fasting oh so why would you want
to drive fast
that’s probably something I should have
addressed in the beginning of this video
huh you’d want to try fast because
there’s research showing that dry
fasting actually multiplies the results
of intermittent fasting or being in a
fasted state by three times so they said
something like 24 hours of dry fasting
equals three days of water fasting and
part of the reason why you want to fast
in general is for a toff adji all right
it’s the renewal of cells to break down
of old broken-down cells and increasing
the stronger cells or basically
basically survival of the fittest you
know what I’m saying one of the videos
that I watched in regards to fasting a
guy described it as think of it as your
body like a swamp all right there is
there’s moisture in your body there is
parasites in your body and they survive
from moisture they survive from water
feeding off the minerals in your body
and all of that when you lessen the
water all right
then when you’re just like in a swamp
when you lessen the water you get rid of
the water the parasites will die
all right the parasites will die and
what’s left is room for more to grow
actual you vegetation to grow I hope
that made sense but now the benefits in
the long run is that you get better
immune system better skin and a better
aspect of life yeah that is my 12 hours
of being dry fasted have you guys ever
tried fasted have you guys even heard of
dry fasting do you guys fast in general
if you have never dried fasted or fasted
ever I highly recommend intermittent
fasting all right changed my life
changed my aspect of fitness or it
changed my relationship with food and my
relationship of how I see hunger so yeah
I highly recommend that I highly
recommend trying that out I’ll have
another video of intermittent fasting
and my results again just stay tuned
subscribe so you guys can see that video
shortly in the meantime check out my
other videos all right if you are a guy
this channel is definitely aimed towards
bettering you all right
helping you to have an edge and life
helping you have that alpha mindset is
basically going to help you to become
man that you can be nice thank you very
much for watching if you got anything
from this video be sure to like this
video comment down below let me know
what you guys think and I’m just very
thankful for your time so as always god
bless you and unless they ever

Randall Smitham



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