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Eating Healthy For One

Eating healthy is important, but sometimes it can be
difficult to stick with it when you’re just
cooking for yourself. (calm music) So today, I’m getting
some great advice on how to avoid
reaching for junk food, when preparing a meal for one. So today I am with Sara Haus. Now Sara, my mom used to tell me that cooking for
one is just as easy as cooking for two or more, and we all know
that eating for one can sometimes mean take-out
food, or snack food, but you have some tips to make
sure we’re eating healthy, when we’re cooking
a meal for one. And you say it all starts
with a well-stocked panty. – I think that, you know, sometimes it’s a time
management issues. If you’re living by yourself,
you might not wanna cook and maybe you don’t
have the time. The pantry is where
I wanted to start, because I think if you
have a stocked pantry, you are gonna have
a lot of the basics that make it easy
to start a meal. And it usually starts
with a whole grain, and I personally love
quinoa and bulgur, because they both
cook really quickly. We’re conquering time
here with those grains. And then canned items, like
canned vegetables, fruits, proteins like beans and tuna. Your pantry can be
your best friend. – And the next thing,
which I’m a huge fan of, is making sure you’re
using your freezer. – I do a lot of my
cooking on the weekend, and I think that’s a good
tip for a lot of people, too. You know, cook a
batch of whole grains, they freeze really well, and then you can tear off
portions as you need ’em. – Part of it is time management, so you’re cooking ahead of
time, preparing your meals, and then saving it for later, and using it
throughout the week. – Exactly. – And then your third tip,
is very straight forward, very fundamental,
keep it simple. – Keep it simple. I mean, I think we
have these expectations that whenever we eat it needs to be some
sort of gourmet meal, and that’s not practical,
and it’s not realistic, and you’re kind of setting
yourself up for failure when you do that. So, just have fun, but make
sure your meal tastes good and is nourishing. You know, use your
pantry to build it. Use your refrigerator
and freezer. And you’re gonna have
a great meal, that’s, it’s not gonna stress you out. – And it’s easy, and
it’s healthy, and
you did it yourself. – Absolutely. – OK, so we’re gonna
make something today. What are we making? – So we’re just gonna
make a simple grain bowl, is what I like to call it. (upbeat music) From the freezer, I
pulled the quinoa, and it usually, I
like to start it with about a half a
cup of the whole grain. Literally, you can pull from
wherever, to put in this bowl, and you can utilize
anything that’s leftover, or anything that’s
in your pantry. Beans is the first thing. We’re gonna, those
are garbanzo beans. – [Jane] So these go in here? – Yup. The next thing is just
a bunch of vegetables, and I call flavorful items. So, I like, we
eat with our eyes, and a lot of the most nutritious
foods are bright in color, so we’re just doing about
a half a cup of everything. Shredded carrot. – And these you can get
pre-shredded at the store, how easy does it get? – Time management. Pickled onions. – Mm. – And then some feta cheese,
for a little more flavor, as much as you want. Toasted pumpkin seeds for
a little extra protein. – [Jane] Mm! – Kalamata olives for
a little more flavor and a little of
that healthy fat. And some hemp seeds for
an additional amount of protein and fiber. And then it all gets topped
with this dressing over here. – [Jane] Sara’s homemade
dressing is made from tahini, lemon juice, grated garlic,
lemon zest, and water. – And then a pinch
of salt and pepper. You could just pour
this over your bowl and you’ve got dinner, and it
really didn’t take that long. – That’s fabulous. So this looks delicious,
and it was so easy to make. I can’t wait to try it. But I think we should talk
about the biggest take away, and that is, it’s
easy to cook for one. It can be healthy, it can be
simple, if you just plan ahead. – I couldn’t agree more, and
that’s why I love those tips, of just using your
pantry, your freezer, and keeping it real, because
it’s attainable, right. A nutritious, nourishing
meal for one person is totally achievable
on a weeknight. – I love it. Thank you so much. – [Sara] You’re welcome. – For more healthy eating
ideas, and Sara’s recipe, just head to our website,
livinghealthytv.com. OK, I’m gonna do it again. Do you have, oh yeah!

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