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Egg Fast Diet Results | September 2019

And here we have it. Make an
absolute mess. oh, I hate this thing. I need to start with our official
day one weigh in for this egg fast. [music] I’m going to follow the same exact rules
as last time cause I haven’t really changed my calories just
yet. I could have nine eggs. I can have four ounces of cheese and four tablespoons of fat. (music) for lunch. I’m making a basic
egg salad. This is what I did. My last egg fast every day at work. I
just had egg salad because It was easiest. So I’m going to make my
egg salad the Chunky, the better for me. Well since
I’m just eating it with a fork. So this is going to be lunch, not
very much. Three eggs, two fats, one cheese. Um Oh. Also one carbohydrate because
of the mustard so That is lunch. And now I’m going to make breakfast. [music] you see this egg right here? This egg was from Costco. This
is advertised as pasture-raised, These two eggs are from
the happy egg company. Look, look at the color
difference in the yolks. Okay, but first look at that
yolk This one right here. See the yellow right here
and that one’s bright orange. This one was the Costco one, and
that is the happy egg company. Bam. Eat the happy egg company. It is Monday evening and I am starving, I’m really starting to rethink this
egg fast. Like I know I’m doing it. I know I’m going to do it, I’m
gonna Finish it. But oh my gosh, I really want to eat. And it saddens me to think like I can
only have three eggs and two ounces of cheese. So what I discovered today, okay, so let’s say that I have
eaten all nine of my eggs. I’ve had four ounces of the cheese,
I’ve had four tablespoons of fat, and yet according to my calories,
not really looking at Macros, but looking at my calories. Let’s say that it says that I have
like a hundred calories left. Well, I really don’t want to be dipping down
below what my calories are that I’m supposed to be consuming, even though I’ve already
hit these specific rules. So then what I would do is I would either
allow myself to have another piece of cheese, another ounce of cheese, or I could add in a little bit more fat. I could even possibly eat another
egg and have some more protein. That would be totally okay with me. That is what I did during my last egg
fast and that’s what I’m going to do with this one. You guys are gonna
Watch me make this egg dish. I did make it in my other egg fast
and it’s just taking hard boiled eggs, cutting them in half. And you’ll
see this worked out nicely. What I did last time, I already measured
out one ounce of Parmesan cheese. So what I did is I placed the Parmesan
cheese in the pan first and then I put the egg on top of it and then the
cheese is just going to brown and be delicious. So here are the eggs and then this is
an ounce of cheese. I still had um, room for some cheese and this is two
tablespoons of chipotle lime mayo that I just got from Walmart. [music] Good morning guys. It is Tuesday day two of the egg fast. And um, I was kind of disappointed by seeing
my weight on the scale this morning. It said it was actually 0.4
pounds heavier than yesterday. Hm. I had really bad heartburn
when I went to bed last night. I know it had to have
been that chipotle mayo. That’s the only thing out of the ordinary
cause I didn’t have heartburn last time. I did the egg fast and I
normally don’t get heartburns. Anyways, this morning we’re going to
be doing an egg fast shake. I found a recipe on Pinterest. I will go ahead and post the recipe for
the original down below and she’s using just tea, the salted caramel tea. I actually did want to make that
recipe but I couldn’t find it. So we’re going to try this instead
of the salted caramel. Okay. So here I have my eggs already washed. This is my hot cup of the
pumpkin spice tea. Um, that was steep steeped with
two bags for five minutes. I have two ounces of cream
cheese. You need an MCT oil, so I’m gonna put a
tablespoon of this in there. One pump of sugar-free vanilla.
This is a Starbucks brand. The recipe on Pinterest says to
put just one ounce of cream cheese, but I’m actually adding two, let’s
go ahead and start with the tea, pour that right on in there and next the cream cheese. In fact, I’m thinking I’m going to go ahead
and put one more ice cube in there. [music] then I’ll go ahead and put in a
pump of the sugar free vanilla, one tablespoon of my MCT oil. We get to add the eggs. [music] Let’s go ahead and
put some cinnamon on top. It does smell like pumpkin spice. First taste a pumpkin
spice egg fast shake [Mmmm] oh, this is delicious. I am a huge pumpkin spice fan and I
love a lot of pumpkin spice flavor, so me personally to just really
kick the flavor up a notch, I would actually recommend using three
of those tea bags just to make it really strong. Oh my gosh, it’s good. Yum. This is lunch, same thing as
yesterday. Always a sparkling water. I have my egg salad one babybel. Like
what’s up guys? It is Tuesday night. I’m very hungry. I’ve had a very long day. I had to drop off my car at the auto
repair shop to get new brakes and then I’m so dedicated to my workouts right now. So I called my mom and asked her if I
could borrow her car just so I could do my four o’clock in the morning workout and
then I would drop off the car back at her place in the morning and
take a Lyft back to work. She’s offered to drive me
to work there. Anyways, back from running those errands,
just looked over what I had left eat. I have four eggs, one serving of
cheese and one serving of fact. So I’ve decided I’m going to make Tacos
a breakfast tacos and I did this last time but I messed up on the shell when
I made the Taco shell cause you make it out of cheese and I think I made it out
of Parmesan and Parmesan is very hard cheese. So immediately it got
hard and was more like a Tostada. It wasn’t really a taco shell. So I’m going to watch the burner a little
bit better this time and try to drape over. Maybe I’ll try the oven. Oh No, I don’t think this
is gonna go well at all. This is a super bad idea. [inaudible] look at this disaster. Oh my God. These tacos are going to be one disaster. Look how bright and yellow
these egg yolks are. Look at that big old hole in the
middle. I’m gonna just do our best here. Still gonna to taste great. Okay. This is just going to be eating without
beautiful photos because it has to be. Mm hmm. It’s hot. Every night means
sparkling water in our life. I think the brown butter played out
in our favor didn’t mean to be a brown butter, but it turned out that way.
This is how you know you’re starving. Like I can’t even be
presentable right now, so I’m not going to pretend that I’m not
still physically hungry because I am. I could totally eat another
two tacos like that. Another four eggs more
fat. Um, dieting sucks. Egg fast, It kinda sucks today because I’m
starving still and I can’t eat anymore. {Music: There’s something about the
way you make me feel inside, I’m counting down the
days til we fly away, edging to the sun only. You and me I don’t wanna waste another day
being stuck here in this place, no I wanna hold your hand in
mine, watch the sun set on the waves…} Good morning guys. I’m
trying very, very hard. Not to stress because the
weight on the scale is the same. Entering Day three of my egg fast and I
have not lost any weight yet because of the success I had on my last egg fast. I totally expected to drop at
least a pound by now and I haven’t. So this morning I think I’m just
going to make the Belgium waffle, which I did make on my last egg fast. I ended up overfilling the waffle maker
so I’m going to avoid that mistake this time. Let’s go waffle. Don’t overflow. It’s going to happen guys.
It’s going to happen. Look, I haven’t even closed it
yet. It’s already doing it. Not Good. Oh my Lord.
Here we go. It’s going. I don’t know why this does not
work. Okay. There we have it. There’s a waffle. There’s that tiny
little piece I just cooked in there. It also deflated immediately.
This is Walden farms. Um, pancake syrup. (music) Hey look, Deja-vu this is
going to be for lunch again. Boring egg salad, Babybel cheese. This time mixing it
up with a lemon lime sparkling water. This is not how I wanted to
test out my new camera lens, but look at my lip. See that? I was napping on the couch after work
and my phone rang next to me and I picked it up to look at it and
cause I was groggy. My, my hand slipped holding my phone and my
phone went Bam and hit me on the lip. So here I am, I’m hungry and wanna eat
and I get to have four eggs, two ounces of cheese
and tablespoon of fat. So I’m having a hard time
deciding what I’m gonna make. I’m really lazy right now and kind
of just want to make an omelet. I got heartburn again today and the only
common denominator is eggs and that new Mayo, and I didn’t use the chipotle
one, but it’s the same brand. So suspect is the Mayo. You are the only waffle iron that I trust. We got one chaffle already cooling. This is my instant pot rack. It’s got dual purpose cause it
can be used as a cooling rack. We got another chaffle cooking in here. We got three eggs frying
in bacon fat there ok, this is going to be a messy
yet wonderful concoction, okay. There’s my bun. Let me
grab my eggs. Oh yah, this is way too much egg for this
sandwich, but it’s gonna happen. We’re doing it committed. You gotta
get some more cheese on there. And this is not going to be a
sandwich that you can pick up. It’s going to be a fork sandwich.
Whoa. Oh my gosh. Look at this thing. I know. There’s no way to pick it up
and I’m going to. It’s got three eggs. Cheese. Oh, we’ve got to have a sparkling water. [music] good morning guys. Happy Thursday. I’m going to keep things very easy today. I’m very excited to finally
see some progress on the scale. I’m going to keep things very easy
and simple today by doing a repeat of recipes. I’m going to be trying my hand again
at that pumpkin spice egg shake. Only this time I’m gonna make the
tea a little bit stronger flavored. It definitely could use
sugar-free pumpkin spice syrup. But um, the last time
I went to world market, which is where I get my
Toriani sugar-free syrups, I did not see pumpkin spice at the
time. They probably have it now. If I would go back and get it, I’ll just use the sugar-free vanilla for
now and lunch is going to be the same thing. Egg Salad, baby bell cheese, sparkling water dinner might be something
a little different. Not sure yet. It was recommended to me by one of
my new subscribers. Stine Kirkeby. Thank you so much for this tip. When I’m going to be using raw eggs that
it’s recommended to actually dip the eggs into boiling water for a couple
seconds or you pour boiling water over them. I think I’m just going to try the dip
method and then we’ll be ready to put them into our shake mixture. Okay. So I went ahead and I put
a little bit of cinnamon on top. I didn’t shake it up or anything but
just to give it like that Starbucks feel. Hmm. I still like it but it just doesn’t have
that very strong pumpkin spice flavor. And today to be fair, I think I
put three eggs in the other day. I only put two eggs I think. It definitely
needs that pumpkin spice syrup. Ok Guys. I am back from Walmart,
grabbed some more eggs. I think I’m going to try a recipe where
you make like a biscuit and some of you might not think or approve of this as
being a total egg fast friendly because you are using a little
bit of pysillium husk. I still am going to be following my rule
of no more than five grams of carbs per day. And you know, that includes the
carbs that would come from, you know, any cheeses or anything
that you would be using. Plus I count the carbs and my sugar-free
like the pump that I use in my um, egg fast shakes. Think it comes out to two carbs for the
psyillium husks that I’m using because it’s only half a teaspoon of it. I’m just gonna give it a try
because I’m getting really, really bored of this egg
fast. Real quick this time, I’m not sure why I had an easier time
last time and I still have another day to go over here. We have some eggs cooking. This is one ounce of cream cheese in
here is the psyllium husk salt and baking powder. In here is apple cider vinegar. This was the egg white separated from
one a egg and then you dump the yolk into the pan to cook it. I actually
need to consume four eggs total. So this is three of them. And this is the egg yolk from the egg
white that you just saw and we’re going to mix it. Okay. So those are the supposed biscuits that came out of the microwave
and now I’m just pan frying them. Just to give them a little bit
more color on the back side here. Um, they don’t look too
appetizing to be honest. So that’s what we got here. Just
doesn’t look very appetizing. I still have one more egg here. Then I’m gonna eat this has two
eggs inside of it. That’s the Bun. That’s the other bun. I dunno, nothing too exciting about it. It’s okay. I wouldn’t exactly. Call it a biscuit.
Hers looked a lot better than mine did, but at least there’s some flavor in there.
I’m going to go ahead and eat these. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. waiting for The slowest train to ever go by. [music] good morning guys. This is Friday. T. G I F I could not be more happier about
today because it is the last day of this egg fast. Yes. As much as I enjoy seeing quick fat loss, I’m getting tired of the eggs. So I’m glad that this egg fast
is almost done for the month. Um, no idea what I’m going to make
for breakfast this morning. It’s probably going to be some kind of
egg shake cause I think that’s just the fastest for me. I may make it
with coffee today. Not sure. Um, lunch is me the same. Boring
egg salad, baby bell cheese, sparkling water and then
no clue for dinner yet. I think I’m going to try
out this new Starbucks fall, harvest, fall blend coffee
that I got the other day. Hardy with spice notes.
This is a medium roast, so we’ll make some kind of egg
fast coffee shake this morning. Let’s smell, I don’t really
smell anything like fall, like, like no spices. Hmm. It just smells like a regular coffee
to me. Okay so I’m using my coffee, my Ninja Coffee Bar. [music] let’s see, I’d put about
that much in there. And then the Coffee Cup here, and then on my coffee maker, I’m going to keep it on the one kept
setting and then I’m going to put this one right here, specialty because it’s concentrated and
it’s going to be a four ounce serving, so it’s going to be very strong
because we’re blending it with ice. And then Bam, it’s gonna
start making my yummy coffee. [inaudible] this is a bowl of boiling water. I’m going to go ahead and dip my three
eggs in here for a few seconds before we add it to the shake. [music] one ounce of marscapone cheese, four ounces of very concentrated coffee. And we’re going to do three ice cubes. And we’re going to do
sugar-free caramel syrup. Oh my gosh. It’s like smooth like butter. Okay. Mm, that’s delicious. I think I like the egg fast shakes better
with marscapone cheese then with cream cheese. okay, so here’s lunch.
Egg Salad made the same way. Baby Bell, and today I’m having a Bang and
this is that new purple guava pear. Can’t wait to try this one. I did
drink the Unicorn one yesterday. It was pretty good. Hey
guys, it is Friday night. This is the last meal of
this five day, egg fast. I’ve decided that I’m going to do a repeat
of history and I’m going to be making a Belgium waffle grilled cheese sandwich. All right, here we go. The recipe for this is going to
be posted down below for you. Let’s make this Belgium waffle
grilled cheese sandwich. [music] okay. Really hoping this does not overflow because half this mixture is
supposed to go in here. Oh Lord. Oh Lord. I’m afraid
we’re gonna have Deja Vu. Let’s see. Please. I mean there’s
baking powder. It shouldn’t overflow. I think it’s trying to pop open right
there, but it’s latched so it can’t, oh nope, oop, oop. It wants
to do it. Oh, my Lord, Don’t it. Don’t do it. And here
we have it. Making an absolute mess again. Oop! I hate this thing. I so,
hate this thing. Thank you, thank you for making a mess and wasting my macros all over the place. Doh. Look at that. And then it shrinks. There’s holes in it so it
didn’t even ay-yi-yi. Whatever, I’m over it. Here’s my air fryer.
I’m just going to place them in here. [music] Okay. Okay. K here’s a grilled cheese waffle. Oh, look
at that. Just like last time. Oh definitely not a chaffle. chaffles are
way better, but it’s good and It’ll do sparkling water. Thank God this is the
last of this egg fast. I will see you guys in the morning
with my final weigh in results. [music] Good morning guys. It is Saturday morning. My five days of the egg fast are
officially gone and done and I’m happy to report that I lost 2.6 pounds now. I was a little bit disappointed because
actually I was just hoping to hit the one eighties so I ended this
egg fast at 190.8 I was very, very close to hitting 189 I’m happy. What can I say? I’m happy for this being my second egg
fast and being on keto since my last egg fast without any bingeing or
anything crazy. I mean, sure I, I had a day or two I’ve gone over a couple
of calories but not where I went like carb crazy or anything. Never back to my old eating habits so I
can’t really complain about this weight loss. I still think that 2.6 pounds is pretty
good because even my weekly weigh-ins, these last few weeks have
only been about pound loss every week, so I’ll take the 2.6 not bad. I do plan on doing it for the month
of November and I hesitate to say that because, because right now the thought of eating
another egg just makes me sick to my stomach. It’s terrible because
I really do enjoy eggs, but as you saw in the video, even after
the first day of doing the egg fast, I was having a hard time with it for sure. Last two days I would say became an
even more struggle where I was just absolutely bored with it, didn’t
want it, just wanted anything else. And in fact this morning
when I was like, oh my gosh, I get to eat something besides eggs today, I couldn’t even decide what I wanted to
eat because I knew I wanted nothing to do with eggs. And Keto
is really hard to find. Breakfast items that doesn’t have an egg
involved unless you’re doing some kind of, you know, bulletproof coffee, um, or spending a lot of money on
those keto cereals. Of course, I have pork, Ryan cereal. That was good, but I don’t have any of my milk in
the house. So that was the issue. I hope that you liked this video.
Please give it a thumbs up. It would really help me out
so much. Subscribe down below. If you’re not yet subscribed that way
you won’t miss out on my future egg fast videos. And in the meantime, I do weekly weigh-ins showing
my ketogenic Diet weight loss. I still have quite a bit to
lose, so on that journey still. But thank you so much for watching. I appreciate all of you that are
watching this and my new subscribers. Hello to you. Thank you so much for subscribing and
we will see you guys in the next one.

Randall Smitham



  1. Stine Kirkeby Posted on September 16, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    Congrats on your weight loss. And you mentioned me 😃 it is SO funny to hear mine name said in English, it is pronounced more like steen-eh