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Easy 10-Minute Butter-Basted Garlic Steak | #SoBasic

Today, we’re raising the stakes on this episode of So Basic, I’ll be showing you a five-ingredient, 10-minute steak that tastes like it came off the restaurant menu. I’m Grant and today we’re making a butter-basted garlic steak. (light upbeat music) Mmmm, yummy. Alright, so let’s get started on our steaks. I’m using New York strip steaks today. There’s a nice little fat cap here but there’s not too much of it. I don’t like to get a steak with too much fat on the outside because you want it to be able to cook in the pan and get nice and melty but if it’s too thick it might be a little grisly. And if you look at the inside, there’s a little bit of marbleization but not too much. If you want some helpful tips on how to buy some budget-friendly steaks, just click the link below, we’re gonna post the story for you on our website and you can read all about it. Now over here, I have a big cast iron pan. You wanna make sure you’re using a really big pan and what happens if you overcrowd your pan is the meat will sort of start to steam. You don’t want it to steam because then you don’t get any of that yummy caramelization on the outside of the steaks. We wanna bring our pan up to a really, really high heat so while that’s heating up, I’m going to season our steaks a little bit and I’m using canola oil today. Canola oil has a really high smoke point and we wanna make sure we’re using something that has a high smoke point because we’re gonna cook these at a really, really high temperature and that way our oil isn’t gonna burn which means our steak isn’t gonna burn. You just need a little bit because we just wanna prevent the steaks from sticking to the pan. Another way we’re gonna prevent the steaks from sticking to the pan is by using room temperature meat. I let this sit out for about a half an hour before we started cooking it. If you put cold steak into a pan, it’s gonna stick to the pan and it’s gonna be really hard to flip and you’re never gonna get that really yummy caramelization. And now we’re just gonna season it. You wanna use a little more salt than you think you might need. So, I say about a teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half per side. Now, typically a lot of recipes, they would say to pepper your steak now. I personally don’t like to pepper my steak until the end because I feel like pepper actually has a tendency to burn if you put it into a really hot pan. Let me go wash up really quickly. (water running) Alright, I’m gonna grab some paper towels because I’m gonna oil our pan as it starts to come up to the heat but we don’t wanna put too much oil in the pan because then it’ll have a tendency to smoke and have the pan burn but it will get a little smokey. So, a little bit of oil goes in, and I just like to take a paper towel and carefully just rub it around and get any excess oil out of the bottom of the pan. And once it starts to get a little smokey like this, it looks like we’re almost ready to put our steaks into the pan so I’m gonna grab our tongs. Try to get all that salt on there and I’m just gonna put our steaks slowly into the pan. (pan sizzles) And again, over here. And now, one of the most important steps whenever you make a steak at home, we’re just gonna leave it, just like this. If you start to touch them and move them around the pan, not only are they not gonna get that really good, delicious caramelization, but they’re gonna have a tendency to stick. And now we wait. (pan sizzles) (record scratching) I’m gonna go through and read some of your questions and comments when it comes to steak. Hannah commented and said I can’t eat steak rare. As for well done, the steak is over-cooked. With medium, the steak is juicy, delicious, and perfect. They’re kinda like meeting everybody in the middle, literally. ‘Cause you are. Captain commented and said he likes the steak cooked medium rare, the steak doesn’t become too tough and it has great flavor. Aye, aye captain. Rahshan commented and said I don’t know what’s what but I like mine all the way done. Audrey commented and said I don’t have steak problems because I’m (beeps) awesome. You know what, Audrey? You are awesome and if you wanna learn how to make an awesome steak, keep watching this video. (fast-paced clapping) So, I haven’t touched these guys at all, I’m gonna touch them for the first time and if they feel a little loose and it does, that means it’s ready to flip. So, we’re just gonna flip them over, check that out. That beautiful caramelization. I’m gonna flip this one too. There we go. Alright so I just flipped our steaks and now we’re gonna start basting our steaks. Like I told you guys before, we’re making a restaurant-quality steak at home and I think the best way to get that flavor is to use a little bit of butter at the end. We’re just gonna kinda finish it off with some butter and that’s gonna give it that flavor. Butter has a much lower smoke point so we can’t cook our steaks in butter but we can finish them with butter. So, we’re gonna do about a tablespoon of butter per steak and that’s gonna melt down pretty quickly. While that’s melting down, I’m gonna crush up two cloves of garlic. You can leave the skins on, it doesn’t matter, and some herbs, whatever herbs you have. I have a little bit of thyme here, some rosemary, and some sage. It’s gonna pop a little bit but that’s alright. (sirens wailing) And now to baste, all we do is, I like to tip the pan a little bit like this and then all the butter is gonna come down here. I’m gonna push my garlic in there so it gets nice and garlicky flavored and then we just take our butter and baste it right over the top of the steaks. This is gonna add some delicious flavor. So again, I’m gonna do it on this side and I’m gonna tip it the other way. Beautiful. Right, so these steaks are about ready to come out of the pan. I’m gonna grab another pair of tongs. So, I’m gonna take them out of the pan, put these guys right over here. So, we just took our steaks out of the pan. This is probably the most important step whenever you cook steak is we’re gonna let it rest. All of those juices and all of that steak juice that’s inside of there, it’s all going nuts. It’s hot, it’s flowing, and if we slice it right now, it’s all gonna just run out and all that effort that we put into making a nice, yummy, juicy steak is gone. So, you wanna make sure that you let it rest and that way all those juices have a little time to settle and that when we slice it, we’re gonna have a nice, juicy, moist butter-basted garlic steak. (record scratching) We asked you guys on Youtube how you like your steak cooked and this is what you said. Rare, 4%, medium rare, 26%, medium, 24%, and well done, 46%. I have to say that I am shocked by these poll results. I am personally shooke by them that 46% of you prefer your steak well done. That is the majority of you and I am kind of surprised by that. Today, I am cooking the steak medium rare but you can follow the same recipe whether you like it down a little bit more or a little bit less, all you have to do is look for the internal temperature. Rare, 120 to 130, medium rare, 130 to 140, medium, 140 to 150, and well done, 160 to 170. For a full guide on how to cook a perfect steak, just head over to our website at this link. (upbeat festive music) (fast-paced clapping) So, our steak is rested for a good amount of time so now it’s ready to slice it up. Now, another important step whenever you’re going to slice a steak, you wanna identify where the grain of the steak is and you wanna slice against the grain. So, for this particular steak, I’m just gonna angle my knife like this and I’m gonna slice it this way kinda of a little diagonal and if you wanted to, you can just serve one steak per person but personally I like to get two steaks and I think this is enough for four people so I just like to slice it up and then put it on the table and you kinda stretch it about that way. Nobody knows that you used two steaks, they think that you used four. So, we’re just gonna start slicing that up a little bit and I like my steak to be nice and thin. I know other people prefer thicker slices but do whatever you like. Looks nice and tender. Alright, so let’s put this guy on our plate and then we’ll slice up our second one. Doesn’t that look nice? Perfect color, now we’re gonna slice up steak number two. (upbeat festive music) Now once we have it all plated up, just like to take a little bit of this melted butter that’s leftover in our pan ’cause it’s still has all those herby, garlicky flavors, and just drizzle anything that’s leftover on top. I’m gonna finish it with a little bit of flaky salt and then at this point I like to put on a little bit of pepper, if you like it. If you don’t, you can skip it. And then, just for a little presentation, some of these crispy herbs can go on top because when you garnish something, it just looks so much more beautiful. Look at that. So here is our butter-basted garlic steak. We have it all sliced up. This looks like restaurant-quality steak you’d probably pay a lot of money for. (light upbeat music) (Grant moans) It is so juicy and so flavorful and you can really surprisingly taste all of these herbs that are on top. I love this recipe so much and I can’t wait for you guys to make it at home. In fact, I think if you start making steak at home, you’ll rarely ever order it at a restaurant again. Thank you so much for watching this episode of So Basic. For more videos like these or other recipes, make sure you follow the Rachael Ray show on Youtube or if you make this dish at home, make sure you share it with the hashtag, #grantsobasic. Thanks, guys! (light upbeat music) Raising stakes! (light upbeat music) Mmm, yummy.

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  1. MsDulce619 Posted on September 20, 2018 at 6:39 pm

    I like my steak medium rare, the rest of you are crazy

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    Those Steaks looks absolutely incredibly good..!!!! I bet is so delicious too..!!!! I love steaks.

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