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hi guys it’s Keila I am back with
another muffin so I actually did a poll on my Instagram and I think I’m gonna do
that more so if you guys want kind of a say of what my life was gonna be next
follow me on Instagram but it was between this and Domino’s wings and
everyone picked El Pollo Loco so I only had it once and it was a salad
and it was really good so I’m super excited to try it let me take all the
food out there I got also loaded up on the sauces that they had because they
had like all different kinds now oh boy a loco is actually like really good for
keto I didn’t even realize and I have it like walking distance from my place I
can’t believe I didn’t take advantage of it okay so it came with tortillas but
that could be for my sister I got the what is it the chicken combo I got the
thigh and leg with a side of broccoli and a side salad and I didn’t know the
side salad had like 40 a–‘s or something in it so I’ll just eat around
those but I’m not a stickler when it comes to that I think I’m gonna do it
thumb nut first and then we’ll get to eating all right I’m super hungry
I got a water too and the salad came with like a avocado ranch dressing I
also picked up the avocado salsa the regular salsa and then the pico de gallo
so for the mild sauce and the pico de gallo which is like medium or something
upset I’m super excited to try this and actually who has had la loco I never
seen a El Pollo Loco other than here in California so I’m not even sure where
they are like they didn’t have it in Florida or I don’t remember seeing one
in Florida when I went to college and I don’t think they had it in
Arkansas either when I visited my family first right hmm good so next time if I order this
I’ll ask for no tortilla shells and the solid I didn’t even think that it would
have lecture to a child but this is my technically my second time ordering and
the first time I ordered I just got a plain salad so and it didn’t have the
tortilla shell so I thought this one wouldn’t either mmm the thing I like about LA logo they cook
their meat fresh like on the grill oh this is a big meal man if I would
have known about this I definitely would have let more house then there’s one
close by at my new place all right so I actually wanted to talk to you guys because we’re in the process of moving
everything over to the new place and so we decided to look at gyms that we
wanted to possibly go to so we we went we’ve only looked at one so far but I
think this one’s gonna be the one it’s literally like seven minutes from our
place and like when we walked in I’m like obsessed with Gary Vaynerchuk I
don’t know if you know but he has this intro song and he I think he had it like
a couple months ago I’ll try to like link a vlog but that intro song was like
this song that was playing when we walked in and like that alone and I was
like I’m sold literally that’s all I need to hear the
gary has been such an inspiration to me just to want to you know be on YouTube
and on Instagram things like that so the fact that I was playing when I was at
the gym it just like further solidified that I was supposed to be there so we’re
doing our tour and I see this guy who looks familiar but like I didn’t know
from what like I was like where have I seen him before so I did some
investigating I’m not gonna say who it is because he’s like a bigger influencer
but like yeah he’s super cute and I wouldn’t mind bumping into him at the
gym so yeah but that’s not the reason why I want to go to that gym it’s just
it’s just perfect and they have that gym close to my job so I can go and work out
after work close to my job and not have to worry about traffic I hope everyone
is having a good start to new year if you haven’t started on your new year’s
resolutions that’s okay you have all here if you already bailed on your news
resolution left over you can start a cup you can literally can change it every
day is a new day to make a change you guys
I’m gonna try the salsa hmm well that’s that I’m gonna dip the chicken in that mmm but yeah man I wish I could tell you
that his name like I mean funny thing is I like he was popular on like a
different um site app that I had never really watched I’d never was a real fan
of it so like all his content now is like really high-quality like like kind
of movies so I’d like was marching all his movies and I was totally obsessed
not obsessed in a bad way though no stuffs with his content just because
he’s been on these platforms for a while so it’s good to see someone you know
progressing in well and you just break down the street apparently that let me
know that I picked a good place to live at so I’ve always wanted to live and the
area that I’m at now but the rent in that area is so expensive like we found
a steel hmm honestly this mill is so good like oh definitely get this again who’s been to El Pollo Loco I didn’t
even like know this was a popular thing dipping it in some of the avocado ranch but I’m super excited to go to the gym
and have that gym but be so close to me has anyone signed up for a gym
membership this year yet I don’t sign up officially until I think the 14th or
15th is when I’m gonna sign oh this whole meal honestly was so good I have
to receipt you because it’s actually reasonable I got the cheapest chicken
meal the leg of the by which is a little bit cheaper cheaper than the other one
when it comes with two sides and tortillas or our chips and it came out
to six dollars and fifty six ends like if I would have known about this place
earlier I would have definitely been here I would have walked there probably
once a week this is so good like sure I’m not
talking tom next we got Loki I hope I’ve become friends with this this person at
the gym because he’s been going to the gym for like I think seven years how do
you guys I’m sorry I cannot stop talking about him because I keep thinking about
him do these so cute like you don’t even understand like he is a cutie like I want us actually hmm I have something
fun you guys guess who you think it is I’m pretty sure no I’m will fast if
it’ll be fun like it’ll be a fun little game
guess which he’s a youtuber he also posted on Instagram and he poses on
Twitter and he has a snapchat so that’s the person that I’m talking about
let’s see you actually I don’t think anyone will guess this because I didn’t
even know who he was but he’s really popular this solid go just for the salad
oh my gosh that dressing yeah this is actually like I think I consider this
like the best fast food meal that I’ve gotten I’ve got a good mix of things – I
got a salad or a side of broccoli and chicken I’m so glad that everyone voted for up
oil oppa cuz low-key I went in some wings there’s just so bad I’m trying to
figure out what I should do to my room right now my like color scheme which
I’ve had since I’ve moved to LA it’s like red and grey no I think I want
something lighter because I have like accent pieces of black like my side
tables black my makeup tables black so I really wanna like brightened up I was
thinking of like doing blues and stuff then I’d have to like get rid of like
half my things like a lot of my things are red like accent red colours I don’t
know I might just keep the red it’s been to me good I feel like the moving gives
you a reason to like literally redecorate everything but I’m like broke
from moving so why am I gonna try to spend more money on stuff because that’s
what you’re supposed to doing this I will say though I am thirsty because I’m
moving into a significantly cheaper place there’s still a little bit of meat
left this chicken is so moist like loke though what if I end up being
friends with this GM guy this Jim influencer that’s like my main goal and
I’m a nice person that’s like I would be a fun person to just like be friends
with right so good so sad that that you can gone but also I don’t want him to
think that I’m using him you know what I mean I feel like people here at free you
know using people I truly like no I just wanna be his friend who I’ve had this
lipstick on all day since 8 a.m. and it’s lasted all day yeah I’m telling you
guys NYX it’s the NYX liquid suede get on it I didn’t even use the sauces I
think the sauces are more for like chips um the house also was really good though
with the chicken but I kind of ran to it clearly the winner but thank you guys so
much for watching as always if you guys like these types of videos don’t forget
to give this video a thumbs up it’s seriously helps my channel even if you
don’t want to comment like this video but if you do want to comment let me
know who you think I’m talking about in this video I’ll tell you if you’re right
– but I don’t think anyone’s gonna get it and I will see you guys in the next
one back

Randall Smitham



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