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Eating Out on Keto

If you’ve been into nutritional ketosis
like I have for a couple of years, or if you’re new to keto, I’m going to share
with you some simple strategies about what you need to do when you go out into
the big world. How you eat out on keto, how you eat out when you’re traveling,
and for me, it’s even twice as complicated because not only do I have
to be keto, but I also have to be gluten-free. So marrying those two can make it
quite the challenge, but I have to tell you, after a couple years now, I feel like
I’ve almost perfected the process. The first restaurant to go to that I think
is probably one of the easiest ones to start with is a Mexican restaurant. When
you go to a Mexican restaurant, you know you’ve got a variety of staples that you
can count on. So you’ve got guacamole, you’ve got your avocados, you have cheese,
sour cream, and you have meats. So when I first started keto, I had the confidence
to go to a Mexican restaurant and order a salad or order the parts of the fajita
without the corn or the flour tortilla and slowly, but surely I really got
excited about eating Mexican food on keto. The next one is Italian. So this one
really intimidated me, because there’s nothing I personally have enjoyed more
than homemade pastas and going to go to Italian restaurants and my family loves
it too. So I stayed away from Italian restaurants for a while, but as I built
up the benefits of being keto, and my cravings started to go down, I started to
venture into the Italian restaurants and what I found was that I can enjoy the
charcuteries, I can enjoy all of the amazing olives. Lots of the olive oil! I
use olive oil on everything. The meats, the fish, and the way that they prepare
them, a lot of the northern Italian foods can actually fit really nicely into keto.
So a lot of the Northern Italian foods can fit really nicely in keto.
So make sure that you’re enjoying the prosciuttos,
all of the fabulous different types of cheeses that you may not
necessarily normally eat, unless you go to an Italian restaurant. Obviously,
you’re gonna hold the bread, the croutons. My family knows when we go to Italian
restaurants and enjoy the benefits be it keto or if they’re eating the pastas.
How about Chinese? Well, Chinese food is typically filled
with you know, lots of Rices like lots of carbs, but for me when I go to a
Chinese restaurant, I’m always looking at the different
types of soups. So if it’s an egg drop soup, lots of the clear soups that are
bone broth, they’re filled with collagen. You’re getting all the good vegetables.
You know it’s helping to improve your skin. I was at a Chinese restaurant the
other day with my family and no joke the woman that owned the restaurant was our
waitress and she was 87 years old and her skin looked like it was in her 50s.
And she- I said to her, “Tell me everything! I want to know all your
secrets.” And she’s like, “Naomi, I eat Chinese food every single day”. So you
know she’s eating her bone broth, she’s drinking those broths.
She’s consuming that. That’s a really important part of when you go to a
Chinese restaurant. Then, if you want to order fish or some sort of meat and
vegetables, you can get it with a thin sauce. I find that you need to ask what’s
in the sauce before you choose it, because a lot of times the sauces can
have hidden sugars and things like that. So you just need to avoid that and not
sabotage yourself by accident. Next is an American restaurant. When you go to
American restaurants, I find that just by simply taking off the bun,
even when we’re offered. I find that just by taking off the bun if I’m gonna order
a burger and using lettuce as a lettuce wrap. You know, making sure that I’m
getting the dark green, leafy vegetables. Like this morning I was at an American
restaurant for breakfast and there was an amazing dish that was using quail
eggs, 12 little quail eggs. And it was meant to be on a bed of rice and there
were- there was a tomato sauce. So I knew that I needed to be careful with the
tomato sauce- not to have too much. I got rid of the rice, replaced it with
spinach, had these most amazing eggs and some bacon on top of it, and I was good
to go. And I could enjoy this amazing, amazing dish. So that leads me to
thinking about if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to speak up and
ask for changes on the menu and you feel uncomfortable when you’re going out with
friends or family like, “Oh, now I’m the difficult one, everyone’s gonna be
looking at me. That’s something that you just have to get used to. Like again, as I
mentioned, I’m gluten-free and I’m keto. So there’s never, well there’s rarely
maybe one out of ten times when I go out to eat where I can actually find
something on the menu that works for me. So I have to have a gluten-free dish and
then I have to go keto, and that’s just really difficult. So I’ve built that
muscle where now I’m very comfortable saying, “Can I make this, this, and this
change?” I don’t ask for recommendations. I just say, “Can I make these three changes?
Thank you so much!” And I tell people I’m keto and I’m gluten-free and I’m sorry.
It’s a little bit complicated but I found that as I’ve started to do that
more and more I’m super comfortable with it, and actually a lot of other people
that I’m out with will typically just join in and say, “I’ll have what she’s
having.” I first went to Thailand maybe 12 or 13
years ago and I absolutely love Thai food. It’s probably my most favorite, and so when I
went keto I was heartbroken about not being able to enjoy so many of the Thai
recipes. And so what I’ve done, is I’ve gotten really focused on those menus. And
what I recommend to all of you is getting into the different types of Thai
curries, but instead of having the Thai curry on a bed of rice, you can eat it
more like a soup. So you have the curry, and you know the base of most of those
curries is coconut milk. So you’re getting all the good saturated fat, which
is what we want, of course. You’ve got the vegetables, you have the amazing spices,
and I just eat the curry that way instead of using the rice. I hope you’ve
enjoyed some of these strategies for how to eat out on keto. I’m going to share a
couple of little bonuses. The first one is bring MCT oil with you. If you can do that and you can use that as a base for
a salad dressing, it’s going to help your body to produce more ketones, and even if
you add it to whatever salad dressing you’re eating when you’re on the- at a
restaurant, it makes a huge difference. So you want to cut the two salad dressings.
Another thing that I like to do when I’m on the road is I typically will travel
with avocados. I typically will travel with avocados.
They’re easy to transport. They can even go in your suitcase. I mean I typically do that and
it’s a great way to really make sure that you’re getting you know, enough of
the good fats. Another thing I like to do when I’m on the road, and I’m out and
about is I like to find the restaurants that have bone broth. I find that if we
can use bone broth as a staple, it really can nourish us. It gives us so many of
the minerals, the micronutrients, and of course on the power of the good fat that
comes with it. And then the key, really when you’re out and about, is making sure
that you’re getting enough vegetables. So the most important staple on a ketogenic
diet is making sure that you’re also getting a huge amount of good dark green
leafy veggies. So the key really to living like the best keto life is making
sure that you’re getting a ton of the good veggies. So that’s what I really
think about when I’m out and about, when I’m eating at different restaurants is
how much of the green vegetables can I get. And of course, last but not least:
fermented. So, so many of the restaurants that I talked to you about have
different styles of fermented foods and you want to make sure that you’re adding
those into every single possible meal you can.

Randall Smitham



  1. Penélope Lavender Posted on September 24, 2019 at 12:53 am

    Fantastic video thank you so much Miss Naomi

  2. Elaine P Posted on September 24, 2019 at 1:16 am

    You can do thai on top of cauliflower "fried rice" which I bake in the oven with soy sauce, fish sauce and ginger. Also miracle noodles are fantastic for thai, Italian or pho

  3. Cathy Cirona Posted on September 24, 2019 at 1:40 am

    Good tips; thanks.

  4. Shem Believer Posted on September 24, 2019 at 3:31 am

    Thanks you 💜 Yay for gluten free and keto and tons of healthy veggies, good protein and fats 👍👍absolute wellness. Keto is by default gluten free, grain free, pulses free so they go hand in hand. Yes I actually bring my own mixed steamed veggies and salad mix lol so not to miss out on my daily quota on OMAD, if I know the restaurant does not cater for my choices. Eat out places are absolutely fine with that as long as you order their proteins. The way I see it is you get to eat out with family on your own wellness terms and you actually pass on the habits to them too.

  5. Halfmoon Bay Posted on September 24, 2019 at 4:52 am

    I started keto first and decided to become gluten free later on.
    First I bring my hard boiled eggs with nuts, cheese sticks, and jerkey with me. Once these are out, I search up on yelp for cafes or restaurants that are offering healthy foods. It has been good so far.
    And I just go to Whole Foods and use the food bars.
    That’s it. It is not hard to be on keto and gluten free.

  6. Maya Maya Posted on September 24, 2019 at 10:07 am

    You are my biggest motivation!!!!! I just orderd your book! I have 30 kilos to lose🙄😑

  7. Kim Davis Posted on September 24, 2019 at 10:56 am

    Great video Naomi 💜. I had sushi with my son yesterday & it wasn’t a success but time spent with him was … 👍💙

  8. Donna Bane Posted on September 24, 2019 at 11:35 am

    I am also very sensitive to gluten,, and keto, and have been afraid of cross contamination in Mexican Chinese, and Italian restaurant., especially when traveling, because it is hard to know that I can trust them, I have gotten glutrned, and ill from it in the past.

  9. tatsu masa Posted on September 24, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    I just eat the tops when I go to sushi.

  10. D. McG. Posted on September 25, 2019 at 12:44 am

    I am too keto, gluten free and mostly dairy free! It’s doable, you just need to think ahead and be firm! 💐🤩💪😁

  11. Gabriela Lazar Posted on September 25, 2019 at 9:28 am

    In a French restaurant you can allways have a nice steak or liver with green beans cooked in butter or a sole cooked in butter, or seafood raw or cooked. And some nice cheese with a good glass of red wine at the end plus berries with cream! The same is true for italian, spanish, portughese reataurants! Just stay away from the bread basket and do not eat any potatoes, rice or pasta. Easy!!

  12. Jessica Sorensen Posted on September 25, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    Thank you, I loved this one! I always avoided Chinese