February 26, 2020
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Egg Muffin Recipe | High Nutrition and Low Calories | BodyProCoach | Praveen & Maahek Nair

Hey guys what’s up so we go to gym, we
really hard it’s all about having a good amount of testosterone in the body, at the
same time a lower level of estrogens what you need to know about is that what do
we have to eat in order that we can have a high level of testosterone and that we can
help to recover the muscles much faster so we got eggs today we’re gonna make something very
quick very very sharp with the eggs so welcome to BodyProCoach that’s Praveen and I’m Maahek here and today we’re going to be doing a easy breakfast recipe so it is
hardly less than ten minutes but it is highly nutritive why because eggs provide you the essential nine complete amino acid profile so let’s get started and see how do we go about it A baking dish, 1 cup of chopped spinach, 2 tablespoon of cheddar cheese that’s optional, Himalayan salt, Olive oil,
half a cup chopped tomatoes and 4 Egg Whites First I’m gonna quickly put little
amount of olive oil into the dish and grease it so it will help your eggs not
to stick to it and it would easily come out so I’m using a silicon spoon you can
do it with a normal spoon or even hand Next I’m going to add some spinach
leaves to it so this are chopped spinach leaves I’m gonna chopped tomatoes to it
next I’m gonna add Cheddar cheese to it I’m going to drizzle some salt lastly
I’m gonna add egg whites to it And our egg muffin is good to go into the
oven and we’re going to put it on 130 degrees Celsius for about five to eight
minutes and our egg muffins are done so our breakfast muffins are done and it’s
highly nutritive it’s got good amount of carbs good amount of fiber and of course
the most important thing that we look forward is protein so easy less than
10 minutes breakfast muffins are ready please do try this also leave a comment
below how they are done and how well you like the taste so what I believe is that
it’s not about the portion that you eat but the quality of food that
you eat this particular meal or the in the plate what we have right now
has very high amount of nutrition it’s got protein it’s got high fibres it’s got good amount of fats so that exactly looking forward for a diet that you can lose weight and be in great shape and get the hypertrophy zone done so please do
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