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Eating Healthy For Under $15 A Day – No Sweat: EP22

So you guys might know by now that I am a
huge advocate for healthy eating. But what I do hear a lot is that eating healthy
in Singapore is super expensive. And I don’t blame you for thinking that way
because if you were to eat a salad outside, it can cost you anywhere from $12 to $20 sometimes. And so the producers have thrown me the challenge
of eating healthy under $15 a day. I can choose to eat out or meal prep as long
as I stick to the $15. So I say my normal eating out budget would
be somewhere from $10 to $15 for my meal. It’s just that when I’m eating out, I prefer
to eat healthier options and that can be more expensive in Singapore. To me, $10 for a good quality, wholesome meal
is pretty reasonable and decent. But I do understand that if you’re a student,
$10 can be really pricey for a meal. Back when I was a student and bodybuilding,
I used to eat 5 to 6 meals a day. And at that point of time, I didn’t have a
lot of money to spend on food. So I had to kind of pick and choose what foods
would give me the most nutrition for the least amount of money. And I know that $15 does sound like quite
a strict budget, but I am determined to show you guys that whether you’re eating at a hawker centre, at a coffee shop or meal prepping at home,
it is possible to eat healthier. Alright, so it’s almost the end of the day
and I am done with work. I’m about to head out to go and
do some grocery shopping. And I plan to meal prep for about 3 meals, so that also means my grocery budget cannot exceed $15. First off on my list is vegetables and I think it’s very important to find your vegetables because it’s just one of the
basic micronutrients that we need. So I’m starting off with some broccoli, and
broccoli is a vegetable that I love to keep as a staple because they’re very simple to prepare. They’re super fibrous so they’re
gonna keep you very full. This is about $1.44 for 244 grams.
This will last you a good 2 meals. I am gonna get some spinach with me. This is $3.65 and it might sound like quite
pricey to pay, but just think about the micronutrients that you’re getting out of spinach. You get
all the irons, all the vitamins that you need. And basically all the fibre that you
need in a day as well. This can last you about a good 2 meals and I think that as a base of your meal, this is definitely worth spending a bit more on. So the next thing I’m gonna look at is carbs. And over here, I have some Japanese sweet potatoes. It’s so voluminous and filling, and just packed with so many vitamins and good nutrients that you need. And it’s a slow-digesting carb so it’s gonna
keep you fuller longer. And I think that’s a great tip for when you’re
grocery shopping. You wanna focus on foods that a voluminous and keep you fuller for longer. And there are a good 6 potatoes inside for
$2.30, so that’s about $0.30 or $0.40 a potato. Honestly 1 whole potato can be your carbs for a meal. So I do believe that for a healthy balanced
diet, you should definitely eat a lot of fruits. And I have decided to go for bananas.
It’s $1.50, but I get 4 bananas. It’s just packed with all the potassium, nutrients
and good vitamins that you need. It has good sugars for you to get your energy
back up to speed throughout the day as a snack. As far as affordable protein goes, nothing beats eggs. Here is a carton of 10 and this is $1.60.
That works out to $0.16 an egg. And for amount of protein you’ll get within
each egg, you get a good 6 to 7 grams of protein. So I think as far as meats go, I’m looking
for chicken breast. And over here I managed to find chicken breast fillet. It’s 150 grams for $1.90 and I think this
will last me for just about 1 meal. That’s the thing about shopping in Singapore
for meats. I think the best is if you can go to Sheng Siong or one of those, like Giant,
and you can get 2 kg worth of chicken breast frozen. That’s a great tip actually. If you get it
frozen and not fresh, it’s a lot cheaper. And I think also if you’re buying meats on
a budget, then definitely things like beef, salmon and pork are luxury meats for you. In some ways it’s good also because I do think that white meat is a lot healthier than red meat, personally. Like I personally like eating chicken breast
and fish a lot more than red meats like beef, because I just think that the fat content of beef is also a lot higher, and the cholesterols are also a lot higher. And if you are vegetarian or vegan then silken
tofu is a great source of protein for you, because it’s a whole meal. You have your carbs and your protein, all
you gotta do is add veggie to this. So my grocery haul is now standing at $14,
just under my $15 budget. I think I got the right amount of carbs, proteins
and veggies that I need to last me a good 2 days. I think that being humble about your eating
actually makes you eat a lot healthier? I got very highly nutrient-dense foods. I think that’s really the key if you are
shopping on a budget. And with cooking yourself, you control how much salt and seasoning and oil that goes into your food. So it might not seem like you are saving a
lot of money as compared to eating out, when you can get all these cheap options outside. But just think of the money that you save,
I know it sounds kinda morbid, but in the future, all your medical bills or your health
issues that you have to deal with, and all the thousands of dollars you’re
gonna spend there. If you can really control the foods that go into your body, then I believe that you are investing in yourself. Alright, so I’m home and I just put all my
Japanese sweet potatoes inside the air-fryer. So if you have an oven at home, or an air-fryer
or a steamer, then it will come in handy. This is seriously like my ultimate favourite
snack, because it’s so easy to prepare. It’s sweet, it’s a slow digesting carb so
it doesn’t give you a crazy sugar spike. I am starving, so I’m just gonna whip together
a very simple, quick, fuss-free meal. I’m gonna open up this box of tofu and also
very quickly cut up my broccoli. The stem is where there are a lot of very
good nutrients and vitamins, and it’s a bit of a waste if you throw it all away. And very simply just cook my head of broccoli
in the microwave oven. Pro-tip, just put a bit of water at the base, put a lid on top of it then microwave this in the
oven for about 2 minutes, and then you have steamed broccoli. And I’m gonna have half now and then save
the other half for a meal tomorrow. Alright so all in all, this is my dinner for tonight. I have with me some silken tofu for my protein,
Japanese sweet potato for my slow digesting carbs and a full bed of broccoli. And altogether if I were to sum up the cost of this
entire plate, it was $2. It might look like really bland to you, so
if you wanna flavour it you can put your own chilli sauce or soy sauce. But honestly, this keeps me very very healthy and full. So actually, for day number 1, I was
able to keep my meals under $10, not even hitting the $15 mark so
I’m very proud of myself. And I personally don’t feel hungry throughout the day, and it also helped that I was kinda working throughout the rest of the day. And I drank a lot of water so, water keeps you full. Tomorrow I’m gonna be meal prepping and preparing
more food for the rest of the day, and I’m gonna hopefully stay within my budget as well. Good morning! So today is day 2 of my $15
budget challenge. So I’m gonna be preparing for myself some
eggs, and eating a banana for breakfast. I think that that’s gonna fill me up for now,
and then cook a bit more because I have to meal prep for lunch today. Alright guys, here’s how much my beautiful
breakfast costs. Less than $1. I have a sufficient amount of carbs from the banana, the right amount of vitamins
and potassium and protein. And I even sprinkle a bit of ground cinnamon,
it just gives you that a bit of sweetness and at the same time, having cinnamon in the
morning is also great to help lower your blood glucose levels. Like this is very good at regulating your
blood sugar in the morning. So I’m gonna eat this now and then go and
get ready for work. Right now I’m gonna prepare my chicken breast. I have cut up my chicken breast that I purchased
at the market yesterday. And I know this is not part of the budget, but I would say it is worth spending on coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil because this stuff just lasts you for a very long time. You can use it to cook all your foods and
I think it’s definitely worth investing in. Good pepper and also seasoning because I personally
like to flavour my foods with seasonings and spices, not sauces because sauces are added
calories and sugars and fats. I just put a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil. I’m gonna season it with a lot of herbs. I’m gonna put a bit of Himalayan pink salt. This is something else that I recommend you
guys to also invest in and I personally like having pink salt over
white table salt. I think it’s just a lot better for your body. There you have my meal prep cooked chicken breast and I’m gonna have this with my spinach for lunch. Okay so I’m in between filming today and for
lunch it’s a very simple salad. I have my spinach, I have my chicken breast
that I prepared this morning, and I also packed with me some sweet potatoes that I
prepped last night. Personally I know it’s super inconvenient
to meal prep yourself and it takes a lot of time to do so, but I do feel that not only
do you get to save money on food if you meal prep, but you also can control the quality
of the food that goes into your body. And it’s just a lot more nutritious and healthy
for you than eating outside. For dinner tonight, I am having yong tau fu. I have 6 different pieces and the
bee hoon (thin rice vermicelli noodles). I got some tofu and eggs as my protein source,
and my veggies of course. It’s like a super clean, very healthy meal. I think my whole meal, I’d say under 400 calories. For this whole meal, I was able to get it
at $4. I think it’s pretty much a very good find. So besides things like yong tau fu, another
great food item I like to have is fish soup. So these are like some very healthy and easy foods that you can get at a lot of different
hawker centres and coffee shops. And yong tau fu is definitely my go-to. And altogether today, I spent less than $10
on all my foods. Alright, it is day 3 of my $15
budget challenge and this morning, I tried my best to vlog but I had to run to the gym and I also had to pack because I’m flying off tonight for a month long trip to the U.S. So it was quite a crazy morning, very chaotic,
and I just had to skip breakfast. And I don’t recommend skipping breakfast but, that also means I have a bit more budget to spend on lunch. Okay, so I’ve just spent the past 3 hours
writing some messages to anyone who’s ordered a yoga mat or resistance bands.
And I’ve also done settling the packaging. So if you order a yoga mat, you’ll actually get also a Clicknetwork keychain, as well as a little note from me. And if you order the resistance band, you get a bunch of Clicknetwork stickers as well as a little handwritten note. So I’ve written all these handwritten notes
with personalised messages and I really hope that they motivate you to stay on track with
your fitness goals. For anyone who wants to get your
hands on these stuff, we put the link in the description box so go and
check that out. Okay, so I’m gonna have my $0.40 banana. It can give me the energy and then I’m gonna keep writing so that it can get to you guys! Alright so I’m home now making some dinner
and I’m gonna show you all that I have left from our little grocery spree. I still have some spinach left, about half
more, and I’m gonna have this for dinner. And then I also have a lot of sweet potato left. So I’m about to take a flight and I’m gonna
heat this up, put it in my bag and keep it as snacks. This is 4 egg whites and 1 yolk.
And my mom did make some rice. Rice is another inexpensive staple. I don’t think that rice is bad.
I think that’s a misconception. I think it’s really the amount of rice that you eat. So just a rule of thumb, a palm-sized amount. I’m gonna have rice, eggs and then some spinach
to go with this and that’s my dinner. So I’ve just finished my final meal of my
3 day $15 budget challenge and I can conclude that it’s definitely not easy to stay within the $15 budget if you are eating out. I think that if there are social events or
times when you have to go out and eat with your friends, it’s definitely not easy at
all to fit your meals within that $15 budget. But, I would say that it is really possible
for you to eat healthy on a tight budget and I’ve shown that through eating out and I’ve
showed that through meal prepping. Meal prepping does cut you a lot of cost because
when you can buy staples, that can last you a good 2 to 3 meals. So if you space out your groceries, you’ll find that you barely spend that much money on food and these 3 days have really made me very conscious about the types of food that I put into my body. Because with such a tight budget, you want to be conscious on the quality of foods that you’re getting. For the past few days, I’ve been getting my
protein from plant-based sources or eggs. I don’t know if it’s a vegetarian diet, I don’t know if it’s like cutting meat out or making my foods a lot simpler,
less complicated, less sauces, less oils. I do find that my digestion has improved tremendously
for the past 3 days. Maybe there is benefits to eating a vegetarian
diet, so what do you guys think? Do you think I should do another episode on
going vegetarian or vegan? Let me know in the comments. So these are some tips on how I personally
eat healthy on a budget, but if you guys have any tips of your own, please do share it down below because I think it’s nice that we can all
learn from each other. So for those of you guys who don’t know, we do have a No Sweat merchandise store that is up and running now. We have resistance bands and yoga mats, our
very first line of merchandise. Guys, I can’t wait for you to finally try it out. These products have been in the works for
such a long time, and finally we can make fitness accessible for you, to work out at home or at the gym. And please if you’re interested, do support
us. Head to the link in the description down below. So if you guys are interested in more products
and more merchandise, do let us know as well in the comments because we just love to expand this and create more for you. And with all our other videos, please remember
to click the like, hit the subscribe button and also the little bell so you always get
a notification every time we post a new video. Or you can download the Clicknetwork App to get early access to our videos before they hit YouTube. That’s all for now, take care guys. Bye!

Randall Smitham



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