April 8, 2020
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hi guys my name is Raj I’m the KETO COACH MyKetoCoach.com and you’re here because you want to learn how to
make apple cider vinegar in a super simple way that still tastes great and
that’s what you’re going to learn stay tuned I’m gonna go into how to make
apple cider vinegar and I’m before I get into it and I talked about some of the
benefits of apple cider vinegar and how it benefits even people that follow keto
as well currently I’m actually doing OMAD so one meal a day with keto so actually got my meal right here to check out that
beauty we got a couple eggs bacon cheese avocado ground beef and spinach in there
I’m gonna do the seperate video about that but anyways I take my apple cider
vinegar (AVC) after a large meal so it so mad use one meal a day it’s a large meal
within you know a short window of eating so I take it right after to help for
digestion and other benefits I’m gonna talk about so three big benefits of
apple cider vinegar are it has high acetic acid so basically what that is
it’s the highest most valuable property in vinegar and you’re never gonna drink
raw vinegar so apple cider vinegar is the best alternative for that some of
the benefits are helps cholesterol with cholesterol leveling your levels of
cholesterol helps your body detox as well it’s amazing for detoxing and gut
health and lastly there’s been studies for type 2 diabetics anyways the study
was done on how it levels blood sugar so and that equates to appetite suppression
for many of us and that’s another great benefit of apple cider vinegar the other
second big benefit of it’s right over here is it helps ketone production so
all you guys are doing keto ACV apple cider maker is amazing for that and the
reason why is it actually gets the cell to produce more energy out of the cell
so you’re gonna get into a deeper state of ketosis your body’s going to create
more ketones and when you finally ketogenic diet that is one of the
biggest goals lastly I want to talk about with apple cider vinegar is the
mother or not so people who shop drops the apple cider
vinegar will notice it says with mother on it this one’s really small but it
says right there with mother or not with mother so with the mother what that
means is you want in there by the way don’t buy the cheap
one that does not have it because it you do not get the same benefits with the
mother simply means is that it has the probiotic properties in it
it also has I made some notes here so I made sure I quote it properly it has
healthy enzymes and a probiotic bacteria in it again goes back to good gut health
it always looks cloudy so that’s how you know you’ll see apple cider vinegar
that’s completely clear and yellow that has probably does not have the mother in
it the cloudiness is what you want and you’ll see even some em you’ll see a
little stringy things in there that’s what that is and you want that helps
with digestion that’s one of the principles of helping with the digestion
as well again gut health so how do I make it how do I make it taste good so
let me get into it so what you’re gonna need to make your apple cider vinegar
are a few things so small glass of water I don’t put too much water you can add
more I’m all about making it small and just slamming it back because it still
doesn’t taste perfect but it tastes better than just taking it straight so I
use about 1/2 cup of water like this I heat it up for 30 seconds so it’s warm
and that’s one of the secrets so one of the tips is warm water will reduce the
taste of the apple cider vinegar you want a measuring spoon you need a line a
spoon and a straw the tip to is drink it through a straw so if you drink it
through a straw it protects your teeth because the acetic acid is not really
great for enamel especially we drinking on a regular basis the other thing too
is that it’ll bypass your tongue so you won’t taste it as much so big secret and
you’ll want you want to obviously your apple cider vinegar with the mother this
here is cinnamon Ceylon cinnamon is the best but cinnamon will do this here is
cayenne pepper and ground ginger so that’s all you need those simple things
apple cider vinegar the ground ginger cinnamon and cayenne pepper so what
we’re going to do is good we are a glass of water here so first thing I do is
it’s already warm so you’re gonna take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar let
me open this you want to shake it up a little bit
already did that so let me put the glass where you can see it so I’m gonna put
two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in here okay then with the lime you want
to you want to roll the line so another thing too is roll it hard and then this
way when you cut it to squeeze it out reduce it it will juice quite easily so
here it is and we’re going to juice it put this here but you can see this is
really easily now you can use lemon – I use lime just because I think it tastes
better well it’s cinnamon cinnamon here now people use a cap a tablespoon I
don’t even measure it so I’m just gonna top this in here put as much as I want then I think people get hung up on too
much of the measurement and then they don’t end up actually drinking it or
even making it the other is is the cayenne so this one you want to use only
a little bit because they can get spicy real quick so I’m gonna put a little bit
in here like that you put it to taste for this for the the cayenne and ground
ginger so ginger is an amazing ingredient to add let me just figure out
open this and again I put a couple of dashes in here and then I use um you can
use your spoon or I actually use a straw – you normally stir it so let me just do
that so I use a straw because I find it’s quicker to stir now when this is
warmer it does stir easier and it’s just as simple and now now you’re ready to go
and drink this thing so now you can see it’s not much water in here people who
fill in big glass of water they you know if they enjoy the taste and that’s fine
but I don’t so I do this and then I’ll slam it back and then that’s it I have I
have usually two a day so I’ll have one before my after my big meal and then
late in the night if I’m getting hungry or if you’re just starting fasting it’s
a great way to help hunger so I’d have it in the night and some people have in
the morning before they go to work but you can have it at any time and it’s a
great product super simple to make this is how I do it to make it taste
better and is palatable and I think it’s fantastic leave comments below or any
questions that you may have I’ll come back and answer them but take care guys

Randall Smitham