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that mean things are happening we go alright alright so we’ve been teasing the the topic of nutrition and we’ve like dabbled in it a little bit for for like every episode at some point and so we want to do today I wanted to like fully establish like what we’ve been what you’ve been playing with the nutrition or what you’ve been working on and what we’ve been kind of also then trying but we want to build this in a way or we can say it’s kind of the one thing we don’t like to do but we can say just do this but you try try to do this yeah and this is what most likely you’ll see yeah so we can go down so but before we start I want to know why you even fucking bother with nutrition because you don’t have a college education no I don’t have degrees you don’t have you didn’t conduct any peer-reviewed studies I did not a nutrition it started as you just kind of thinking about it and then trying it on yourself so why should we even fucking care because there’s no data behind it yes exactly there’s no empirical data it’s like what makes you even want to do it because you know that everybody else has done nothing of it yeah the 600 diets out there and this is a subject where people are the most emotional so I know exactly like movement usually people release or at least are willing to entertain the idea that I might be right well I don’t explain that to happen with nutrition are oh but I had to I started trying because I realized there was a fundamental I believe error in the nutrition the way we look at it like I think we are not taking into account the nervous system enough like if everything that I’ve read because I don’t know I know I’m not a dietician or nutritionist I don’t have degrees in any of that but I’ve read a lot about it like everything else cause that’s my that’s a field I’m interested in right and I’ve noticed that they talk about food trio nervous system but never we are not talking about the fact that the nervous system can trigger a different digestion for example so I started to look at it more because I fundamentally I was like okay there’s something I don’t understand alright so I usually start with a question and then trying to build a question after that but to me the whole thing is to ask the right question so everything that I read this thing like once you eat each we go the certain side of the nervous system and that’s about as far as we go so my question was but what if you man the wrong side of the nervous system to digest what happens then and then I realized I was not taking into account okay so what do I mean by that there are two sides to the nervous system there’s a path sympathetic side on one side and the sympathetic side on the other sometimes you have one mostly you’re mostly into path sympathetic sometimes you’re mostly into sympathetic but the atoms also where both of them work together alright so and that’s basically usually the part where everybody’s has a tendency to by the way put the other side completely the fact that they work together because they want it to be a binary system it’s on a table so exactly ways yeah right but that’s not true I can will do more podcasts about this but the number of things that happen in your life where you need both are the same times going on a date with the women of your dreams you’re anxious as hell you have elevated heart rate attuned senses all I stopped that indicates a sympathetic reaction where are the same times doing a very highly socializing mood which is more to other person Patrick so a lot of times both things happen at the same time but let’s take nutrition so if I’m mostly on the path sympathetic side that means I’m in a rest recovery mode right the rest is not necessarily true it’s you’re in a recovery mode you’re in a healing phase right that’s where digestion is at its strongest that’s where like all the stuff that’s where you you know stomach is grounding all that self which means you are ready to digest the food to its best right if you only decide when you’re in a sympathetic side this is where the more you are if you’re fully on the sympathetic side your digestion is at its weakest the reason is simple emotionally speaking when the bear is chasing you you want to have no energy going to a digestion or you want all the blood going to other muscle so you can carry as much as oxygen there as possible you want to basically have all your energy your entire system designed from one thing and one thing only fight or flight all right so again like it’s not quite as simple because sometimes the two work together but let’s say let’s take it as two extremes right and then we can analyze nutrition based on those two extremes because it’s the only place where you can study your system is at the edges if you try to study a system in the middle usually you get very confused because it’s too much data there’s too much white noise in the back you will get you mostly confused Jordan Pederson was using the example of aggressiveness in men and women was like who is more aggressive men or women and he was like it’s about 60/40 men and women so 60/40 is not a conclusive thing where you go like okay so we know more some women are more aggressive than some men so it’s like so how do you decide you look at the edges you look at one side where the top 1,000 most aggressive people and you’ll find 99% point nine probably of men right and if you see the 1,000 most amicable person you mostly see women so that tells you that more unnaturally more men are not naturally more aggressive and women that doesn’t mean as on an individual basis is true every time not all men are mark resident or women it just means as a group men are more aggressive than women right so we have to study at the edges so it gives you an idea as an overall writes we understand the patterns are occurring all right so we’re going to study the system at the edges path sympathetic is full logician is a recovery mode sympathetic digestion is very much incapacitated maybe at least we can respond as well the ejection is weakened all right so then I started to look at this I’m like all right so I protein protein is how to digest a red meat it’s gonna be here it’s going to require some costly cost reduction stem from digestion therefore I need to be in a path sympathetic side as much as I can to digest red meat oh so fish is a little bit easier to digest but you guys get the idea right okay we get them sympathetic side that means I’m gonna have a problem digesting the red meat because my digestion has been weakened and so therefore I’m gonna have a much harder time digesting into sympathetic state than I am in to pass sympathetic state okay simple enough right so the argument starts the second you eat you go into a bar sympathetic state and that’s a problem that’s not true like in a vacuum it’s true but the problem is life happens yeah and you are in the middle of a fight with your spouse as you eat you are your mother is bedridden with cancer and you’re taking care of her for the last six months of your life you basically life happens that will put you into a sympathetic state and you don’t get to control that yeah that’s right so when that happens it can happen in certain stages that you will be in sympathetic even though you are eating food so the problem is the red you you eat meat you supposed to go in sympathetic but life is driving you to work sympathetic anyway is that we are too up to happen that will means that your digestion of protein would be compromised if life drives you in sympathetic well you should be in part sympathetic but you’re not in a clarify that doesn’t mean the none of the protein is going to get absorbed what it means it’s a cost it’s costly from an efficiency standpoint so so much less effective exactly so the the rate of absorption is going to be less than okay so now let’s go a nutrition nutrition deport nutrition is not to decide how much food should be in your mouth it should be how much food you’re getting into your system yeah absorption of nutrients – should be the point right so let’s say I have I have perfect twins does an existing between the idea right two percent win so basically they’re the same person it’s a thought experiment right I got my Kim Jong twins exactly the same person I’m gonna give them a honey grams of protein each all right in a vacuum they would basically absorb more or less let’s say within a certain percentage let’s say within a few percent percentage points they’re gonna absorb the protein the same way all right Mike it’s a protein and is in a full pass sympathetic state he is talking to his wife everything is cool yes the kid is happy full pass sympathetic state he chews slowly takes his time is not paced everything his core so he’s going to digest the protein at a certain rate Jean on the contrary is eating the same protein same quantity but he’s having a fight with his wife unfortunately so and the fight is really bad kids are crying she’s getting a divorce whatever that drives him to one tremendous toward the sympathetic state that means that John Wall is eating the protein will not absorb it the same way Mike is doing even though they have the exact same system right you know that because you had basically you were on social media you get angry while eating and your food gets stuck right here we all been there where you have the protein you go and it you know it’s not going well and then meets its day off all day ain’t good right so basically the absorption rate of the dough of Mike and John are not the same based on their environment all right so the problem is if I do is study like this to establish causality I have to make sure that the environment of Mike and John is the same otherwise the absorption rate is different so even though they absorb through the mouse the same animal protein their body did not absorb the same amount of protein because digestion was affected logical that would mean that to do a proper study and we need to determine to determine what state Mike and John are and to make sure they’re in the same state to see how the absorption of protein works so to see like the effects on protein on muscle we need to make sure that Mike and John are in the same state at the beginning of the study wanna eat so since those studies basic I’m gonna study with that criteria is kind of not really possible or at least isn’t being done it’s not being it is possible it’s just not being done so so what what then do you what should we do so what was the problem is the idea of causality rights that a causes B no matter what state a is in in the sense of where when or whatever but that means that a one causes B 1 a 2 causes B 2 if a 1 and B 2 are the same okay we call but the problem is I don’t know what which one a is in so you your approach then with this is to actually come at it back from the other direction and completely yes it was like okay so we are assuming that food triggers nervous system and that it’s not a feedback loop that as long as you eat you empower sympathetic I was like where were we the life doesn’t work like that so my idea was like okay so what for choosing when we eat you know what I mean yes so like meaning like if I’m eating I have to go back to work what I eat I mean it still is gonna pull me in that direction okay so and then I am fighting what is so and that was the base of the that I was making when I start thinking about it was like okay so that means that the state on the nervous system I’m in will change my digestion right so that means that I need to understand par sympathetic as to sympathetic and how basically it applies to digestion so obviously red meat for example jest and it past sympathetic I was like okay so anything that puts me into a sympathetic state will change the way I digest to red meat simple enough our like okay so now you tell me when I eat I go past sympathetic me that might be they might be factors that can change that can put me into sympathetic I was like okay which one of those factors I started to list so come off fighting at the table right eating behaviors that socializing there’s no being on Instagram or stuff like okay yeah and then the chugging everything in 20 minutes for filling my stomach so all these could you come in to pass it into sympathetic and therefore hamper my digestion I was like okay then I start to steal in there I realized something as well is we know through studies that eating carbs trigger the sympathetic side of the nervous system I was like okay so I’d count why why can i what can I have carbs and not being passed by three because the cops are dissolving in the mouth the highly glycemic food it dissolves in the mouth within 20 minutes it’s already in your system yeah right so you don’t need to be in past sympathetic because it’s very very little need to digest certain carbs but so much less of it is done here let’s of it right so depending on rice obviously has to be digested but in figured honey it’s in your system almost right away right protein does not work like that so I was like all right so but that what that means it’s like high glycemic food for example will show you’re very much a sympathetic response which will compromise the digestion so first of all right off the bat that means if I have a high glycemic food and protein I’m not going to absorb the protein correctly right so anything that puts me into a sympathetic state will affect the way I just protein so that basically that introduced the idea of I am eating based on what happened right so I have a hard workout I need protein and carbs why because protein too weak to rebuild the muscle that I broke down and any cups cause the glycogen nerdily and most important that you’re basing that information based upon studies that were done not even taking your mistake exactly so that’s problem number one paalam number two is I’m having carbs and protein at the same time so that means that I’m I’m gonna basically lower up the absorption rate of the protein that I need to rebuild a muscle so first all I means karbolyn protein together don’t mix well and the higher the glycemic the less he mixes well with so red meat and high glycemic food is a big no-no first of all right off the bat you see is not working and that means that if I want to have read million digested properly that means I cannot be in sympathetic state okay so that means that I need to eat not so much based on what happened but based on the state that I’m in right now that means that I need to eat based and then I need let’s say fully digestion is six to eight hours but the first hour basically is where a lot of the stuff is gonna happen that means that I need to eat based on what’s going to happen for the next hour instead of what happened yeah from a logical perspective right so there’s a problem first of all if you have carbs and protein at the same time you can digest the protein correctly and second of all you are basing everything you did based on what happened so you finish your training you’re in sympathetic state because you push so hard emotions were high you lived a very heavy and everything and now is the moment we’re gonna have carbs if I have carbs after our training what I’m going to do is I’m going to keep myself in a sympathetic state is that what I want it depends but I would say that you finish the training you don’t want to stay high in a sympathetic state because you can’t act on it anymore plus it’s like your body is not designed like what what is from an evolutionary standpoint your body is what’s the first thing that your body is designed to do and that’s to survive to survive yeah and you’re nobody fucking dies after a fight yes oh oh yeah that’s like to go with this approach it’s like my body has designed first and foremost to prepare myself for what right there what could happen in the next next the baby’s coming that’s what I need to get rid of and while there is a purpose for recovery and rebuilding this is a time for there’s a plastic key and there and there is a time and there’s a place and in our lives that’s where there is a key so the way to wear I looked at it was that there is a time and place for everything but it’s not in the past it’s in the future yeah the keys we have to stop looking at at fitting based on what happened and more looking at the time and the place in the future where I can be in a popular state to deal with whatever happens so a sympathetic state I don’t want that after I joined I want it while I train because that’s what I want to go sympathic that’s what the fight is it makes no sense to have the food the sympathetic state after I’m already done with drug use for a fight that’s audio it’s already over so it’s too late so the key would be in that sense for example to have the to create as high of a sympathetic state while I train so that means to have carbs while I train then I could make the sympathetic reaction higher which is exactly what I’m looking for so if I were to have high glycemic food as I trained I could Jack my sympathetic up which would allow me to train harder to have a bigger fight go heavier and all that stuff so I say i glycemic but that’s not even true it’s a high sympathetic reaction so what does that mean that means I could use boosts to do it if I were to have whisky as I want to create a high sympathetic reaction I would end up with exactly that we said let’s do max deadlift that’s probably why the left hand whiskey work so well as some polymer that is wider they left and whiskey work so well is because you are creating a max sympathetic reaction which fits exactly what you’re trying to do which means go to war with the deadlift now you’re speaking my language yeah exactly right like sugar yeah perfect so that’s the idea right look how they get performance whiskey sugar heavy metal all things that will trigger a sympathetic reaction in your body because that’s what you want when you train the problem is now you’re gonna have carbs after that I mean you’re gonna stay in that state but the fight is always already over so now you’re feeling the sympathetic side but there’s no more fight to have then the body will crash after all you it comes because now the you you gave it to sympathetic reaction but there’s no fight that means your body thinks you’re avoiding the fight you’re going into freeze after that and everything you’re describing right now about how we’re doing this wrong all falls into that thing that we’ve been talking about where we’re completely out of sync with our bodies what it needs them because yes you’re we’re giving it this it doesn’t need this now so then that’s what people feel disconnected and that’s why then we end up in this place where our cravings quote cannot be trusted what you feel what you want to eat what you want to do you you have to just get up off your ass even though you don’t want to to go train exactly – I gotta eat this thing that I don’t like because you know like and there is no the term we keep bringing up is there’s no autoregulation know what so imagine you have a massive amount of protein before you try now as you train what you’re trying to do is trigger the past sympathetic side wait the but not the part that mixed with sympathetic the part that is basically or recovery so you are going into recovery necessarily gonna be more sluggish yeah because he’s trying to take the energy away from everything in order to recover to get there in a recovery phase and now you asking your body to train at the same time what you can’t which one do you want yeah are you in recovery because training hard is in the sympathetic side with some part sympathetic makes me based on movement I’m coming to that right now but that’s the podcast would be six hours wrong but the point is I’m going to be the sympathetic reaction are of your body while you train I can’t do that while having protein because protein was to trigger the part sympathetic side so now you sending conflicting signals to the body and it’s important again with all of this stuff to point out that these are still not binary meaning you can train like if a person eats protein and then goes and trains like all those like those things can still happen like some protein or you’re not know exactly so what we’re doing is we’re is chopping the tail and you are killing your own autoregulation because your body does not understand the signals you’re making much harder for yourself to understand what is it you’re doing and that’s the important thing right so like yeah you’ll still be able to train and maybe gradually you won’t even know any better you’ll just be less effective but what we’re doing is we’re we’re furthering that gap between what we feel and what we want and so basically what we want is to go to all the edges when you make stuff you end up in the center well there’s so much white noise that shouldn’t confess yourself anymore because you don’t know what it’s tension from every graph and you’re there’s so much white noise you go like I can’t hear anything like this is too loud I have no idea what I’m doing yeah what you need to do is take things to all the edges what does that feel to be in past empathic what does that feel to be in sympathetic which one do I need to which and look at the with me doing this stuff recently too I noticed just the my reaction to you know the the term is being hangry right I haven’t eaten a while secondly well so much become has become auto regulated to wear but when I did when I don’t like I trained without eating any carbs one day this week just cuz it was I was busy and I just had some fat this morning so is way low on calories just in general where that was a problem and then in trying to Train like but leading up to my training I was just so wound up to where like I was getting pulled into a sympathetic state solely because my basically my blood Sugar’s low in my body is like bitch give me some carbs yes because you know that’s but but but what happened was I didn’t crave carbs I crave that state meaning I just so then when I trans like I just wanted something heavy I want to smash some shit except that was under fueled and I was fucking crash because okay so what happened first of all we’re gonna explain what is it that you do so people understand then what happened in that case is you want it to go sympathetic but you don’t have the fuel in a thing to do that so the body so it has a fail yeah and then started to crushed instead of being in fight you went to flight and the room they want to freeze and the reason I wanted to go sympathetic there was simply because I just was really under fueled though nobody noby that sympathetic first of all you need that for training so and off you did not take you sympathetic simple you want to sympathic to train hard because you want it to turn out which is great my trip is and if you put me to fail because you fell the fight by being in the fuel but my mi training at that time was a response to the state I had just ended up in where it’s like you know we’re basically under did it my body wanted carbs but yet I didn’t go to carbs I was like oh I just should train yes I was craving like put the state first and then that and and and I didn’t have what I needed when I was doing and then therefore you failed us yet and the second you fail fight you end up into flight and from that you’re waiting to freeze and that’s why you were like this and everything should be I don’t think it’s just a blood you know shopping I think it’s a freeze mode your body’s way of correcting that well so let’s go is go exactly to it let’s go exactly is so yeah cops cops when we train yeah cops will meet you the idea he’s me since I trained heavy and hard I want high glycemic training high glycemic sugar while I train so what does that mean that means I have one litre of choco meal which is 110 grams of sugar while I train in an hour and a half mm-hmm so if you’re slowly start with that because people are going to freak out and say oh my god insulin response I’m like okay insulin is a good thing or it can be a bad thing whatever comes to mind just like fire it’s the same idea insulin the the first job is to take the sugar and transform it into energy to carry it to be a energy that’s a good thing right and also we know that insulin can trigger muscle growth so that’s a good thing as well so people are going to be like okay but if you have high glycemic sure you’re gonna crash upon you train no not if you keep sleeping on the trolley so I don’t drink a little of chocolate milk and go train cause obviously I would crush what I do is I sip on the chocolate milk as I train and they’re gonna go but all that sugar is gonna turn into fat not if I use it that’s the entire point so I want a very high insulin reaction where I’m gonna keep on feeding so that it keeps all that sugar translate into energy and then the second I’m done training I’m done with the carbs therefore I’m never in a surplus cup so it doesn’t turn into fat because I’ve been using it for any object or use it you’re not story it because you’re using it up that’s the point but then I can use sugar to make my training more efficient to have a higher sympathetic reaction which makes me stronger and more prone to fight and the more I want to work dialed in and auto regulated you get the better is more we actually owe what you can do and stop yourself from going to fountain oh and I’ve run I mean it because it is a spirit of play in which I’ve run into it where I’ve had too much sugar or too much too much carbon steel right there’s just too much not enough you’re like me and your Energy’s bad but eventually once you find that that point and then you start pushing that needle forward and that’s the point the point is autoregulation so the point is I sip on now I’m at a stage where I sip on my on my chocolate milk and I might only if that workout that day is like that I’m only half half of it the biggest workout I might have one half even two literals in a two hour period if I mean that David is based on the energy that I need to do the training of the day so it’s autoregulation I don’t know what I’m gonna be three days from now so I don’t know what’s gonna happen I can’t tell you I’m a chocolate milk I’m gonna have on a daily basis I don’t know if I trained it out today I can’t tell you if I have a half a liter or two ladles it will depend on the training I’ll keep sipping but I never crash because I keep getting the sugar in Haifa didn’t have enough sugar yes I would cry but the point is that I’m going to use the Cubs as if you for my training it seems it seems logical it’s not the craziest ideas into account and let me sing but the idea for me then that means that the only time I’m gonna have that sugar is while I train if I want more sugar than I have to train more yeah I wake up in the morning I’m like I want chocolate me fine go train but if I have the shirt can make another shrine it’s your body’s way of asking you to do something exactly that’s what it becomes more and more for me it’s like it’s not so much grabbing the sugar scrubbing exercise any action because they’re the two are together now but what happens if I have sugar and no exercise then that means I I bring myself to a sympathetic state nothing happens that means I failed a fight I go to flight and from there I’m going to go to freeze and now I’m crashing and on top of it I’m going to store that sugar as fat yeah and inserting problems and all that shit so the problem is not the sugar the problem is not you’re not doing anything with it and that’s the piece that’s important to remember too is that your body your body doesn’t need 300 grams of carbs a day just because like your body needs what it means when it based on yeah so based on what happens right so that was the entire point of that is we gonna eat based on what happens so let’s go every day to make it more morning you wake morning you wake up okay so morning I wake up let’s say I’ve protein that means like first of all I’ve just put myself through twelve hours of recovery how about we start the night before so it’s easier for people to understand yes I started do you know it’s eight o clock I’m done with my day let me that make very clear I am done with my day that means I am NOT gonna do work anymore I’m not going to do emails from work I’m not going to do anything I’m done with my date time to socialize be with my friends take care of my daughter or girlfriend whatever you want I’m in a socializing mood I can basically show off that that sympathetic side and be as close to pass sympathetic full spa sympathetic as I can right that means in that stage I’m going to be in the perfect mode to recover and to eat protein so dinner comes in and all I’m gonna have is protein why because that is the perfect stage for me to digest the red meat that normally I wouldn’t be able to digest specially in my case right so dinner comes about the veggies don’t count always have veggies everywhere but they don’t come and I’m gonna have as much protein as I feel I need we’re interesting in my case is now I’m able to digest red meat which is something I never could do in the past the difference now is I do not have comes as I do a midwife two reasons first of all I don’t need to go sympathetic so there’s no reason for me to have come second of all if I have Cubs is going to dampen my my my digestion therefore that would be bad for eating red meat when you feel heavy and bogged down at the stage because your digestion just took it just took a baseball bat to the knees so of course if you block down because you can’t digest the food because you just told your body not to digest the food so before basically or your total wind down at the end of the day and then sleep yes is that’s that’s when you give your body protein yeah exactly and that makes you know because when does the actual act of mechanical reconstruction of muscle happen it’s REM sleep okay all right we know that yeah it’s over your night right so overall night is a moment where I need to be in past sympathetic and that’s also the moment where I can digest the best and here comes a red meat and again that doesn’t mean your body can’t do anything with protein during the day or is it more bang for your buck and he’s gonna something is again something’s gonna happen if you have protein it’s gonna put you into that sluggish mode when do I want to be sluggish at night because I’m not gonna do anything cause my days over there’s a price to be paid for price to be paid yeah exactly and say and again this supposed to be reason for you to put fuel in and the reason is not what happened reason is what’s coming so in that time I get some veggies or whatever actually I get like 10 grams of calcium before I go to bed because for me it’s been marvelous in the sense of it keeps me into that past sympathetic healing phase which allows me to sleep Romeo because I’m someone who slept my entire life you know horrible way which means I will sleep 3-4 hours and after that first time I wake up to go pee after that is fucking I wake up at toss and turn like 27 times I don’t sleep well after that first chunk right so now with the cassini allows me to sleep seven to eight hours straight through night a group I come but fall asleep seven hours of sleep in one night I’ve never had that and I had that almost every night if I don’t do the kiss scene instead of seven eight I get six as your interesting weekend allows me to stay asleep a bit longer so then I have much better of days so but the idea right again is what state do I want to be in Pass sympathetic through the night yeah I wake up in the morning all right so now what do I need if I have more protein that means I’m gonna turn on other recovery mode I’ve just been doing that for 12 hours and that’s not what my day is like right so I don’t want to be sluggish what I need now is whew yeah because my day is starting that means coffee let miss coffee always right and so fuel so these three types of fuel there’s the count and the the reason for the car being fuel is to go basically into a fight seems I’ll take more yeah it seems to me like fat is the best fuel there is for mental focus if you listen to keto diet people they always say they farm their first sharp or mentally on keto diet and there’s something to be said about that about fat fat seems to be some kind of a little bit of an in-between by the way when I say fat it’s never 100% fat nothing is that 100% everywhere it’s ninety ten as long as you in ninety ten eighty five to fifteen we find and that’s what we’re saying about protein and carbs it’s always we always we start to get tangled up in semantics yes this fats in chocolate milk I’m not on your steak it’s like yeah ninety ten exactly no maybe even like people say eggs if you look at this that means eggs are fact not protein mm-hmm just both yeah but you’re not since they’re gonna be treated as protein obviously I know that right so chocolate meal has some fun that’s true but still I’m gonna count it as cup so I’ve treated fat as fuel for the mine basically allows me to be sharper mentally and to feel what I need to do work emails like what I do or stuff like that even when I play pool even though it’s a physical activity it’s mostly based on focus yeah and so fat works much better like that mental sharpness that is necessary for pool is being fed through fat I try with cows didn’t work at all fat carbs is fight when you like this like the super high motion and just completely like all over the place like heavy metal that’s what havoc high glycemic carbs are for so wake up in the morning need fuel but I need fuel for focus mine and endued my normal life right so that means that I see next two hours I’m gonna work do stuff yeah then I means I mean I’m having fat throughout that time mm-hmm ten in the morning what everyone my work I want to go train okay I go to train then I’ll have the comes the high glycemic carbs that allow me to push my training as hard as I can if I’m having some like cardio or whatever I would have a less glycemic so I won’t have chocolate meal to go on a treadmill yeah I will have maybe a combo lean or sometimes just enough to heal the activity but it doesn’t require a very high level of sympathetic so therefore I would go with a much lesser glycemic kind of carbs if I’m going to lift heavy then I go chocolate milk or honey or stuff like that I’m done with my training okay so now important part I’m done with the training so what do I want now so I feel violated by the training I need to recover only to heal fine I could have protein but now the question becomes where are my next two hours in in my day what do what does that look like does it look like a I’m gonna be at home chilling maybe taking a small nap recording a book sure from an optimal standpoint yes in your day that’s what I went great right like like you trained mm-hmm it’s any little protein your rest take a nap you do a Spanish system yeah right the Spanish siesta can you do that if you can have a major training session huge amount of protein no carbs yeah you cannot have car you can have carbs while you train board member or not after you train because you would keep going on the sympathetic which means you can digest the protein and now is not what I want anyway so could have a massive amount of protein there sure and then from the next two hours I’m going to crash and so is that what you can do if you can yeah almost can most people that’s not what the day is gonna be like they’re gonna have to go back to work we do Herriman have people do have to have jobs and lives and by the way not everybody likes to question meal of the day I hate it yeah I want to be on from the moment I wake up to the moment at 8 o clock when I’m ready for the protein those 12 hours 12 13 14 hours I want to be on personally that doesn’t mean everybody needs to do that it just means that that is my shorts that is what I like so therefore I won’t have protein in that sense right if you want to put in at lunch no problem but first of all switch the carbs off and second of all you’re gonna have to be able to crash for the next hour or two can you give me that if you can note that’s okay that’s what your life is like but then you have to deal with that fact so you cannot have protein you’re gonna have to wait for nine time to approach them or you and you’re gonna have to maybe just get yourself by with a little bit of fat so yeah so I mean how do I do after I turn because I still need calories right otherwise I’m gonna be hungry so back to fat which is my game is a lot of heavy cream yeah because I love that it can be whatever fat you want my kisses heavy cream yet this some protein you need but it’s 90/10 so we good and I’m gonna do basically the fat up until whether I’m training with carbs or until 9:00 time face which and now I can pound protein non-stop the very interesting part of that again is like I used to be have very very little amount of protein specially when me I could not digest friend meat like only I wondered and I need two more days of fish to be able to do stuff like that and now I’m at stages where I can’t have 500 600 grams of protein at night and have no issues eating like a huge steak or stuff like I wish I never could in my life yeah if I’d eaten the amount of red meat that I eat right now it would take me three days to digest it the last time I was here before well it was here at the beginning this summer it’s like eight days and I think yeah because I was basically turning into vegetarian not because I don’t like red meat fine I never especially adaptation wasn’t working it wasn’t what I couldn’t digest it so at some point not being about digest it I didn’t have a taste for it which is very we’re right now to meet that crave red meat and mostly what I eat now and I ridiculous quantity that I never in my life could eat before and now because of this your your cravings are beginning to align I don’t have curves anymore I’m the biggest chocolate hole there is out there and I have no cravings anymore I mean I have a liter of chocolate milk or this one of course hell that’s the point right but even outside of that I don’t I don’t want it yeah i don’t i don’t have cravings anymore so we are the thing like am i fighting today I’m fine I crave red me that night and I crave high level Cubs while I train but so it’s Auto regulation I crave what I need and your body has shed water okay so now we have to talk about that so they’re first in the first two or three days I shed like at least three pounds of basically one away the amount of water that comes off is insane fucking insane it’s insane I had no all of us people 10 people we have the same results all of them within three days shed on average two to three pounds of water and that’s the thing people are always said well it’s just water because you drop the carbs and the glycogen yada yada yada but it’s like okay but I was carrying a fuck ton of water but as soon as that was off me I felt I was a lot like yeah piece of chocolate here and there but doc dark chocolate and not that much I was really I didn’t had chocolate milk in forever and I hadn’t had sugar sugar in outside of dark chocolate in very very long time I stopped pounding that water and what else the reason I think for water drop is because we’re avoiding the freeze mode yeah if you have carbs and do nothing with it that’s a fight you’re losing so you go to flatten from there you go to freeze and I think that freeze mode is the most damaging thing there is for your body and I think in freeze you hold a lot of water yeah because it’s not real healing face it’s a freezing face and that’s not the same yeah and that’s where your whole water is not when you heal your whole water when you freeze right so that’s when inflammation and the ocean water is when you get hurt it’s just a holding pattern it’s a holding pattern so you sprained something you have to marry someone of inflammation holding water to freeze the area and then you start the healing process I think a lot of the water retention we have is basically ko is going to freeze that doesn’t mean you get hot I mean just neurologically speaking you put you into freeze and that happens by losing the fight and losing the flattener and there’s so much stress involved in that kind of conflicted digestion like that that’s where I think the biggest infant has been is high so the problem with a conflicting digestion of mixing stuff like we do is you end up in the center and in central there’s so much white noise you have no clue where you are you have no clue in sympathy it’s always mind-boggling to me when I ask people to close their eyes do a breathing exercise and tell me which state you’re in are you in Pass sympathetically in sympathetic are you in fight and flight are you are you anxious are you sad and then people have no clue that’s mind-boggling to me they’re like I don’t know just do exercise close your eyes five seconds start breathing through your nose exhale through your lips tell me how you feel and most people don’t know what state are you in most people can tell you and I’m the same way that we’ve talked about this before were you you you’ve been familiar with this for a while so you know you kind of know yourself and your nervous system much better than anyone okay we’re going to I have it that that disconnect is a very real thing because I come from a place with which I was do you know being overweight with a bad relationship to food and then losing weight and getting healthy habits but then in trying to get stronger you’re still then and especially for strongman and trying to get bigger you’re pushing against what your body is telling you all the time yes and so it’s it’s this gradual build-up to overfeeding it and when we talk about what my best example for the lack of efficiency and digestion is when I build up to to add size pre-competition firm you know call it 1215 weeks it’s a gradual build up to that point but then it’s about 15 weeks of where I was eating you know 14 cups of rice a day with you know four pounds of meat today and then vegetables and a you know about a half gallon to a gallon of milk and it does an egg’s day and that’s but it’s just it’s constantly eating just carbs and you mix herbs and it’s all the same time so we mentioned I’m gonna show that Jack showed I just didn’t feel like shit yeah eating is miserable yeah and and but what I found this last time and I had a rough training cycle where I had a couple of injuries and things like that and it was a very stressful time before moving here so I had all this external stress training was peaking and I was eating a fog tonne of food all mayor’s together but then competitions over the stress all most of the stresses removed now all my things that I needed to do to move everything and move to Europe to was done but then I dropped and I don’t normally do this either but I dropped my intake like in half I didn’t know tapered off I was like I’m so tired of fucking eating like this shoving food yeah but I dropped it in half but kept the same formula right yes the quantities what makes it mixing I’m eating half of the calories and I don’t think I lost hardly any weight in two months which is fucking weird and I’m and I’m pretty in tune with my training and it was nearly the same output maybe not completely but half the input and mostly the same output and there’s no actual weight loss and the water was and whatever tension was that’s part of why you when you get big like that that way that’s why people say it feels so uncomfortable it’s like fucking water yeah and I got as soon as I started with this we’re talking four days like the water just went yeah yeah what the fuck is happening and then and now it’s been five weeks for me now I’ve lost 27 pounds I think there’s a good chance that half of it was water yeah at my size you know I was 3 345 pounds when I moved here I went from 234 to 210 pounds to 24 to 25 yeah anyways performance was not affected at all actually training more now than before so but at the time it was gradually I started to train harder and harder so there was some effect of that as well but 10 pounds were way too fast that’s how well you can do it you can work harder and then the faculty because you’ll never system is in tune so sooner you’re like hey I got more energy so I got more energy transmitted and so everything led to so of course a lot of it some of it has to do with exercise as well on top of the nutrition but the point was nutrition allowed my nervous system to ramp up to give me more energy to be ready for what’s coming and then I lost mostly water weight and as far as the cravings go after like a week not even a week I fucking 45 days Greg and I were talking about this yesterday like it almost feels like it’s cheating because like I’m not used to be a thing right like I always have had to fight against I call it I got it seems like I always have to fight against like when I was before like when I was little I feel like I always have to fight against like like fat Tyler’s bad habits yes you know what I mean it’s like oh man it sure would be nice to eat fucking three Big Macs before I go to bed but you that’s that’s the thing also we never talked about right it’s not cozy a lot of people are gonna say well of course you lost someone I want you stop eating ice cream but it’s like but the point is also is that exactly and that’s the most important fact like we have a mic lock from the mentoring program we say like II used to have ice cream five times a week and now it’s maybe two it’s just desert one it’s mostly to accommodate his yeah it’s only because the song one ice cream but it’s so but that’s the plot of the diet it’s not it’s not to go like it’s you’re gonna eat exactly the same n is gonna make you drop the witness on the parties is gonna allow you to be in tune in symbiosis with your own body you’re not it’s missing things that you want yeah and but the cravings are gonna go away because those were a confused nervous system going left and right anxiety would make you want to have sugar because obviously that’s what they’re all of anxieties to draw you to a sympathetic so therefore the sugar need but since you did not obey that then you never system as for more anxiety to have shown you things that it does obey me but because you never follow up on it too so you’re gonna eat mix protein and carbs and your body’s like but I’m going to change but I’m still sluggish and then what do I go from here so anxiety goes up because it’s true and then you never understand any of it yeah and so that’s a lot of the cravings is just you not understanding what is it your body’s asking for I and I still given I think I still give myself for the sake of like having human experiences even like like Sunday’s I’ll go and I’m just really whatever fucking I want and like wedding heads that was the thing is that when I was like I’m gonna have some sushi cuz I could really love sushi and I ate it in for real like as soon as I was done eating obviously it was still mostly carbs yeah every way you know it works and when I was done it was like I kind of just like it wasn’t it wasn’t a guilt thing either yeah it was like I kind of want to go train yeah you know and that was just that was the pole well the pole was towards what I wanted and needed not not like something self-destructive or or stuff like that which is really what matters to me is to have it is to have a nutrition not because again they’re going to look at it I was like yeah but I want a six-pack on this I’m like for me nutrition is the the nervous step is a gateway to everything is what it’s perception yeah it’s a nervous system that’s what allows us to have you know like everything else going back in force the feedback loop is the nervous system right so the keys for me the nutrition should basically fit the normal stem correctly and not send mixed signal that was really the base of the idea and if we do that then that self that autoregulation will happen because then you know where you are you know what you need not based on what happened but again based on what’s coming that is the important part is what are your next two hours going to be that should decide what you eat not what happened you put the fuel before the fight not after and I so now I get up I get up in the morning and I’ll basically throughout my morning and early afternoon I’ll have a few espressos with some heavy cream some nuts and some cheese I just kind of nibble on if I’m not training into the mid-afternoon I’ll just it’ll just be a salad with some cheese yeah let’s just get some vegetables and stuff a simple bit of fat then when I trade in the afternoon I’ll go normally I’ll go honey and chocolate milk because the honey seems to bite in first a little bit quicker and then I’m gonna go nice too sometimes especially with me working out of grex is sometimes I’m working and working and working until I’m just like and so then I need to be able to do a cookie so honey grab some chocolate milk and and and I go and I trained based on simply the energy levels I’m working with and then when I’m done I go back walking around nibble on some cheese and get back to work and it it’s fine nighttime I like I’ve never liked God I should go find somewhere to eat it’s never like that I get back to my place and I eat whatever meat did I had that you know I mean I that’s all I have at the place in it’s just a meat and it’s fucking really easy it’s super it like if I were to spell it out to someone who has no idea like you can for someone who’s doing just keto yeah well yeah you can eat all the meat and fat that you want mix it together you anytime of the day right yeah yeah so this seems on paper even though you get to have all three macronutrients it seems even more strict if you look at it from a soil yeah you know the helicopter view and so it’s like man this is almost really restrictive like I kiss I literally can’t eat certain things at some times I mean that is true though but what happens is you get a kit you get dialed in it was so fucking easy Greg and I were saying it’s like it’s cheating we’re sitting there like it’s a the rule each is not even hungry the way this is falling on people want to mix everything like if they call it balanced but I’m like but your day is not balanced no you don’t get to rest and work at the office at the same time you don’t get to not be stressed you don’t get to Train and recover at the same time you it doesn’t work like that you do one thing and then you move on to the next so therefore that one thing requires a few and that’s the fueler should be in the tank while you do that yeah so by the way this is a brochure Balaji means there was a feast at night like the end a hunter-gatherer diet that’s what this is the feast was at night you don’t get to kill the stuff start eating good they would you know hunt all day we’re not gonna kill anything in a parasympathetic state exactly right and so that doesn’t work either and so by the way when we yeah when we say fatty it’s gonna be cream is gonna be cheese gonna be nuts avocado choose the one that works for you basically like it’s a 90/10 don’t worry about it same thing with the carbs yeah exactly some people just gonna watch sugar yeah that depends a little bit on you on you yeah that depends a lot on your training as well right and by the protein at night for me as work really well the one thing so interesting about keto is first of all with a diet like this I am in Quito and I was in Quito within three weeks because we did the nervous system workshop here and Pedro tested me I was 1.0 on the keto thing and you were having almost 200 grams of sugar yeah and so I put myself into Quito within three weeks from starting to to when he tested me while having to learn grams of sugar all day so which means and and that’s the important thing to remember is the reason sugar quote is a problem it’s not sugar it’s excess sugar and at the wrong time yeah and that’s what you have and that’s what makes it in excess right if you enjoy it when you don’t need it it’s now excessive now it’s excessive and now there’s a clause and so but the problem where people are pulling with keto tell you it’s not the key to itself that is a problem the problem is they can’t train mm-hmm they are training softwares and that’s that’s not a win you cannot ask people to sacrifice their training because that training is going to look and feel like my training was when I found that’s what they want and most of us want to train hard so then you’re gonna tell you it’s cause you’re doing it well enough okay then this is a fucking eighty percent of people are they’re not doing it well enough so at some point we have to understand it’s not working yeah that’s the point too is they’re going to see us because you to be stronger mentally you should push anyway you should do this I’m not guys it’s not working maybe it’s not because the keto diet is perfect and you just weak maybe it’s because we need the carbs at the right time yeah maybe because the keto diet is not pushing the sympathetic high enough to have a certain kind of training the people I swear by keto and usually are the cardio people yeah that don’t require a high level of sympathetic and and actually if we if you break it down to the ketogenic diet is not about low carbs the ketogenic diet is about fucking ketosis exactly which I mean that’s what type of diet you’re doing I’m doing I mean exactly and what percentage of people on a keto diet are actually in ketosis very little because most of them are still eating carbs not a lot though but it’s still not it’s still too many because they’re not use that’s the wrong time and by the way you see most keto people basically that’s say they don’t have comps you’re gonna see them create the sympathetic reaction then they are boozing at night they ended up having a behavior changes are getting angry or stuff like because no matter what you’re gonna need that ouch you can’t just stay here you’re gonna need to go sympathetic and that’s where carbs can help you yeah and so either you’re gonna switch to cardio because that’s what the fat can fuel but to use fat as fuel for hard heavy training is not working I’m sorry mm-hmm all the way strong men will be doing it power lifters we will be they all be doing it who doesn’t want less fat while littering the problem is is not working otherwise by now we would know that idea that is just cause we all too weak mentally to push through is bullshit it’s not working so if the point of a ketogenic diet is to be in ketosis then this is the way to do it and guess what so you can then be in ketosis yourself in a performance exactly enough performance right but it’s like fasting what’s the point of fasting if not giving a break to your past sympathetic nervous system so the point of fasting is that I’m not going to trigger the past sympathetic the digestion continuously cuisine weakens it fatigue the organs and everything alright so that’s exactly what I’m doing but just feeding the fat and everything I’m giving the big digestion which is the protein basically system digesting a break so that basically by staying in fact I’m most I’m kind of starving my past sympathetic there with them cause I don’t need to digest it nearly as hard as let’s say with red meat or massive amount of proteins the the key with the the past sympathetic side again if I’m way on that side it’s a recovery mode maybe the point of fasting is to get you away from having the organs being triggered in full pass sympathetic right so the key is a lot of times we said that we are too much in sympathetic in the Western world I saw you sit down that we are too much in anxiety that’s you people are very anxious on their or sad too much there’s no question there when anxiety is a driver toward sympathetic it’s not a sympathetic by itself just a driver there if you look people were the last time people at physical confrontation most people will never have in their lifetime right they have shelter whenever they want to they don’t have to move that much they have food whenever they want to they are never a hot or cold so we are not we are never in sympathetic you may be in say full sympathetic once a year twice a year maybe when you train you well and it’s also like so that’s that’s why people tend to have a very sympathetic reaction to things that are not exactly because that’s why someone cuts you off on the wrong because that’s your body beliefs for balance your body has to find something you know that Cup is going to fill up with something and then usually it’s anxiety yeah and then the second because your body needs the balance he needs a sympathetic aggression we should not feeding it and that one so then you will find it somewhere and that goes back to life just being pretty softer and we’re not worried about getting fucking by exactly thing so I think we’re addicted to the past sympathetic basically not to the we not that it lead to stress that’s not true we are addicted to the past sympathetic the stress is just the balance trying to find itself right now so that means I think that’s where fasting also works oh well it’s because it’s gonna allow you to give you a pass well yeah it’s going to force you into a sympathetic state because when you go when you’re hungry you go like I need to go hunt yeah that’s a sympathetic reaction so basically what the fasting is doing I believe is taking you away from the past sympathetic to finally find a sympathetic response so that’s why when MJ took two hours to get me to food one day very angry fucking furious exactly yeah but because you’re looking for food but you’re not showing us you’re going like you go and go hunting like I need this now and then I’m gonna go kill that fucking thing over there and eat it that was a highly sympathetic station exactly right and so then you stopped eating and what happens feels bad you’re like then he took me to a place try to get me to buy a soy burger and I gave him a 12 would you do that 20-minute lecture on why fucking I am not eating a goddamn soy burger right now the keys you know just like an angry you well you take one bite I’m so happy right now and now you’re back into power and to power sympathetic well you’re going to need to be to digest so that’s what also you can see you starve yourself you go sympathetic you second you have the first bite of food you’re like best feeling in the world not basic you balance the earth and you go back to past simple thing now we have a system that is moving forward I mean and so I believe we can have in that sense a mix of fasting in the sense of going more towards sympathetic which is a fatty to fuel it will take you there right getting a break to pass sympathetic which I believe is the point of the fasting on a keto diet while feeding performance so what do we do let’s now let’s let’s give the fucking yes the orders let’s get the orders so whenever you need mental focus right to be shot mentally this is one fat comes in fat can be from it’s heavy cream it can be whatever you want can be cheese nuts avocado or find some fat yeah the majority is a fat right that’s basically when you need mental focus protein is only when you can enjoy a recovery phase that’s usually at night you can have it during the day but that means for based on the amount of protein that you absorb you’re gonna have to give me a great time period when you can be calm chill no social media no stressing about going to work about having a meeting with your boss or stuff like that right you have to be the closest thing to a nap you’re gonna you’re gonna get and then that’s basically depending on how much protein you have that’s the longer the wrong way all the time you need then you can go back to fat for mental focus for energy for your normal day card is going to be an only gonna be when you train there are harder the training the heavier the training the higher the glycemic the carbs you’re going to need to feed that yeah if you’re not training you’re not having comes the veggies everywhere don’t worry about it as much green as you can but that’s basically gonna be the way so if you want to be on all dates fat all day Cubs when you train protein at night if you want to have protein at lunch that’s fine but that’s basically going to be protein and veggies crush a bit go back to work personally I like to be on all days so I do fight all day so literally have creamed fat all the hair curbs when you train about that’s it and I pound protein at night yeah but again remember like so we skip that’s gonna make me eat less protein that’s not necessarily true because before you were putting protein in your mouth but you are not necessarily digesting it so therefore you had less protein in your system than you think by doing in this way it’s gonna up the absorption rate so you might end up with exactly the same quantity of protein as before while putting less food into your system that’s always a windless taxing less taxing on the organs and it’s healthier and stuff like that so it’s not about how much food you put in your mouth is how much is you end up gaining in your system that’s the key and if we can have the same quantity with less food that’s much higher retail so that’s the big question like that so that’s the big thing so what we just laid out yeah that’s your plan that’s the thing do that here’s the thing don’t come at us with a criticism or a fucking anything until you 500 weeks okay you should you should because because the purpose of this is that it become auto regulating and if you’re just looking at the fucking data you’re gonna have no fucking idea what that feels like for four weeks but and do it and that’s the key right the point is auto regulation is to give you a feel on your nervous system yeah so that you can eat inducing based on where you need to be in the next thing because that’s basically life right so it is to give you a control of your nervous system and also don’t do it and then eat a couple pastries in the morning Jackie yeah you don’t get to shit on it and say but I just ate that but it didn’t work yeah don’t tell me you had protein and you had to potatoes but that’s ok because I’m still with 90/10 no the second you trigger the sympathetic you and I have a conflicting response so don’t do that so give it for like really give it four weeks and then let’s talk about it yeah because I would love to hear more we’ve got about 10 people and also some response the there’s only a few little gradual like life adaptations like like let’s say like for me I’m still sometimes my energy levels are low because I’m doing a little bit more throughout my day I’m fucking biking or which means there may be a place for something like fruit yes it where it’s just like nice clean fibrous fruit a little bit of sugar if I eat an apple and then I go right right across exactly as you’re right so exactly so you have an apple you go because you it takes 20 minutes on a bicycle to get here and it’s doing it we’re still be able to do those things with Whole Foods and diverse nutrients and all those things so just like those concepts though yes its herbs when you’re using it when you’re using them fat when you just want to think and for just kind of good calories and protein before you sleep so by the way quality of the food all those three Mario’s yeah tremendously I don’t think ok I guess it needs to be said but the better quality of the food the higher the the absorption rate so that also will help but again the point of the diet is for you to have control of your nervous system yeah is it so you understand so you get auto regulation which will help you with your training and stuff like that is to make you better at each thing that you do based on what you’re going to do not based on what happened but based on what’s coming I want you to be at your best for the next hour to two hours of your day you know what’s coming in the next two hours of your day the bear is not gonna come chasing you down that doesn’t exist anymore so I want you to be at your best for the next hour or two hours how do we do that that’s the point yeah and that’s the key to all this and that’s why I think it works so well because suddenly you are dealing with the next two hours of your day in the best possible way and we have talked to everybody everybody has the same thing about the cravings the cravings go away that is the biggest Victoria walk for sure water weight and the cravings to me is by far the biggest thing that’s what tells me it’s working is I am this is the fitness industry for you it’s like saying a calorie is a calorie 1500 calories doesn’t matter okay so if you think calories of ice-cream is going to trigger your sympathetic system to the roof which is gonna take if you don’t do anything can take you straight to freeze where’s 59 calories of protein is gonna trigger a healing phase you cannot tell me those two are the same it’s not the same because there is a nervous system that we have to deal with so you cannot tell me that all cherries are the same it’s not true the Cubs will trigger sympathetic protein in the right state will be passed in pathetic so it’s not the same and the reason is and the reason we’re bringing this up bringing all of this up isn’t because like I’m fucking sure that this is the thing that’s everything right the whole point is we want you to play with this again exactly I think I’m right totally this and so I went through anecdotal evidence which means with me first but first I started with an idea an intuition that I had then I went through my logical evidence I went through the entire principles of it to see if I was correct or not I came up with something as he should work like that I tried on myself I was like fuck he worked really well then I put it on ten people and so far we had the same response ten times so maybe I just got lucky with myself and with ten people okay but so but as usual I’m gonna put it down there no I don’t have the thousand people for the case study yet I don’t know any of that and I’m sure people are gonna poke hole what about this kind of fat or star-like but the ponies I told myself ten people had the same result so far eleven times that to me is enough to at least put it out there and ask people to try and play with it because maybe just maybe you might work for them as well plus the other thing is if more people are doing and trying and we get more information and experience exactly we can also start to evolve it into a picture that’s even more precise yeah because women were asking me what about doing my period that’s the thing I don’t know because I didn’t have to test that one on myself so I don’t know but it seems to trigger a high sympathetic reaction so I’m guessing carbs are gonna have to be adjusted to periods we’re not there yet right first we playing so while we playing right now is a concept of that diet which is based the next two hours instead of what happened in the last two hours and then so we’re gonna start playing with that and when we start to see an overall of data then we can start refining things more precisely but again as you said you don’t have the right to criticize without at least trying I’m sorry like you give me four weeks otherwise don’t do it wait until other people do it and then you’ll see I mean but the idea of not even for four weeks being able to try something that has worked and then doing it or if you don’t trust me then don’t but then while I’m listening and then doing it you’ll help us make it better which is the point is it works so like if you do it and you just get fucking abs and then we take to find a way to make sure if he was about being right I would wait until we have 200% on it make it super yeah and then sell it on an e-book somewhere instead of that within eleven cases of people I’m putting it out there already on there on the on a podcast for everybody to try so I could easily have waited make it into an e-book and try to make money off of it so that’s the safest way to do it when I was already exactly and then that’s where people really I would go to that I would basically hire I would hire a nutritionist or a dietitian that has a PhD with next to it and then I will come up with a fancy stuff and sell it instead of that I’m putting basically the entire system out there for you guys to try and play with it and stuff like that so obviously so at least give me the credit from doing that not trying to cash in on it but to giving it for free to everyone give me please at least that credit to to understand what is that I’m trying to do and try it oh don’t try it but then don’t criticize just for the pleasure of criticizing I’m putting it out there for people to play with it because I believe your hell it can help trim for me I love me so much you made a huge difference in my life so that’s why I’m putting it out there basically for free for all of you for you to try please at least give me that credit give me that respect that I’m putting it on there or not cashing in on it and try it the way I explain it or don’t try it but then don’t come back at me with the I’m tired of the the internet and the way we’re going at human experience in general and I don’t like that yeah so at least give me that credit right and try it or don’t but then stay away let’s stay away I’ll try it don’t don’t don’t not try it and then criticize yeah so it’s easy to do it on toilet servers got homework yes you do have fun with that one and tell us so yeah tell us how that feels Panetta and and by the time you’re getting this we’ll have even more information data so so do the thing try the thing and then let us know what are you there bitch about it until you try it yeah exactly so tell me what work tell me what didn’t work so just do don’t also don’t give us like I’m saying is that you know and then that part didn’t work I’m like what does that mean how did you train but by the way if you have honey and you don’t train hard you’re gonna crash you know why because you didn’t provoke a sympathetic reaction there so that’s gonna be a fail that’s gonna take you straight to freeze so you have you have a honey and you trained half-ass you gonna go to freeze you’re gonna crash and it’s not your blood sugar going down it’s you going neurology clean to freeze on top of the blood sugar so if that happens that’s on you you do not understand that we’re looking for a sympathetic reaction while you join that means you go fucking super saiyan yeah so I think we’ve been playing explained it really hopefully precisely enough yeah true but what what I don’t want us to run into is a point in which we haven’t communicated it very clearly yes and so I think we’ve done but because we don’t want to fall in the trap of being that all right it’s on you you didn’t do it we don’t want that either but but all we can do is is educate the best that we can have a conversation yeah right can we have feedback on like I did this and this and that didn’t work but not just that I don’t do confrontations on this stuff it’s like listen no I don’t I want to talk I want a relationship with people I do this for the again it’s for me it’s all about the human experiment a human experience it’s about human consciousness and everything well we do stuff together and we try to as a group to be better all right so that’s me putting the stuff out there but again it’s not like either didn’t work I’m not what did you do exactly did you do this do this do this and what happened and this the thing that I think is important when you guys are out there try this is the this actually makes everything else easier to do yeah the training drums from training and finding the right activation or being able to do all those things when you this this is like the easiest route to getting a good relationship with your body and being with the real mission that’s really where trigger music so as soon as this thing’s moving then everything else like you can then trust your body and you can trust the way you move and you can trust finding the right tension all of those things because yes I think you know where you are and I think that was the gap that we had when we were teaching those other things without this piece is that is it some people weren’t in the place to do that what the place was yeah so we were pushing in a direction that they just weren’t even aware of yeah so I just think if you want to understand everything else this is where you start it’s a key there’s no question that is I’ve seen it where that’s what scares me a little bit for the mentoring program is the one that I’m not doing it because I feel they’re gonna be left behind on a bunch of stuff because then they won’t have the sensitivity on their nervous system necessary to understand the more subtle things yeah so go out there and play and then tell us what you want perfect we’re good zoom in zoom out zoom okay pop-pop good so why nutrition in the first place why did you even bother yeah exactly there’s a million now there’s 600 diets out there what everyone knows better exactly okay why would I go into something do you think you are and what did you choose the most the subject what people are the most emotional about we’re here exactly seven days after we talked last time happy new year wearing different clothes and our physiques have evolved a lot because of the nutritionist and you don’t look like you’re getting any thinner yeah I think you look exactly the same as two weeks ago so I don’t think the diet thing is worth like 10 weeks of podcasts and you look the same they always could get the better of them so that’s what Kelo arena no way torsional ooh yeah coffee cream your coffee whiskey whiskey cream that’s criminal code that’s the screaming worse that’s whiskey and cream yeah no mine is criminal risk my nose mine also but it also has coffee though yeah exactly the cream and coffee together are its own thing this tastes good

Randall Smitham