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Easy Keto Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Whipped Icing

– Hey, guys, today on
Low Carb with Jennifer
we are making this delicious
keto chocolate cake
and a chocolate whipped cream icing.
It’s a super easy cake whenever you have
that chocolate craving hit.
You can find the link to the recipe
in the Description below
or you can go to jenniferbanz.com
and search for chocolate cake.
(upbeat music)
Okay we’re going to get started
on this easy chocolate cake.
It’s a keto chocolate cake
and all we’re going to do
is dump all of these
ingredients into this bowl,
mix it up, and bake it,
and then our frosting is
going to be super simple.
It’s going to be just powdered sweetener,
and heavy cream, and some chocolate.
So this is just an easy
cake recipe, no fuss.
You know, just whenever
you have a cake craving
and you want some cake, chocolate cake.
So that was six eggs, and now we’ve got
some melted butter we’re going to add.
(upbeat music)
And then we’ve got some Swerve here,
it’s three quarters of a cup of Swerve.
We’ve got baking powder,
we’ve got cocoa powder,
and this is coconut flour.
And I know that coconut flour
is really kind of finicky,
so sometimes it is more
absorbent than others,
so we’re going to look
at this and make sure
that it absorbs really
well before we bake it,
and we may need to add more.
And you can use an
electric mixer if you want,
and I’m going to do that.
(electric mixer whirring)
(upbeat music)
I’m going to finish mixing
this with a spatula.
That is exactly how we want
our cake batter to look.
It’s nice and thick, but not too thick,
and it’s really, really good.
And you could use this
batter to make cupcakes
if you wanted to, or mini cupcakes.
And now we’re ready for our–
This is just a little casserole dish
and that we’ve sprayed,
and now we’re going to add
the batter into the dish.
(upbeat music)
And the way that keto baking works
is you really can’t
test it with a toothpick
kind of like a traditional cake,
you just kind of have to, I
don’t want to say wing it,
but you just have to make
sure that it gets done,
just make sure it’s springy on top
but it’s still going to be
a little wet on the inside.
If you let it cook too long,
this will get extremely dry,
so you have to be careful
not to overcook it.
Okay, and that is ready for the oven.
So while our cake is cooking,
I’m going to go ahead and make a frosting,
which is super simple, it’s
going to be some heavy cream.
So, because we don’t want
our frosting to be lumpy,
and usually cocoa powder is lumpy,
so I’m going to sift it in here.
(upbeat music)
This is getting all of those lumps.
And now I’m also going to
sift the powdered sweetener,
and I don’t know if I’m
going to use all of this.
I’m going to add half, and then
after it’s finished whipping
I’m going to taste and make
sure it’s not too sweet.
This has a lot of lumps.
This is a powdered, sugar-free sweetener
and I’m glad that I sifted it.
Okay, I’m going to ahead,
I’m going to wash my hands,
and then I’m going to mix this.
I almost forgot, got to add the vanilla.
Okay, and now we can mix this up.
And you want to mix it up to stiff peaks.
(upbeat music)
Okay, let’s see how this tastes.
Mmm, and that’s super chocolaty.
I’m going to add in the
rest of this sweetener.
Okay, our frosting is all ready,
it’s the perfect amount
for the top of that cake.
And if you wanted to
make like a layered cake,
or you wanted to make
it in like a cake pan
where you want to frost the sides,
you might want to double
this frosting recipe.
But this is just enough
for like a snack, snack.
Snack cake size.
Okay, so when our cake
comes out of the oven
we’re going to let it
cool before we frost it
because if we don’t, all of our frosting
is just going to melt,
and it’s going to be —
So let’s just set this aside,
you actually might want to
set this in the refrigerator
and keep it cold before
you put it on the cake.
Okay, our cake is all
out and I cooled it down
in the refrigerator, so
it’s all ready to be iced.
So let’s do that.
(upbeat music)
Perfect amount of frosting.
Just like that.
And now we’re going to cut a slice.
(upbeat music)
Super excited, I’ve been
craving chocolate cake.
Oh yeah.
Look at that.
It is super moist
and so chocolaty.
That is good.
Hold on, I have chocolate in my teeth.
So, of course, you can
find the recipe for this–
You can find the link for this recipe
in the Description below,
or you can go to jenniferbanz.com
and search for keto chocolate cake,
and you will find this recipe,
and you will also find
my chocolate mud cake
that is out of this world delicious,
and I’m so glad that
you watched this video.
Thank you for watching.
I will talk to you guys later.
(upbeat music)

Randall Smitham



  1. oops sugarsorry Posted on April 19, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Hi I am thankful for this recipe I only wish you would have mixed all the baking powder and other gross tasting powdered items first together. I am not sure if you've ever had any baked goods with a bike phone baking powder it's disgusting disappointing shocking and it can hinder you from ever eating banana bread again. LOL I know that you're not making banana bread however you are making stuff with flowers and salts and baking powder is mixed together and I saw clumps all the way through you didn't move the stick at all really so when I make it I'm going to just really make sure that I blend all those powdered ingredients together first and then mix in the wet. I'm hoping that it's not dry I'm not really a fan of coconut powder and I don't know how to work with almond but I really want to do low carb my kitchen is a disaster when I bake. Yikes…. Yours is SO BEAUTIFUL.

  2. oops sugarsorry Posted on April 19, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    Oh could you please put a link to your blog page in your email that you send to me weekly . I want to go directly to your page from my email too please. I am going to go to your page on the link below. Thanks again for the recipe, I am going to do it now hopefully if I have all the ingredients…… Yippie I hope so. I am going to scour your page for lemon pie crusts mmmmm

  3. Stephan Blake Posted on April 20, 2019 at 4:55 pm

    I want to bake like Jennifer when I grow up 😍😭

  4. Aly Gire Posted on April 22, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    Do you use powder or granulated sweetener in the cake mix? Thanks 😁