April 6, 2020
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Everyday I get two or three emails from people
that tell me that, “Can you please help me? I’m eating myself to death. I can’t stop. I know I shouldn’t eat these things, but I
can’t stop. What’s wrong with me?” So, sugar addiction is real. It is not something that you imagine and if
you have a loss of control over certain foods that is a really big problem and can affect
your life tremendously. July 31st, 2019 was the day I finally decided
to take care of myself. Sugar addiction is no joke. It is no joke. I can tell that the effects of me constantly
emotionally eating are starting to catch up to me. My emotional and binge eating was out of control
more than ever and my habits were finally taking a toll on my body. It was something that I kept being in denial
about and could no longer ignore. Food has always been my best friend and it
felt like a betrayal to change that, but I knew that I couldn’t continue on the path
that I was on. I decided to try making my own mayonnaise. That’s how I ended up trying keto. And for the first time in my life I didn’t
feel like a slave to food or my addiction. No beans and no rice. As much as I expected it to be a struggle,
it wasn’t. Instead of battling unhealthy eating habits,
I ended up battling emotions suppressed by years of being comforted by food. For me, this journey has nothing to do with
weight loss and everything to do with my well-being. I have officially completed this two week
challenge and it’s the day after, so I’m gonna weigh myself and measure myself to see what
the differences are. So, I’m at 281 pounds now. I think I started at 293 if I can recall,
so that’s…what? 12 pounds, basically? Okay. And as for this? I think I did it at the widest point. 49 inches. I started at 52. So that means I lost 3 inches. And to me, that number is more important than
what’s on the scale. So, that is impressive. I didn’t expect this keto challenge to go
as well as it did. I expected some sort of struggle. Like, everything is just going really well. It’s going too well. And because of that it just had me going,
“Okay, now what?” I didn’t have any of the side effects that
are talked about with keto. I didn’t have the keto flu, I didn’t have
the diarrhea. I wanted to make sure that I was doing this
for the right reasons and did a lot of research. It took me two and a half weeks before I properly
started my keto challenge because I wanted to make sure that I knew everything. I wanted to cover all of my bases and understand
what was gonna happen and how to counter it. So what I did was some research because I
finally reached a point of being fed up with my binge eating and sugar addiction. And the crazy thing is that I have hit rock
bottom so many times. I know that I have hit rock bottom, but nothing
was bad enough for me to really do anything about it. And I started noticing these problems with
my body. I was aware of them but I still brushed them
to the side, like pain in my feet, a lot swelling, just the fact that I was so tired and out
of breath and it was increasing more and more. And one day it just happened to me. I guess that’s how it happens to a lot of
people. It’s just an epiphany one day. And I started doing some research about what
to do for sugar addiction and I ended up coming across some keto videos and keto articles
and websites. And I knew about keto, but not what it was
really about. And so, I read about it and it just seemed
to make sense for me because the whole point of keto is cutting out the carbs and the sugar. And I was at a point at that time where I
was willing to give it a shot. I came across this website called Diet Doctor
and they had a two week keto challenge for you to try out. And they give you all of the recipes for every
day of the two weeks and you just have to buy the ingredients, make the meals. It’s super easy. What I will say about these planned meals
is that as great as they were, it was too much food for me because the main thing that
happened to me in my first week of keto is that I had a loss of appetite. I just had absolutely no desire to eat. And I am thankful that I was adamant about
calculating every single thing that I ate to ensure that I was eating enough calories
in a day. Not only did I want to make sure that I had
the correct proportions for the fat, the protein, and the carbs, but I wanted to make sure that,
you know, I was… I think my goal was between 1,600 and 1,800
calories in a day to just be somewhere in there. But when I lost my appetite my calorie intake
just went… it plummeted. I knew that was bad because you need to have
the nutrients. And it was really scary to just not have any
desire to eat. I’m not used to that. It’s because of that reason that I think keto
can be very dangerous if in the wrong hands. If you are not in the right frame of mind
and if you are not doing keto for the right reasons I think it could be very dangerous
because of the fact that it is very easy to not consume a lot of calories in a day if
you are not paying attention. If I were to say there was a downside to keto,
it’s expensive. And even with the keto challenge that I did,
I did not make all of the recipes that they told me to make. I picked 3 recipes, sometimes 4, for the week. I’m the type of person who can make a meal
and I can get 4 servings out of it. So, that’s 4 meals out of one recipe ’cause
I’m the only one eating them. And with that first week and losing my appetite
I just had all of this food and it felt like it was such a waste. Any other downsides to this for me? Oh yeah, so in the beginning, despite the
fact that my energy had picked up, I felt very down and just lethargic and I know that
with keto your hormones are changing. So, I was not sleeping well at night and then
I had no desire to get up in the morning. But once I was up, like, I was energetic and
I could move around. I think it took two and a half weeks for my
sleep to feel somewhat normal. I think I’m getting enough sleep. I’m not really paying attention to it. The worst part was definitely towards the
end of the second week. I was sweating a lot despite the fact that
I had the air conditioning on in my room, struggling with sleep, and then I kept having
to go to the bathroom. Like, repeatedly throughout the night. And when I was binge eating the same thing
was happening to me and I ended up looking up why that was. And the reason why you may be going to the
bathroom constantly throughout the night if you’ve eaten sugar, your body is trying to
flush out the excess insulin. So, I was freaking out and I was like, “Did
I have sugar? I didn’t have sugar. Why is this happening to me?” I finally got to a point where it stopped,
but then I had dry mouth and I felt like I just couldn’t drink enough water and there
were these weird pains. So I was talking to a friend about it and
thankfully I did because she had gone through keto herself and I had gone to her for advice
about a lot of things. And she told me, “Oh Karen, you’re in ketosis. That’s what’s happening. You’ve reached ketosis.” So, even though I did the two week challenge,
it took two and a half weeks for me to reach ketosis. It’s been about a month now and I’m still
doing this, by the way. So, I completed a two week challenge and I’m
still doing it. The hardest part about all of this is how
quickly I lost that weight. At the point of filming this I have lost 16
and a half pounds. 16 and a half pounds! I’ve never lost that much weight in a month. And it’s so overwhelming that I don’t know
what to do with it because I don’t wanna fall back into the way that I was when I lost weight
years ago. Because I was so focused on losing weight
that I didn’t understand that I needed to focus on myself more. And I’ve been trying really hard to focus
on myself, which is the reason why I wanted to do something about my addiction and my
health before it got bad because I am constantly thinking in the back of my mind what happened
to my dad and I do not want that to happen to me. That is why I decided to finally do something
about my health. But I’m not ready for such a drastic and quick
change. Like, I haven’t caught up to that point yet. And so, my brain is doing that body dysmorphia
thing where I know that there are significant differences, but my brain can’t see it in
a mirror yet. It’s playing tricks on me and I’m unable to
really process it, so I need to take moments to just, like, stop and just breathe and just
think about everything that’s going on so I don’t fall into those traps from before. Because what really matters is myself. I want to take care of myself. That is the reason why I am doing this, but
the weight loss is just so hard to ignore. So, keto has been a struggle in that sense. I just didn’t expect it to work so well, so
quickly. I’m used to there being a struggle, I’m used
to there being a brick wall to run into. So the fact that there’s really nothing bad
going on, with exception of things here and there, the bigger picture is that it’s working
for me and it’s helping me. And it’s a really weird feeling. And it’s putting a magnifying glass to all
of the issues that I have been suppressing over the years. They are just coming up to the surface now
because I don’t have food to hide them anymore. And I don’t think I was ready to tackle them
so quickly. And I still haven’t figured that out. Like, the day that I’m filming this right
now, up until this point I really haven’t had anything challenge me. Like, nothing has caused me to get upset and
want to turn to food like I normally would. Except for today. I’ve just been really down about some things,
particularly about my channel, and earlier I went grocery shopping and I just had this
voice inside my head that just kept saying, “What’s the point? What’s the point?Just give up. Just go grab the doughnuts, go get the cookies.” I didn’t, thankfully, but it’s there. So, I know that keto is not solving my problems. I still have things to work out, but because
of the clearer head I am fully aware of what’s going on and now have to change the way I
act towards those feelings. I don’t want this to be a video promoting
what I’m doing to anybody else because I fully believe that you need to do what’s best for
you for the right reasons. Everybody’s body is different, everybody’s
body reacts differently that if you are struggling in your life with your health or with your
weight and you want to do something about it, whatever path you choose, do it for the
right reasons. As a person who is a food addict and a binge
eater, somehow doing keto has worked for me. It has clicked for me. It’s been a month. Things could change. Who knows what’ll happen in the future? But for right now this has helped me so much
and I hope that anybody out there who is watching and going through something similarly or exactly
like me is able to find a way to just help them, as well. So the downside of where I can film in my
apartment is that there will always be trains and they like to run every few minutes. When I don’t film it seems like they’re hardly
around, but the second I turn on the camera, non-stop. And I lose my train of thought so quickly
because of it. Because it’s such a long period of time before
I can start talking again. Otherwise, it’s just constant sound of trains
and it’s just too distracting for me. And I say this because I’m sure I forgot a
lot of points that I wanted to bring up in this video. I don’t even know if this video is really
gonna make sense once I edit it. We’ll see. So, with that, if you have any questions about
my keto experience and the journey that I’m on so far, just please leave them down in
the comments below and I will answer them. Thank you for watching as always. Take care of yourselves and I will see you
next time.

Randall Smitham