March 31, 2020
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Spread butter on the teflon sheet. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and shake them off.
(This procedure for smooth side of the cake, not crinkled.) Place the teflon sheet on the bottom and side of 15cm cheese cake mold. Separate the egg yolk from white. Put the egg white in a refrigerator. Put cream cheese, fresh cream, unsalted butter and 20g sugar in bowl. Place bowl on the boiled water and melt it with whisk. At 60℃, remove from hear and whisk it again. Add and mix the egg yolks one by one. Add the lemon juice. Sieve the cake flour and cornstarch. Whisk the cool egg whites. When bubble start to rise, make smooth meringue adding sugar in 3 times.
(Be careful about not to be firm. If the meringue is firm, the cake can be cracked.) Add the 1/3 of meringue and Combine them with whisk. Add the remnant meringue and mix them by spatula. Place the mold in bigger mold.
(This reduces heat and makes more the moist while preventing from being cracked.) Pour the batter into mold and punch down the mold at 3-4 times to releases the air. Pour the hot water into a wide pan and place the mold on the pan. Bake at 160℃ for 20 minutes and at 140℃ for 40 minutes. When finishing baking, make the gap at the oven for 20 minutes by glove etc. After cooling down at room temperature, take it off. If you have apricot jam, spread it on top of the cake.

Randall Smitham