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Easy Healthy Meal Prep for the Week in 1 HOUR!

(upbeat music) – Hey, Munchies! For our meal prep video this week, we are keeping it efficient and effective with a prep that takes only one hour. I do think meal prep in some fashion is gonna help most people stay on track, but it doesn’t have to
mean prepping everything or spending your entire
weekend slaving away. All month long, I have been showing dinner meal prep
following my 3-2-1 System. So that is three main ingredients, and we create two different meals with the one hour of prep. But today, we have got all of that along with lunch and breakfast, all being done in one hour. If you spend a few minutes planning ahead, you will save loads of
time, and money too. I teach effective and
efficient meal prepping in my Meal Prep Ignite course. Check it out to learn more
at mealprepignite.com. Breakfast today are
these easy breakfast bars that only contain five main ingredients. The rest is optional. In a pot over medium
heat, add almond butter, honey, and coconut oil. Simmer until thick and integrated, about two to three minutes. Then fold in some rolled
oats, almond flour, cinnamon, salt, and mix-ins if you’d like. I went with shredded
coconut, pumpkin seeds, and dried blueberries. But get creative and use
the mix-ins that you like. Transfer that mixture
to a pan lined with foil and press it into it
so it’s firm and even. Refrigerate or freeze for at least an hour before slicing into bars. (light electronic music) Then you can store them in
the fridge for the week, or freeze for the month. Oh man! These are salty and
sweet, and so satisfying. The almond butter keeps
them satiating and savory. The honey and those dried blueberries add a natural sweetness that hits the spot at breakfast when I just don’t feel like eggs, vegetables, or cooking. I love how versatile this recipe is too! You can switch up the flavors
every time you make it. Okay, for lunch we are making these super easy sesame Buddha bowls. This is a plant-based bowl
that you can add chicken or another protein if preferred. Protein is usually the most intensive part of meal prep day, so going meatless for a few meals is a great way to not only help the
planet and our bodies, but it also keeps meal prep efficient too. First, I drain and
rinse a can of chickpeas and dry them off with paper towels. I add butternut squash, chopped red onion, Brussels sprouts, and chickpeas to baking sheets, and top with oil, salt, and pepper. Simple! (upbeat music) Roast that up, and in the
meantime, cook your rice. I opted for frozen rice to
keep my meal prep fast today. I’m on a time limit here! You just throw it in the
microwave and it’s good to go. For my sauce, I combined peanut butter or almond butter with sesame oil, soy sauce, honey, lime juice, garlic powder, and ground ginger. Yum! No salt is needed,
thanks to the soy sauce. Once my sheet pans are out of the oven, I can distribute the rice, veggies, and sauces in my containers
to store for the week. I like to store my sauce
in a separate container to keep the meal lasting longer, and this also gives you the option to use other sauces to switch up the flavor profiles if you want. The rice is plain, and
the veggies are seasoned with only salt and pepper,
so you can really go crazy. Barbecue sauce, buffalo,
ranch, honey mustard, whatever you like can work here, and it keeps lunch quick too. For dinner this week, we
have got a 3-2-1 dinner, using a protein, veggie,
and carb as always. Rotisserie chicken, bell
peppers, and mangoes? Fruit is a great option
for your carbohydrate! It doesn’t have to be a grain or a squash. You can switch it up. We are making Mexican chicken
chili stuffed peppers, and sweet pepper and mango soup so we can have two different
kinds of dinners this week. First, I roast up bell
peppers for my soup. On the sheet pan and into the oven they go to broil until blistered. In the meantime, I pull
the rotisserie chicken off of the bone. Not having to cook this protein keeps my dinner meal prep quick. But you can also skip
the protein completely, if needed, and use alternatives
like beans or tofu. For the Mexican-inspired chili, I sauteed onion and oil in
a sauce pan until tender, and then I add the tops
of my bell peppers. The rest are for the stuffing, but no need to throw away the tops. I also add mango and black beans and saute for another two minutes. Add a can of diced tomatoes. Canned goods are another way
to keep these meals quick. Chili powder, cumin, and salt and pepper. Stir in half of that rotisserie chicken and season the whole
mixture to taste as needed. You could use additional
beans instead of chicken for a vegetarian or vegan meal. The filling is ready to be stuffed into the peppers, and if desired, top it off with cheese. I store mine for the week like this in an oven-safe baking dish, but you can also roast
them now and then store it. Whichever you prefer, dinner is ready to go in a matter of minutes. At least dinner number one! What about that second dinner? Our roasted sweet pepper and mango soup. But first, in case you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe
and hit the bell. I have got more meal prep
coming all month long. Okay, back to the soup. Remember those peppers that
we added to the oven earlier? It’s time to take them out. Once the peppers have blistered, allow them to sit for about 10 minutes and then remove the skins. It is easier to do under running water. Then add those to a
blender with chopped mango, vegetable broth, and grated ginger, lime juice, rice vinegar,
and salt and pepper. Get it nice and smooth, and then transfer to a pot over the stove to heat before throwing in
that rotisserie chicken. Now you can totally leave this out and serve it with rice
for a plant-based meal. This soup is so tasty! And the best part is that it
can be served cold or warm. I like to make a side salad that I can serve with
either of these dinners to add another component,
and to add variety. It is super simple. Just Swiss chard, or you can use kale, spinach, or another dark, leafy green. All of these last longer than romaine, and will last the week. Either way, remove the stems
if needed or preferred, and then chop it up. I prefer the taste of Swiss chard to kale. It’s less bitter and more
mild, similar to spinach, but either is fine. I add it to a bowl lined with paper towels to help keep the leaf from wilting. I top that with grated
Parmesan and slivered almonds, and I store the dressing separately. You can use store bought or make your own. I made one with olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, garlic powder, and salt and pepper. Add to your salad as
need throughout the week. And you’ve got two different dinners, but also delicious
breakfast and lunch options ready to go to keep you on track, in a prep that only takes an hour if you planned it out right! I teach you how in my
Meal Prep Ignite course, and this year, we actually
relaunched the program as a 2.0, because we added an application that will calculate your
grocery list for you. We are really excited about it. You can check out more
at mealprepignite.com. I hope you found this meal prep helpful. Remember to take what you
want and make it your own. The point isn’t to
replicate what I do here, but to find your way to meal prep and your way to live healthily. We’re all different and we’ve gotta learn what works for us to know. I appreciate you being here. More meal prep coming all
month long, so stay tuned! And remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

Randall Smitham



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