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today is gonna be the day they’ll melt
the bad one hey all right now tell you
somehow gotta make the leanness happen
hello squadies I Phil Mackenzie founder of the leansquad
and today I’m gonna show
you how to cook meal in under 30
minutes that still tastes amazing here
are the ingredients we’re gonna make it
in less than 30 minutes this kind of
meal is the key to making you feel so
good all day long first things first
you’re gonna grab your red pepper
little-known fact
full of vitamin C for the winter months
this is great for the my body and
leanness we were just gonna simply cut
our peppers into halves just slice the
pepper nice and easy and then that is
what you’re left with here’s another way
to cut a pepper this is how you do it
you just take a step back look a right
dead center ooh
get rid of all the kind of gunk in the
middle because we want to make room for
our leanness we are using beef to go
inside here all right next step is to
grab a cab you’re gonna roll it up I am
gonna use some olive oil not too much
just a tablespoon or two and then we’re
going to put in we are gonna throw in
the beef all right this is minced beef
you can use any ground or minced meat
you like we’re gonna want really small
tasty crumbly bits of beef in these
stuffed peppers so the beef is browned
we don’t want to overcook it
low to medium heat here she really just
browning the beef because it’s gonna go
in the oven so up next is you grab your
spices first up some garlic powder
garlic powder all right she just – this
in there whoo I love the garlic so I’m
gonna go a little wild garlic is really
really good for the body it keeps you
healthy and happy and then we’ve got
paprika and I love this spice and I
sweat it out I’m gonna keep out the
tablet of an all-time-high some chili
powder okay I like it’s spicy spicy
equals leanness spicy also equals TC is
a bit of a challenge and this is a
really really spicy one Ds cayenne
but again all these flavors are gonna
combine to make one spicy Southwest
style stuffed pepper okay and then just
a dash of cumin here you want to get
that in there
and let those flavors combine you bring
the best out of these peppers so you
just mix everything and remember you
want to make sure your minced beef is
extra bitsy
you want tiny little chunks tiny little
itty bitty pieces there we go
all right next up it’s nearly done I’m
grabbing this leafy green ‘us spinach
good for the body it has so many
nutrients in it really nutrient dense
we’re gonna get him in there
just like that okay we’re gonna let the
beef and the heat from the pan wilt the
spinach away all right so this is gonna
get nice and wilted when I get his buck
fat in the pan you don’t want to miss
hopefully you’re a man out of course he
is better than mine and there we go
mix it and again you can crank down the
heat if your beef is ready to go we’re
just gonna add a little bit of salt okay
to really make the most of this meal
there you go find the lead one final
lean one
whew we’re going with this one all right
so now you just take that beefy tasty
flavorful leanness and you just stuffed
with bell pepper just like that you are
going to get a sheet pan and this one is
extra big you got lots of bell peppers
and you’re just going to put a little
bit of all of you have spray that’s
here’s gonna
there we go this is just so the bell
peppers don’t stick alright so there we
go we got one bell pepper ready last
step before we send this plate of
leanness into the oven for 15 minutes is
some crushed pine nuts like I said these
have healthy fats we’re gonna crisp up
though crush them up okay real nice
little crunchy tasty bits and go on top
of our spicy Southwest stuffed peppers
so this time I crunch it take my knife
blue they’re crunchy leave this a little
handful there and sprinkle it on top of
all of the bell peppers so this combined
with my surprise at the end is laying
the foundation for 25 15 to 20 minutes
but one is those peppers nice and soft
but not to birds you gotta keep an eye
on them and you just take a sneaky peek
they look amazing so I know they’re
ready to come out they’re ready to have
the final lean touches done so I’m going
in to get out a little assesses oh oh
that’s the sound of leanness right there
and this is the final touch because I
said this is a lean meal we’ve got the
nutrients from the bed the peppers we’ve
also got the pine nuts the protein the
fiber the healthy fats and now we’re
gonna add a little bit more fat to this
lean mix you just get the cheese there
and get it all over these to really
bring this spicy mix all together there
we go
ready to rock and roll these are going
back in the oven for just a couple
okay same temperature all right this is
the moment we’ve all been waiting for
clear away BP BP BP beep incoming
traffic – how beautiful is that look how
good is it smell pulling could smell
this it smells amazing
Lee Magazine and I said you can use beef
you can use turkey you can even use tofu
it is up to you but that is how simple
it is spices vegetables protein all
mixed together top it off with some
cheese and we have greenness in under 30
minutes so please please please if you
have any questions comment below DMV
check out w WX quarter calm and get
ready full of next lien episode

Randall Smitham



  1. Eli Magids Posted on January 29, 2019 at 4:57 pm

    Love it Lean Squad– I am gonna start singing on my videos! — Great energy !!!! And I am Trying to low carb it too !May try this !

  2. A Real Kitchn Posted on January 29, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    What fun!! Your fun personality just comes through the screen…and this recipe looks spicy delish!!

  3. Stefanie and Caleb Posted on January 30, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    This is great! I am always looking for new meals to cook as well as ones that don't take too long!